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  1. Does anyone else have difficulty following the ball during a match? I find it too small and on long balls or quick movements I lose track of where the ball is. I seem to remember on an earlier version there was something that made the ball larger?
  2. No I did full pre season then bought him right at the end of it then saved my game ready to start the season
  3. without realising and obviously now can't play him due to the fact he's already had 2 clubs. Will he be able to play in January (1st) as start of a new year, or will it be the date I signed him, ie he has to sit doing nothing for a full season?
  4. sussed it, have to leave the 'folder' bit off the end of that, thanks for your help
  5. I don't know what you mean mate I click on start new game and it automatically comes up with loading database, doesn't offer me any choices?
  6. arrgh can't find a way to get it working
  7. I haven't got that mate, do I just create it?
  8. Ok so I have dl'd a transfer window up date and placed it in documents/si/db but I can't find anywhere to choose the db Any help greatly recieved as it's doing my nut in
  9. help with skin problem

    ok I dl'd a few different skins to try but like the standard light skin better for now. But since I've gone back to it all the inbox words down the side have gone from black writing to a very light blue, almost unreadable against a light background. Any ideas why and how to get them back to normal colour?
  10. I would say this is the most playable version over the last few years. I'm loving the new tactics and finding that the touchline instructions really make a difference to the performances. Loving this game
  11. got mine from shopto, and it was posted through the letterbox by ukmail this morning without being asked to sign. maybe because it must have been around 7am and they say between 9 and 6 don't they. Not that i'm complaining
  12. just got this off zavvi for peoples info The release date for this item is the 30/10. Royal Mail are expecting a further strike on Thursday and Friday this week which may cause a slight delay with this item. We despatch goods as soon as they arrive at our warehouse from the supplier and always try our best to send out and deliver pre-order items as close to the release date as possible. We aim to send the item out a few days prior the release date in the hope that you will receive the item on or as close to the 30/10 as possible.
  13. but if they suddenly brought it forward now, that would **** off a lot of retailers that have stuck to getting it to people for friday and would be stuck with loads of stock as people would suddenly start cancelling. It's always going to be like this whilst you have online shipping as far as I can see there's nothing to say zavvi haven't already despatched loads and are leaving the statuses that way so SI don't think they are taking the mick, and they suddenly find lots of cancellations coming their way I'll stick with zavvi and as long as I get it before early next week I'm not that arsed tbh
  14. SI give everybody a release date. In this day and age this is always going to happen as some retailers are posting from different areas, but all trying to get the game to people by friday. In an internet world the only way SI could do it is probably only give the retailers the game say 2 days before release, but this would probably be a logistical nightmare. And as has been said above, is it really that big a deal if there's a couple of days between people getting them. You pays your money and takes your chance if you order it online. You may get lucky, you may get unlucky, or you can guarentee you get it release day by walking into a shop. You can also take note of who delivers quickest on previous releases. I'm sure SI will be monitoring anyone who releases early for their own peace of mind, as their customers will demand fair play I imagine. It's not their doing if some release it early, but there is probably something they can do about it for future releases, but if we are talking a day or two then I can't see how that's ever going to change, and when the online sites tend to say 3-5 days delivery which probably covers their arses for 1 or 2 days difference
  15. Fmrte

    doh, cheers for that