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  1. ?? Dunne - acell 12, Pace 15 Jagielka 14 Pace 14 ? Richards 18 and 17 - Jagielka has overall better def stats
  2. BIG yes - your tactics the only reason I play this game anymore...... but, I am struggling with City...home im awesome...away, I lose to crap teams?? Given Srna Richards Dunne Brideg Veloso Moutinho SWP Buonette Robinho Mileskyi where is the weak link?? Richards and Dunne???
  3. How many of these players did you buy in season 2? My team died completely in season 2 after coming 3rd?
  4. Tyler i need your help...its all gone wrong. Season 1 I finsihed 3rd with Newcastle, runners up in league cup and semi finalof FA Harper Beye Colochini Taylor Rat Galleti Barton Nolan jonas Martins Lavezzi Lavezzi was awesome but wanted to leave all season and kept missing training x5 so he got fined each time. anyway - season 2 all fallen apart Sold Martins for 12 million (didnt really have the stats), Owen went (not paying 124,000 a week) Harper Diode (your hull right back) Collochini, Taylor Rat Galleti Barton Nolan Buonette Giovinco Albin or Ewerthon (all three mat
  5. LOve is tactic best on fm..currently Newcaslte season 1. 3rd in the league with 10 games left. Got to Carling Cup final but lost 1-0 to Chelsea Dam 4-3-3. Just beat united 3-2 at Old Trafford in FA cup woohooo Pompey in the semis... need a few better players when I finally get some money - TOP TACTIC
  6. Nice tactic working wonders with my Newcastle team season 1....beaten Chelsea, Arsenal but robbed against United... anyway...I seem to get completely outplayed by teams using a 433 i.e Man City, Blackburn, Chelsea....As Hull did you do anythin to stoop this...??? and If you were Man City loads of Money...what would be your best team??? would Rat still be LB, Bikey at CB etc thanaks
  7. Im playing as Man City and doing well 3rd after about 15 games. I seem to be beating teams who play 4-4-2, but really struggle against 4-3-3 (chelsea type) and 4-1-4-1 (bolton/west brom) Anyone else hav this problem? should I take forward runs off fullbacks or set them to man mark? 433 what team changes would you make Given Srna Richards Dunne Bridge SWP Velose Di Jong Petrov Robinho Probnyak Moutinho Bellamy The left winger from CSKA johnson elano? using V4
  8. Pointon, Can you please post a pic of your Man City and Oldham team so I know which players were used to get the great success.... also, how did you deal with the big home and away???
  9. Tygra - Thanks my team is similar - Im now 5th in the table with Man City which is very good p 19 w 11 d 3 l5 for 33 ag 16 Given Srna - Delpierre - Jagielka - Bridge Veloso Ireland SWP Petrov Nilmar and Robinho up front. I see you have Richards and Dunne at the back.? their stats are poor for concentration and the ones listed on page one?? or is that me? Any changes you'd make to my team? Anyway, how do you set up against the big teams...so far ive lost to United 1-0 away, Liverpool 2-1 away, Arsenal 1-0 home and Chelsea 2-1 home....oh Milan 5-4 at the San siro. Normally If
  10. Tygra - Can you post a picture of your team? Im having nowhere near you sucess with city? im 11th. Winning well at home and in Uefa but so far lost to Utd away 1-0 (they had 10 men for 87 mins) Newcastle 1-0
  11. Im QPR using v1 and 9.03 but I dont seem to score?? I keep losing 1-0 or if I do score its 1-1 or 1-0 to me from a header?? I have Vine or Sibierski in the back arrow FC then Doyle (6m) or Aaron Mclean as SC MCs - Smertin, Liam Miller wings- Ephrain and Cook...??? am I missing something
  12. I started a new game with Man City today and I think I had the new patch (auto download) I played three games...lost 0-1 to blakburn...they didnt create alot, neither did I. Played Wigan 0-0 no real chancesfor either and another 0-0 cant recall against who, but I knew they weren't one of the big four..... With this in mind I am still infurated by the fact I will have 4 one on ones and they will miss all chances, I then take the keeper on and score...offside they have one or two one on ones and seem to score....grrr
  13. what a great tactic with QPR im doing very well in season 1 with a team that isn't gelled yet... thanks for the Playmaker advice....few more little questions 1 - I have 11 million and use Montarrass and Jean-Claude Darcheville.....These are the players I can find to suite the strikers. Monty had speed 15, Accel 15, finish 15 and 15 composure - JCD 16 pace, 16 accel, 13 finish, 13 composure. now, due to the tactic JCD must go through one on one 5 times per game (great) but he misses every one, hits keeper, wide over...haha but im still doing well; then.........once per match a ball through,
  14. Thanks for the reply - thats what im getting at - if I set my home to have play makers in a list.....when I save...this also saves in the other control tactic? so do you manually do this each game or do you always use a playmaker...hope that makes sense
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