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  1. Thanks for the advice. Unfortunatley I've played up to august and there are still no changes. Is it possible this is a bug of some sort?
  2. My youth setup categary was 2 and I asked my board for an improvement which they agreed to. They then sent some mail saying that the academy is now classified as level one. However in my club's facilities screen, it still says that the setup is level 2. Does it take time to go through (there is nothing related to this in th Board Request Status box) or are there other requirements for the setup number to improve? On a seperate note my junior coaching is at average level. However, the option in the board room only gives the option to cut funding and seems to have been like that for a long time. Is there anything that would stop the board giving me the option - I'm always nagging them to improve my facilities which they tend to do (both youth and normal training facilities are rated as top and are still being improved). Would the junior coaching finance option come up if I stopped having them do other things? I have 50 million in the bank so we should have the money to spend. Thanks
  3. If this was the case the transfer budgets should also be reduced to balance the game, otherwise I could buy all the players listed above in one season.
  4. I've offered out Gibson, Owen, Hargreaves and O'Shea for no transfer fee. First and second season but no takers. No one even gets interested.
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    Football Manager 2011 blogs

    While on the subject of rule changes, any news on introducing the upcoming financial fair play rules?
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    Spybot warnings

    Good advice. Probably best to post this on the Spybot forums instead.
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    Spybot warnings

    Nope bought it today. I've still got the receipt.
  8. I use Spybot Search and Destroy to protect from malware etc. When installing FM2010, everything runsd fine until I get to the screen saying that it is being configured for my system. A file is then created in my Temp folder (C:\Users\JPJW\AppData\Local\Temp) called DXA2E3.tmp. I assume this has something to do with direct x by the name. However, when this happens, spybot pops up and informs me that malicious software is running from this new folder. multiple processes are blocked and the associated files deleted. The filename is given as infinst.exe and identified by the program as Fraud.SoftCop. I have tried to run full virus scans on my computer and emptied the temp files, then reinstalled the game but the problem reoccured. The installation is said to be complete with errors occuring (I dont know where the installation log is to find the details that it suggests). I'm curious as to whether I should allow the processes to run? Thanks
  9. Instead of having random media interactions have a weekly press conference where they ask 5+ questions so it can all be covered in one turn.