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  1. FMREGEN: FULL CIRCLE 2 - The Amazulu Years When I took the job at Amazulu in South Africa (see this post for intro), my first ever job in my Full Circle journey on FM17 I never expected for it to be so exciting and entertaining. I have restrained myself from blogging this save as I wanted to put my full concentration into the save and also the Live Tweeting, details of that will be at the end of this post. What I did want to do was write up a longer blog post detailing my time at a certain club but realised that if I spent a considerable amount of time at a club this may be way too long, s
  2. Afternoon all. I have decided to bring over my FM17 career save that I have been live tweeting about. If you don't know what the idea of the save is then here is a description of the challenge! The Challenge The plan for my FM17 save is to travel the world taking over interesting clubs, e.g Fallen Giants, Clubs I follow, Clubs with interesting histories, etc. For this I have a list of teams that fit into this category. My manager will be starting Unemployed with Sunday League Reputation and No Coaching badges. I will start by loading a few nations in Asia and Africa then (p
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