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  1. Congrats on a solid 4141, the most beautiful of all systems! 😀 What I would look closer at, when facing a stubborn side at least, is: 1. Is the winger wasted when you have no one running early in the box? I would look at stats for cross completion or simply observe. 2. Who is main creator? Structured with anchor and bwm in the middle... Changing a role of course have knock on effects so I will leave it here for now and follow what I hope becomes an interesting thread!
  2. Looked at your screenshots now in more detail, and share your frustation. Especially that last sequence is.. well, crazy! (I assume its the control structured setup). @LATB asked about the player, do you have a SS of his attributes? Im no FM expert but I have often seen the wide movement of inside forwards. Seems to me that the "inside movement" only relates to when he has the ball. Its almost like he stays wide until he is on the ball, so that he can have some space to accelerate and run with the ball. See what I mean? Someone else recommended a shadow striker on the left AM. Maybe
  3. I like your opening post and want to get back to that with some feedback. Perhaps you are through with some already (and others have pointed out things). First of all I think we need to discuss improvements separatly for scenarios when opponents come at you and when they sit back. When they come at you: Overall looks quite good. My experience is a structured shape will provide great improvement to a 4231 deep, especially the defensive box, when they press and when they hold. More tricky is if your three attacking midfielders are linking up correctly. What do you
  4. Edit: messed up quoting the two posts above. In complement to this I would think twice regarding WBiB. You want the winger to cross but then you reduce that with a TI. Also, who will work the ball into the box as you see it? And how will the striker benefit? My advice would be to try without WBiB and/or change the SS to a creator role. Maybe the forward to an AF. Good luck!
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