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  1. Congrats on a solid 4141, the most beautiful of all systems! 😀 What I would look closer at, when facing a stubborn side at least, is: 1. Is the winger wasted when you have no one running early in the box? I would look at stats for cross completion or simply observe. 2. Who is main creator? Structured with anchor and bwm in the middle... Changing a role of course have knock on effects so I will leave it here for now and follow what I hope becomes an interesting thread!
  2. I often find myself in a situation were I look at my tactic during a bad match, see I have added 7-8 TIs, and dont really understand why or even what all of them do. Sort of comforting to hear that also the really good players struggle sometimes 😀 Cheers
  3. My take is that sometimes you cannot really stop the opposition from being in a good shape. WBIB can make sense because there is little space, you basically need that magic to happend. Im thinking for example of barcelona (say 2008-1012 something) when almost all teams parked the bus. They would often manage to score but it relied on a magic dribble from messi or that brilliant pass from iniesta. I will therefore use WBiB if opponents sits deep AND I have technically gifted players. If anyone thinks otherwise, please share!
  4. In addition to what others have suggested, I would look at changing one of the BBMs, to get some variation and maybe better positioning in attacking phase (especially if oponent sits deep). For example: if the left BBM changes to a BWMd, you can instead have the left WB on attack (to me it makes sense to cross from byline on the left side given your striker setup). You can then also change the DLPd to support or even a regista for those situations when you are dominating. Interesting to hear if you tried any of the recommendations in the thread! Br
  5. I think that you can try Cleons thread about possession tactics found in the stickies. With some inspiration from him perhaps you will have a more balanced and "clean" tactic that others can give feedback on.
  6. Hi, I tend to be a quite catious manager with focus on defensive organisation (boring right?). So when I look at your tactic its like... Ouch! My eyes! It's crazy aggressive. Not saying it cant work but its probably why you suffer away from home especially, when maybe opposition pushes abit higher or go more direct. That stoke match is an OK example: they dont have the ball much, and passing percentage is very low, yet they manage 7 shots on target. That tells me that your aggressiveness failed you in that match. Also Arsenal had 39% possession and scored 5 times...
  7. Sure but its way easier to discuss if you something on the table from start. Look at the stickies and the pairs and combination thread. Great place to start. Also consider how you want to play. Your approach seem to be endlessly adapting. Possible but difficult. Alot more so than picking a baseline for roles and duties 😀
  8. If you use the player tab under tactics, you will see a description for every role as well as how PIs are ticked and unticked as you change around. Also the attributes considered more important for a specific role. Why not start there and set one up yourself based on player strengths/weaknesses as already specified. For example the striker is probably a finisher type, right? Adv forward maybe?
  9. Hi, You mention your tactic being good but now struggling. Perhaps due to oppositions adapting to your successful first season? Are they sitting back more now maybe? Seems that you are trying to adapt but have you really identified the issues? What about player stats from a typical game? I think you might need to consider changing roles and duties when trying a new strategy. For example I would probably not have wingers (positioned wide) in a possession strategy, or I would at least analyse their positioning/availability during build up play The player stats might be what takes us further.
  10. Looked at your screenshots now in more detail, and share your frustation. Especially that last sequence is.. well, crazy! (I assume its the control structured setup). @LATB asked about the player, do you have a SS of his attributes? Im no FM expert but I have often seen the wide movement of inside forwards. Seems to me that the "inside movement" only relates to when he has the ball. Its almost like he stays wide until he is on the ball, so that he can have some space to accelerate and run with the ball. See what I mean? Someone else recommended a shadow striker on the left AM. Maybe try that? Interesting to see how you develop this further!
  11. I like your opening post and want to get back to that with some feedback. Perhaps you are through with some already (and others have pointed out things). First of all I think we need to discuss improvements separatly for scenarios when opponents come at you and when they sit back. When they come at you: Overall looks quite good. My experience is a structured shape will provide great improvement to a 4231 deep, especially the defensive box, when they press and when they hold. More tricky is if your three attacking midfielders are linking up correctly. What do you see happen when you win the ball (e.g. your anchor)? I would not be surprised if the winger is far wide and high. What if the DLP is marked? Had a similar situation myseld and changed W to a WMs with dribble more. Much more available for a quick pass! When they sit back: More obvious issues TBH. First of all a catious mentality, catious back four and static central midfield. Definetly spice this up! You can still drop deeper to keep the mourinho flavour. I would also be interested in the MCa. You ask alot from him, does he have the attributes? Best regards
  12. Edit: messed up quoting the two posts above. In complement to this I would think twice regarding WBiB. You want the winger to cross but then you reduce that with a TI. Also, who will work the ball into the box as you see it? And how will the striker benefit? My advice would be to try without WBiB and/or change the SS to a creator role. Maybe the forward to an AF. Good luck!
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