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  1. Thank you @claassen. You are a legend!
  2. mrrobot

    IGE Future transfer

    I know, but this is about the in-game editor.
  3. I don't use the in-game editor often, but when I do, it's transfer updates that are not yet added. Like Sanchez to Man Utd. When you move a player to a club, they get added instantly, even though the transfer window is not open. I would love if we get a option like "Would you like to add the player now, or as a future transfer when the transfer window opens".
  4. mrrobot

    FM18 Manager Picture

    I would be forever grateful if someone can provide a workaround for FM 18.
  5. mrrobot

    Real Manager photo

    Maybe their long-term plan is to remove all addons. No faces, only regen/newgen. And maybe no logos. Then it will be totally unplayable for me.
  6. mrrobot

    Real Manager photo

    And 3D photos doesn't look good in the main manager profile and manager of the month/year standing beside AI managers with real photos. Why not give the player a choice? I quote GoldenGoal from this thread: This thread will probably be closed soon, with a closing like "Reviewed so locked". Until 1 week later, and a new thread with the same concern shows up.
  7. mrrobot

    Real Manager photo

    I would like a real photo too. I have never seen an answer from SI about WHY this feature has been removed.
  8. That is just sad. I simply can't understand WHY the feature is so unwanted by SI.
  9. Hopefully it will be included again in FM 18.
  10. mrrobot

    Manager picture!!

    Must wait for FM 18, sadly. Hopefully it will return.
  11. mrrobot

    [FM17][SKIN] Football Manager 2017 Base Skins

    That's unfortunate. Still looking for answers for why it was fully removed from the game though. Thanks for the response.
  12. mrrobot

    [FM17][SKIN] Football Manager 2017 Base Skins

    Is there a reason why it was removed?
  13. Would love a 17.3.2 patch that doesn't disable the possibility to add your own manager picture.
  14. It has been suggested several times. https://community.sigames.com/topic/378352-assuming-role-of-existing-manager/ https://community.sigames.com/topic/377051-suggestion-playing-as-someone-in-the-db/ https://community.sigames.com/topic/396299-take-control-of-manager/ It has already been reviewed, but I don't think SI wants this feature in their game, and I think that is the right thing to do.
  15. Is there a particular reason why the manager picture was removed from this years edition? Is it to make room for the 3D portrait? Is it a bug? I am just wondering. Regards, MrRobot