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  1. When you create your manager profile, you are asked to type in your first name and your surname. Some have more than one first name. Some have more than one surname. And sorry for generalizing, hispanic people got A LOT of names. An excessive example Picasso: "Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso." Gareth Frank Bale - We know him as Gareth Bale. Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini - We know him as Lionel Messi. James Oliver Charles Tomkins - We know him as James Tomkins. You could for example add an extra column, where you can fill in your full name, or leave blank if your name fits the standard first name/surname. Cheers.
  2. I'm not saying your idea is bad, sorry if you felt that way. I'm just saying there is a great number of threads with that suggestion, where SI said numerous of times that they won't add this feature. It's okay if you don't like our ideas, but I feel like you simply don't like it because I don't approve with yours. It doesn't need to be pointless. They could for example add more lines to the press conferences. They could strengthen your job application on general basis and for a club you previously had a player career/staff job with. But SI decides.
  3. They repeatedly said that they won't add this feature. I am not saying people should add some fictional story either, but there are some who actually played some official games on a low tier level or had a job as a staff member in a low tier club. And why shouldn't they be allowed to add their story to the game? Of course people will abuse and add fictional stuff. Can't really control that. But I find it a bit off when you create a new manager, and select international player as earlier experience, and then your history shows that you have played none official matches or coached for any clubs at all. I don't have the solution, but I think this needs some rework.
  4. Haha, loved that part. I would love that feature as well. Some who plays this game, may have a playing career and/or coaching career behind them. It would have been amazing to add this to your history before taking over a club. I've seen requests that is about controlling an existing manager, which I agree on SI's stance. They say the game is about you. And if it's about you, what better is there than to add your story to the game as well. Even if it's just as a U19 coach for Einherji in 3. deild karla on Iceland.
  5. Agreed, it looks a bit messy.
  6. Thank you @claassen. You are a legend!
  7. mrrobot

    IGE Future transfer

    I know, but this is about the in-game editor.
  8. I don't use the in-game editor often, but when I do, it's transfer updates that are not yet added. Like Sanchez to Man Utd. When you move a player to a club, they get added instantly, even though the transfer window is not open. I would love if we get a option like "Would you like to add the player now, or as a future transfer when the transfer window opens".
  9. mrrobot

    FM18 Manager Picture

    I would be forever grateful if someone can provide a workaround for FM 18.
  10. mrrobot

    Real Manager photo

    Maybe their long-term plan is to remove all addons. No faces, only regen/newgen. And maybe no logos. Then it will be totally unplayable for me.
  11. mrrobot

    Real Manager photo

    And 3D photos doesn't look good in the main manager profile and manager of the month/year standing beside AI managers with real photos. Why not give the player a choice? I quote GoldenGoal from this thread: This thread will probably be closed soon, with a closing like "Reviewed so locked". Until 1 week later, and a new thread with the same concern shows up.
  12. mrrobot

    Real Manager photo

    I would like a real photo too. I have never seen an answer from SI about WHY this feature has been removed.
  13. That is just sad. I simply can't understand WHY the feature is so unwanted by SI.
  14. Hopefully it will be included again in FM 18.