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  1. Just finished 7th, reached Champs final (lost sadly) and qualified for Euro cup. Had 2m left over at end of last season, board have yet to announce new budget. Did have the 'set ambitions' but it was remaining on the 2m from last years budget. Really frustrating as have already missed out on a few great prospects. Normally i've had budget announced at the end of the season, if they are giving me no more funds that really is crazy. The clubs finances are rated as 'Rich'. Any ideas on what's going on?
  2. Is Europe a caliphate at this point? I feel we should be forewarned if so.
  3. I've never really found sending players on loan to be particularly effective in development. Seems to me getting them in and around the first team squad, playing there where possible and blending that with youth / u23 games is more efficient in bringing them on. I am at a club with excellent youth facilities, and like to take a fair degree of time dedicated to a few choice youngsters development each season, with focus on ind training and exposure to the the first team. If i'm unsure of whether a player has enough about them to kick on i may send them on loan, but for my starlets i'd rather keep them around. Am i missing something?
  4. Apologies, this might be the most pointless thread ever... I've just been told next seasons budget and it's 44m with a 350k surplus of wages. Could well just close this thread at this point. What a dope!
  5. Just won the EUROPA cup for the second time in succession, and qualified for Champs league for Sheffield United. Finished 7th, last year 5th (highest yet). Was offered a contract giving 1.3M as transfer budget, and a surplus of 300k for wages. The club is "rich" and the board 'very pleased' with me. Is that likely to be the official budget? I asked for more in the contract negotrions, which was refused, so i signed anyway. Now there's no option to request more, is that all i'm likely to be left with to plan a Champs league campaign? What a load of old bollocks if so!
  6. Yep, glad to say it was all over pretty swiftly and have just been informed that afer a period of deliberation they have decided to keep me on. Good stuff!
  7. Just read the message - i guess it's a headline, so not categorical. it says "David Green will appoint Alan Russell if successful", but that is then said ' Green hinted at the appointment, talking to the Daily Mirror. I guess that is at least somewhat ambiguous...
  8. Hunter - how long did it take from the embargo to the Takeover?
  9. The message was pretty clear 'alan russell will be appointed manager if successful'. Ugh, i'm going to be embargo'd for January most likely too.
  10. Yes, am favoured personnel. Be a bit weird if they didnt, given the message saying they plan to instal Alan Russel (the Judas!) as manager, if successful.
  11. Anyone know how long these things play out? I've been placed under Transfer Embargo during the process due to the takover (not relating to finances which are excellent')
  12. It's terrible if so. I could get it if i was failing, but i've got the team flying. Really quite p*ssed off by this, the coach they want to appoint has never managed, just a jobbing first team coach. Maybe if they were bringing in a big name it'd be one thing, but this. Ugh, not happy with it at all. I guess i have to wait out and see if their takeover is 'successful', but it's really killed my enthuisasm for the save.
  13. A consortium trying to take over my team have just announced that if successful they will name one of my coaches as manager! I am playing as Sheffield UTD, 4 years into the game, brought them up from LG1, Champs of Championship, relegated, then up via the play offs, to my current season where i am currently 8th in Premier league in October when i'm expected to be fight relegation. All this time i've invested in youth, and now starting to see them bloom into a highly promising and competitive side of almost entirely home grown players. Will i really just get binned off by this, anybody had similiar situation? Would be highly annoyed if so, it makes no logical sense and just seems like getting blindsided.
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