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  1. Zabyl, you haven't really offered any advice apart from use WF's. If I were to use wide forwards the defensive shape would not secure the middle as effectively. A 5-4-1 with a midfield box provides flexible cover over the wings and strong occupation of the centre. You ask about the purpose of wide attacking width and focus play instructions; these are designed to encourage wider occupation by the two 10's. Yes, this would be easier with AML/R but again the defensive positioning would not be as good. The two AMC's are directed to 'Stay Wider' and 'Roam from Position' to again encourage wider movement to create triangles with the MC's and WB's. You are correct that these movements don't capture the attacking transition phase. However, I would still like my tactic to be effective in the building of attacks from the goalkeeper all the way to a shot at goal. Perhaps I will continue with the three ST narrow system that seems to offer better offensive positioning. The concern here is of course a lack of penetration. I will update this post to see how things develop as players become more familiar and perhaps new signings fit better.
  2. My players seem to be entirely unable to hold the create space when in possession of the ball. Kramaric (PI's: Stay Wider) and Amrabat (Stay Wider, Roam from Position) should be occupying the spaces either side of the ST, the channels. This would create more passing options for wingbacks and central midfielders. In the upcoming pictures, Kramaric is 10 and Rafinha is 3. Kramaric standing on no.7 (Amrabat CM - Carillero). Nice and close together taking away all hopes of possession. Kramaric will not attack the space beyond the ST (AF-A or CF-Su or PF-Su throughout). Again Rafinha and Kramaric standing on top of each other. At this point I believe focus play right and left was ticked, as well as be more disciplined. No support for wingbacks once again. Terrible understanding. Finally! Some progress. However, if you look at the bottom, you will see Kramaric is now in the STCR position as a PF-D. Spacing is much better however. For the life of me I cannot understand why the two wide AMC's can't figure out where to stand. At one point in the first half, the MR had the ball (Started with MR & ML before dropping back for better defensive shape) and Kramaric came all the way over to the RHS of the pitch instead of stretching the Mainz midfield. The 4-3-3 Mainz are set in offers nice big triangular spaces between CB, FB and MCL/R. Why can't my players occupy these spaces? The tactic is fresh, just taken the job, first game in charge. Should I wait and see or is there something fundamentally wrong with the tactic or ME. Editing to illustrate the positioning I would like to see as base line.
  3. An increase in the line of engagement, I imagine, would show positive results against an opponent lining up in a 4-2-3-1. Blocking the supply line into the CM's and matching the opposition defence in the build up phase. Against a 4-3-3 with Half Back or 3-5-2 it would be riskier. You have built a good tactic, the best way to stop conceding goals is to change up your approach based on the team you are playing. Against a 4-3-3 I would be tempted to go Lower LOE perhaps with two ST's on support putting constant pressure on the opposition DM. Your tactic is good, don't be afraid to mess around with it; real life managers do it all the time.
  4. You're playing wide players in the AM strata with a large gap between DM's and ST's. Additionally, there may be issues with your player profiles, how well does JWP cover the space vacated by Ait-Nouri? I mean, if you beat Man City 5-0 you're doing pretty well. Change I'd make: Standard DL, Higher LOE (maybe much higher). Get those four forwards engaging early and often, leave less space behind centre halves to be exploited by fast paced teams. Alternatively: Drop DL to standard and drop LOE to lower. Compress the space. If Man Utd played too fast for you, don't step up the pressing, turn it down. The pace of their play will not be able to hurt you as much if you do not chase them around the pitch.
  5. Hi, Aways best to post your tactic here so we can provide specific advice. In regard to your concern over defensive football: have you attempted using the 'Catenaccio' or 'Direct Counter Attack' presets on the tactical creator. These offer preset tactics that showcase a defense first mentality. Always consider how good your defenders are. It sounds like yours aren't that good. Maybe your left back is bad defensively and needs midfield support or a backtracking winger to ease the defensive workload. DLF(s) IW(A). BBM(s). Mez(A). DW(s) DM(d) Wb(d). Cd(d). Cd(d). FB(s) TI: lower line of engagement; narrow attacking width; counter; regroup. This may not be right for your player profiles. The basic structure, and dispersion of roles and duties, facilitates a good defensive process.
  6. He's a good player for the role, of course. Would ultra-high tempo combined with attacking mentality mean he does not see the ball as much as you'd like? Share screenshots comparing his touches and passes completed with other members of your squad. Concerned you are bypassing him with such an aggressive style.
  7. He should still move inside the pitch. They fail to come inside if there is a DM in the DMCR slot, I believe. What this system affords you is more control of the midfield than a 4-2-3-1 with an attacking AM. Often that system would resemble a 4-4-2 and I think you would be relying on the quality of your press for possession numbers. And on the attacking role, the RPM would be 'Balanced' in regard to his individual mentality, but his PPM's would make him an aggressive playmaker from a deeper role.
  8. Van Der Bergh is a great option for you in central midfield; his PPM's really support a playmaker ole that gives some cojones to a possession based system. I'd play him on the right side of a midfield three. Not only will he support the winger who stretches play, but advance deep into the opposition half aiming to play killer passes. A more aggressive supporting player inside the winger means you can utilise the RB in a defensive capacity (IWB - D). The remaining roles could look something like this. Ignore players of course.
  9. Well of you play on attacking, the default width is already wider than usual. Increasing this to be even wider species your players out more. Asking them to pass short means they look for players close and brings players closer to the ball. Since you are wide + a bit extra from attacking mentality, your players are looking for short passes that might not be there. Possession is a natural by product of good players. If you are playing as city, you won't need a host of TI's to influence their ability to keep the ball. Keep it simple. And on the first point. If a player has an attacking duty, the attacking team mentality makes them incredibly attacking: not particularly effective for possession based football. It also makes your supporting players take more risks and look to force passes and dribbles rather than picking their moments. You're right, I think positive is your best bet. 👍
  10. Attacking team mentality makes (A) duties very attacking; very short passing while wide, contradictory; Run at defence encourages those with hard coded PI 'dribble more' to dribble loads. Possession may be hampered by these. Try removing one or two and keeping it very simple. The roles and duties look okay and they are what dictate the majority of the tactic.
  11. Regista could work instead of BWM. Or perhaps combined with one. DLP has 'Hold Position' hardcoded but the Regista will roam and still acts as a playmaker, pressing upon loss of possession. Although the Regista is a DM, on higher mentalities they push further forward and be willing to defend higher up the pitch. I think to create the variance in passing options you will be best differing the role mentalities across different stratas ( AF(A) & CF(S) or IF(S) & W(A) ). Best thing to do is create the tactic and play some games. If you post results and concerns here people will be happy to offer advice.
  12. Was trying to create a high intensity system that moved the ball quickly and directly. Aimed to stack bodies in a compact space to maximise chance of winning the ball back and then break forwards quickly.
  13. Appreciate the feedback. Sometimes it's easy to get fixated on an idea that just doesn't work. I have since modified this to a traditional 3-4-3 which is working nicely. I think a strikerless 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 could work but perhaps needs a greater mind than me.
  14. Trying to create the correct spacing between three attacking midfielders in a 3-4-3 strikerless. This is the current tactic in the game I'm playing. The right and left sided AM's are being asked to: dribble more, stay wider, tackle harder and close down more. The central AM is being asked to: Dribble more, move into channels (perhaps this is a problem?), close down, tackle harder. In game this is how they bunch up (10, 11, 25). I would like the two AM (A) to be playing on the shoulder of the opposition CB's while moving vertically rather than occupying the space of the other. Only the central AM (S) has "Comes deep to get ball" but neither AM (A) has "likes to beat offside trap". Any advice people have would be appreciated. I'd like the wider AM's to be playing wider, allowing for connections with the DW's and generally offering a shape more conducive to meaningful ball movement. I figured perhaps I was speaking too soon, so I let it play another few minutes. This is a great picture. All three standing on top of each other.
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