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  1. If you don't mind tweaking the formation a bit, moving the dm to central midfield will really benefit the winger and the spacing of the central midfielders.
  2. Another concern with this issue is that if SI plays & tests the game as much as they say, shouldn't they have picked up this problem already if it's this common? Do they still need additional help from paying customers via bug reports and pkms to fix it?
  3. Looks alright, you'll have to play a match to see if your preferred style is being implemented. But overall the width looks good and the 433 is a nice formation to choose.
  4. You need width and one or two players who play through balls, so a formation which offers both would be a good start. Once you've chosen that then the other things like mentality, fluidity, instructions, roles and duties can be tweaked.
  5. The width of the sidebacks might not be enough to pull the defence wide when you're attacking, which means less space for through balls. That's one large advantage of wingers. Just watch a game of man city this season, the width of the wingers is what causes problems for the defenders.
  6. Wouldn't the formation make through balls a bit harder to accomplish?
  7. Another thing to question is, is Adama really that good at dribbling? Or is he simply running into the spaces the opposite team allows? From the video alone, there are numerous clear instances of the teams simply forcing him into the wide areas, knowing his crossing is poor. Whenever he has to dribble through the center he often draws a foul or loses the ball, kind of indicating that his pace is the main contributor of his dribbling ability. Players with actual good dribbling ability and technique can manoeuvre through those tight areas rather than kicking it past the opponent then losing it. So maybe his dribbling & technique in game are too high?
  8. On the Traore thing, I think attributes have always worked like this in fm, so I'm not really surprised. Another good example would be Mkhitaryan who, despite his seemingly poor mentals, regularly scores and assists in very good numbers. These sorts of things show that the sum of attributes is more important than any single one in isolation. I think the problem with Traore (if indeed this isn't an anomaly) is that the researcher didn't really get the attributes right to the point he performs similar to real life. I would argue his crossing, passing, finishing, long shots, technique, and almost all mentals should be 3-4 points lower, but that's up to the researchers. It may be a match engine problem, but I'm leaning more towards the attribute spread being the issue.
  9. Perhaps this is down to the quality of keepers against the quality of shots? The Bundesliga is well known for having/making quality keepers, while I can't really think of many players who specialize in long shooting. And I'm not too sure of Ligue 1 keepers, but they do have quite a few good distance shooters. Or perhaps it's due to the Bundesliga generally preferring more defensive/ counter-attacking playstyles in recent years, thereby making it hard to find space for long shots?
  10. I don't think professional football is random in the way you say, if you've ever played or trained with pro's then you'll see that immediately. Especially at the highest level ,where the level of consistency and accuracy of the players is at it's peak ever in football history, it's far too simple to reduce it to a game of chance. In this particular case, finishing and shooting in general is not a trait governed by chance. It is influenced by the player's ability and amount of training put into it, and these form a consistent base from which the player draws their skill. Shots are not put on target through randomness or luck, and you can generally see that as the more technically proficient players tend to be better at shooting. The reason why it seems so random is that teams usually play teams of a similar level, so the margins between these teams are small. However, if they are to play smaller teams where they will generally have more time and space and the goalkeeper is generally poorer, that's when you see how good they actually are.
  11. Playing fm12 right now, it's not like this at all.
  12. I think the reasoning is that 20 vision is basically the best there has ever been, and the researcher probably didn't think Modric's vision is that good. 18 represents one of the best ratings in his era.
  13. In general I agree with you, however, some of the things I've seen suggested don't require waiting until a whole new ME is created in order to implement. For instance, look at this suggestion for team shape by @noikeee (which you recommended them for btw ): This is something that with some tweaks could be added to the next fm, (or dare I say it, could have been added to fm18) without needing to wait for every single other part of the game to develop first without changing it. These are the sort of things the people at SI should be thinking of. Aye, but this is because the ME isn't advanced enough to replicate modern pressing styles. The team shape ideas can be thought of immediately, implemented immediately, and have been suggested for quite a while now by different users, and yet team shape has remained in it's state for quite a while now.
  14. We're talking about the current representation of team shape, which has always been poor. Then why not have only compactness as an option, and creativity as a separate set of options? Which btw, quite a few users have suggested before, some even taking the time to make visual representations of their ideas. Same thing with work ball into box, two instructions needlessly shoehorned into one. It doesn't take genius coding to separate them. In this case it's not a massive challenge like I said earlier. Simpy separate compactness and creativity and change the names, and people (most likely the AI too) will be much less confused. If someone at SI hasn't thought of this already, then maybe someone new needs to be hired to do so. Or at least look at the forums once in a while and pick up a few things from there.
  15. Not @kandersson, but I think whatever the origins may have been, the implementation is poor, and has been from the beginning, which is quite a few iterations now. And in here lies the value of someone who can translate real world concepts to fm, which is what @kandersson was talking about.