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  1. Not my thread specifically, but then again I think you're already a bit biased so might be hard to discuss with. In fact, seeing as you've already jumped to a conclusion without understanding the exact situation, I don't think it's worth it for me. No disrespect intended. And in any case, I don't really care what any random user thinks. My aim is to see what the mods and workers at SI think.
  2. @Neil Brock @Nic Madden thanks for your replies. As a customer, I would just like to say that my experiences on these forums have directly influenced my decision to buy the game at some points, so they shouldn't be run so naively and a lot more care should be put into this area. Just to give two examples: a few threads on wide defending last year were received so poorly (especially when it was such an obvious problem) that I decided not to buy FM18. Note that even though I bought FM17 and rarely played it due to the defending problem, neither the problem itself nor my wasted money was wha
  3. Of all the valid things you brought up, this is the issue that annoys me the most, so much so that I didn't buy fm18 and I probably won't buy subsequent installments until this behaviour changes. It's tiring seeing the constant defending of clear issues, to the point that some threads get closed for almost no reason. I prefer not to buy the game and not experience that kind of stress. And as for bug reports, SI should understand that they're already walking a very thin line by requiring paying customers to leave the game, come online to the website, create an account, read up on the forma
  4. Are you sure? Because I've observed the ai pulling back the cm, wb, and sometimes even winger on the flank I'm threatening more. Sometimes they even start the match like this, meaning they must have anticipated my primary area of attack. Not that I'm complaining because that's really nice to see, but are you saying this was simply coincidence?
  5. I'm not sure about the current version, but in previous versions I've seen the a.i adapt a lot better than simply going defensive. They can specifically close down your playmaker, man mark your dlp with their striker, go very defensive only on the primary side of your buildup, and other stuff. Which I think is pretty cool.
  6. Almost all answers to this question from others will (1) be subjective, and (2) lack context. So with that in mind, I would say go with your gut, and learn from past experiences.
  7. No problem . Philosophies like Guardiola's and Klopp's I view less as a formation/ tactic, and more as a style of play or philosophy which encompasses all parts of the club, ultimately culminating in distinct on-pitch performances. Thus when I attempt to replicate such managers the actual tactic is second to the style of play.
  8. Note that this is on fm15, but hopefully it should still translate to the newest version. I play a Standard, Fluid 4-3-3 with the dm in central midfield. 2 bpd(d) and 2 wb(s). The central midfield trio is cm(s)-dlp(d)-cm(s). The 2 wide players are if(s), and the striker is a false nine. Ti's are retain possession, play out of defense, low crosses, play wider, push higher up, close down more, mark tighter, offside trap. The "Guardiola-ness" of the tactic comes from a few things: i) The central midfield setup ensures that the 2 outer cm's occupy the halfspaces, and their interac
  9. I think it's important to remember Guardiola's flexibility with regards to roles and duties. The wide roles and the striker's role definitely change a lot from match to match, so making a one size fits all tactic might not be able to replicate that. The best thing imo is to make a base tactic which contains the core Guardiola principles, while being highly customizable. It works very well, and to me is a lot more fun as you feel more involved in every match.
  10. If you don't mind tweaking the formation a bit, moving the dm to central midfield will really benefit the winger and the spacing of the central midfielders.
  11. Another concern with this issue is that if SI plays & tests the game as much as they say, shouldn't they have picked up this problem already if it's this common? Do they still need additional help from paying customers via bug reports and pkms to fix it?
  12. Another thing to question is, is Adama really that good at dribbling? Or is he simply running into the spaces the opposite team allows? From the video alone, there are numerous clear instances of the teams simply forcing him into the wide areas, knowing his crossing is poor. Whenever he has to dribble through the center he often draws a foul or loses the ball, kind of indicating that his pace is the main contributor of his dribbling ability. Players with actual good dribbling ability and technique can manoeuvre through those tight areas rather than kicking it past the opponent then losing it.
  13. Perhaps this is down to the quality of keepers against the quality of shots? The Bundesliga is well known for having/making quality keepers, while I can't really think of many players who specialize in long shooting. And I'm not too sure of Ligue 1 keepers, but they do have quite a few good distance shooters. Or perhaps it's due to the Bundesliga generally preferring more defensive/ counter-attacking playstyles in recent years, thereby making it hard to find space for long shots?
  14. I don't think professional football is random in the way you say, if you've ever played or trained with pro's then you'll see that immediately. Especially at the highest level ,where the level of consistency and accuracy of the players is at it's peak ever in football history, it's far too simple to reduce it to a game of chance. In this particular case, finishing and shooting in general is not a trait governed by chance. It is influenced by the player's ability and amount of training put into it, and these form a consistent base from which the player draws their skill. Shots are not put
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