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  2. Hello, It is my first post about Football Manager and i have a number of suggestions: 1. Stats - when you show a player stats in history, do not show only in the league - it must be the overall stats (cups, european cups, etc.). Also, if a player plays all the games in CL,EL, and cups, he must complain less for not playing. 2. Awards - when you display the awards won by a player, the ones that repet themself may be displayed like this ( n x award , when n=0..1000) compered with the awards won every week/month (ex. player of the week - Italy) 3. Tv rights - I'm from Romania. The romanian league is on the bottom of the known leagues. When i play a 10,20 seasons game, and i build a team who has results on a european level and i sell good players in the league, i can not compare with teams that get 1 mil form a single game (tv rights) [compare with the rights i get for the entire season] . If a league has good teams in european cups, you must set a calculator so the tv right go up with the importance of the league. Also the number of suporters must rise with this parameter. Bonus: - We all had games where we play a very high rated team [Arsenal - for example] with a low rated team and we have better players, and better morale and better whatever. And the high rated team misses a lot of shots and draws or loses when the other team stats are 1 shots 1 score. Please, oh please, for the good of my keyboards, just make this kind of games less visible even on extended view....it is a nightmare when you miss, and miss, and miss. Thank you for your time. Regards, Radu
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