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  1. Complete shambles

    you've got until 5pm this afternoon before i'll be back but seriously, i just needed a little rant. thanks for replying and hope you get it sorted!
  2. Complete shambles

    I can't activate online though. Have got my bird's little bro attempting it now whilst i'm out. hopefully he has more luck
  3. Complete shambles

    yes. i've only got one 0/o, and that site told me which it was.
  4. Complete shambles

    so the fix is to "try again tomorrow"? I'll try again after the rugby this afternoon and again tonight, then once more tomorrow. If it doesn't work then it'll be going back to the shops on Monday
  5. good. sorry for being a dribbling moaning mess this morning i'm tired and frustrated.
  6. okay, probably good that i've got to go out now eh? i know it's no-one's fault it particular, i'm just a bit miffed. that's all. and also a little confused as to why we need so much protection for a computer game. it hasn't worked as i've been sent the cracked version already (which i don't want to use, but if I can't get my paid version to work then what choice do i have?)
  7. Complete shambles

    to be honest mate, i can't be arsed. why should i make 25 phone calls to get a game i paid £30 for to work
  8. Miles is busy counting our cash
  9. Complete shambles

    i can't get my activation to work, so i can't even play it. it's a joke.
  10. thanks for your constructive game oh no, was about as constructive as my post. oops. mate, i don't wanna moan, but this is taking the ****.
  11. Miles, this is probably the worst EVER launch of a computer game I've come across. I bought a game yesterday at 3pm. It's 8.30am and I still can't crack the ****ing code to play the bloody thing. So I think I'll be giving up, getting my £28 back, and finding another, cheaper way to play the game. I couldn't get through to the phoneline to activate at all last night. Tried this morning and after entering 3 sixteen digit codes in a ****ing Yank automated phone system it says my game can't be activated and hangs up. Repeat x3. Getting a bit bored now to be honest. So send me a PM with how to crack this game so I can play it legally please. Oh and not one of my friends who has bought the game that doesn't visit these forums has been able to start a game. You joined the Facebook group yet btw? And I hope Shortlist get in touch for a follow up to last week's article? I know you won't reply cos you're probably really comfy in your MASSIVE chair, but have a great weekend. I'll wait til Christmas Day to post the crack link
  12. complete ****ing shambles.
  13. Right, excuse me for being thick. The torrent download is the patch right? And I can download of one PC and transfer to my laptop via a memory stick right?
  14. is this phone number going to be 24hr?