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  1. So many instances where clubs spend lots of money, Ive seen it at 35mil, where clubs spend fortunes and then don’t play the player often releasing him years later. Particularly happens with keepers but seen it with all positions.
  2. On mine it only happens with non league clubs when they sign outside the transfer window even thought it is non appliance to them. to explain better if I sign or sell a player as a conference side on jan 10th for example, I’ll get the agreed fee. If I sign or sell them on the 10th feb after transfer window shut they go for it I get £0 even though they should not be affected by transfer window Happens when I buy or sell and every new game. Doesn’t affect higher league transfers.
  3. I’m playing with with every league loaded from England, Germany, Spain and Italy and have noticed that a lot of German lower league clubs sign players on a free and then release them the next day... they may sign 4 players then release all 4 the next day... seems a bit strange. I’ve not noticed any Italian, Spanish or English clubs doing this.
  4. I’ve notice that the winter update has players such as Fonte, Carrasco etc on free when they have moved to China in the last couple of weeks. Carrasco also has no history.... I’m sure there’s probably more....
  5. Just wondered if when you release updates it affects current saves or do you have to restart a new game to see the benefits?
  6. I don't I'm afraid, only notice it happened a season later
  7. I have found that there are far too many goals in general. Very rarely a clean sheet for anyone. I played a very normal 4-4-2. Most games seemed to have 5 goals a game. also as forest green I beat loads of championship and league 1 scores (and nearly Chelsea) in the cup. It's just seemed unrealistic for me to beat charkton, Brentford, reading by 5 goals away from home.
  8. I came 2nd (league 2) in season 1 with forest green rovers and when I check league history it showed that I had won it which was wrong (I came 2nd to Mansfield). On my personal manger history it didn't show me as winning the league.
  9. Declan lachnahan of forest green rovers (youth gk)
  10. I don't have a save to send but with in two seasons with forest green score well over 250 goals and conceding about 200... so many 3-3 or 5-4.
  11. Sorry I meant non league teams. If I was a vanarama South team, I get entered into the fourth qualifying round... Usually, this would be a mix of vanarama national, North, South and non league teams but there are no non league teams, it's just vanarama teams. So teams like Greenwich, Blyth, Histin etc are not entered
  12. This has sort of been fixed. The fa cup now has vanarama teams in but no actual no league teams
  13. This has sort of been fixed. The fa cup now has vanarama teams in but no actual no league teams
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