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  1. so the way forward would be to totally overhaul the functions of my two midfields and change the striker from poacher to maybe dlf? and i should see more movement from midfield?
  2. Hi all I have played football manager for as long as I can remember but this 2013 version I just haven't been able to get into, due to the fact no matter what tactic I try team I am I can not win, I lose to teams that are classed as teams I should easily beat, this is my Favourite formation through the ages. ---------------------GK----------------- FB(att)---------BPD(stopper---------CD(cover)------FB(att) ---------------------Anchor man------------------- ----------------DLP(support) BWM(defend) W(attack)-----------------------------------------IF(attack) ------------------------Poacher----------------------- I play a rigid attacking football game with man marking pressing more and short passing, i just cant seem to win even against teams fighting relegation i get turned over, ive only played on the game a few days every month as i cant get into this what is wrong with my formation?
  3. Hi all ive recently started trying to use my own tactics after years of just downloading supertactics off the net and at the moment am having trouble sorting out a passing style for my players, i look at if the player has a prefered move and select that players passing style to the relevant one. But when a player hasnt got one what is best to pick? Ive heard anyone with a passing stat of over 15 should be selected as mixed, but what about people under that? i play an attacking style of play so didnt know if that made a difference either, i keep getting a report in match saying we are giving away possesion too much.
  4. Is anyone else having trouble with this in FM11 i end up going onto a flyer with all my players hitting top form cant stop scoring clean sheets wins of about 4 or 5 nil and then over night i cant win to save my life i end up slipping from top of the table to relegation battles, its even without me changing tactics or team selections, i cant seem to turn the results around, it happens in the premiership and even the lower leagues, and one any ideas as to how i can rectify this. Gerry
  5. Giving the board an ultimatum to build a new stadium In my QPR save, ended up getting sacked and my QPR team went on to finish 7th in Prem and i had to eat humble pie in the Championship with Barnsley
  6. Graphics Virgin

    hi all, i have decided to start a project, as i use the Welsh premiership alot, i noticed most people when making graphic packs dont bother making any for it, so thought i would have a crack at it myself. problem is, i have a clue where to start, ive download FMXML to make the config files, ive got a few pictures, but they have backgrounds on them, what sort of software do i need to be able to cut the portrait of the players, managers etc so that i can cut them to look like they are set on a white background?? Any advice for the experts here would be great. Dan
  7. what does this mean?

    Something to do with graphics, i had that on my last laptop and i had to goto the technical forum on here and there was two things i had to download of microsoft website. have a search in Technical forum see if you can find the link.
  8. I think in newer versions staff should have more input in internation level, maybe you could introduce Internation training schedules for when you have your meets, and get staff involved, would be good as we always see Fabio on the England training camp on sky sports news when a squad has been announced would be useful before a world cup ect to hold one and then get feed back from your ass man as to if anyone seems to be too unfit to be selected etc.
  9. Portsmouth, WHY??

    To be honest this is an interesting point, ive noticed in my game the club always get bought out, now if they are that sellable, why havent they been sold, a few months in in my games, jan at latest they get bought out. They also never seem to be struggling in the league they are always like, Charlton where when in the premiership.
  10. Phoenix club - Ideas?

    AFC Scarborough?
  11. generous staff

    Ive noticed this, and googled this http://www.mirrorfootball.co.uk/news/Zinedine-Zidane-handed-Real-Madrid-role-article26758.html Zinedine Zidane has been named as part of the new-look Real Madrid backroom staff. The 35-year-old, who was named World Player of the Year three times, was unveiled as an advisor by elected president Florentino Perez this afternoon. The Frenchman retired after losing the World Cup Final to Italy in 2006 - but he was signed for a world record fee during Perez's previous presidency in 2001. Though he has been linked with a number of roles since hanging up his boots, Zidane has remained silent on where he wanted to coach or advise until now. Joining Zidane in the backroom will be Argentine Jorge Valdano, who was sports director previously under Perez. He returns as director general and assistant to the president. Im guessing SI could program him for his advisor role, so they put him in as a scout, with not bad states either
  12. England Players Not English

    Deco, plays for portugal and he is Brazilian, i dont see the big problem with picking the best players availbale for England, even if they arent Born in England.
  13. Its annoying, it wasnt greyed out in all previous FM games just recent ones, id like to be able to make it increased to 50% when i get relegated
  14. World Cup tips?

    Try and get a quick winger on the bench that could play either side of midfield, it can be a godsend when extra time comes and your players are tired also keep an eye out no to be too attacking minded if you are winning by a large margin, ive done this when winning 3-0 and it come back to bite me and drawn