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  1. Coding the football itself into a game is definitely not straightforward, I'll give you that. But, as stated, the stuff that goes on before and after the matches can be made as "difficult" or "easy" as they want it to be. For a lot of those areas, it's just a question of how much of a certain thing they want to deem "realistic". For example, how interested should other teams be in buying Mbappé if and when he becomes available? And how much should Mbappé himself have a say in where he ends up if he's sold? Better competition for signings and more opinionated players would make it more difficult to put together a squad of world beaters, and I think it'd be hard to argue that would result in a less realistic game. As it stands, I'm likely to be the only one bidding for him, and he would have no concerns about signing for my club. If Real Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool and Bayern were also interested at the same time, I should really have to come up with something very special to be able to convince him to sign for me.
  2. If it were indeed striving to be as realistic as possible, then it would be a lot harder than it currently is (at any club). Rather, I think it's striving to make it simple enough that anybody is likely to experience success. And, fair enough, that probably sells more copies of the game, though it comes at a cost - in particular for those that prefer to manage the "best" teams. The game is certainly not realistic in the same way as, for example, a flight sim. I already pointed out several areas that could be made more realistic without introducing anything (more) artificial (like making other teams compete better for the signatures of the top players), and there's nothing about that that is impossible to code. Personally, I don't think it's necessary to introduce anything in the match engine, for example, to increase or reduce the human managed team's chance of scoring from a particular chance, as that would indeed feel artificial.
  3. Personally, I start the game with low skills and a low reputation (which obviously is realistic as long as I am myself, though this is only a temporary limitation) and I'm avoiding signing any player with more than 2 years left on their contract (unless they're transfer listed). The latter I find a realistic enough restriction that I can easily live with, though I'm not sure it has that much of an impact on my ability to do well. I can never imagine limiting myself to signing only English players, or only players called John, or only using players from my own youth team, or only playing a 5-4-1 formation or anything like that, as all of those are just not realistic and take away too much of what the game is actually about.
  4. In my opinion, the game definitely needs some sort of difficulty levels. I've been playing since 93/94 or thereabouts (less in recent years), and, like the dannysheard, I normally play with "my" team, in my case Man Utd. I've never had noteworthy problems winning the league in the first, or, at worst, the second season. This is just as true now as back when United were indeed the best team in the country. Managing Man Utd in their current situation should be difficult, because there are several teams in the PL that are significantly better than them. Do you think Ole Gunnar Solskjær finds it easy at the moment? Rather than levels of difficulty, I'd call them levels of realism. More realism should make it harder to keep players happy if they're not playing regularly, certain players should be harder to manage regardless (Pogba, say), it should be harder to hold on to good players (in particular for smaller teams, which would make it harder to sustain growth over time), there should be more competition for players that you want to sign, there should be fewer players available who are interested in signing, etc. Also, other teams should be better at looking after they're own interests -- not easily selling players that they want to keep, making sure to replace players that they've sold, building up their squad in reaction to and anticipation of my (and other) clubs improving their squads. Nothing in the above would make it artificially harder. Instead it would reduce the artificial simplicity that is currently in the game. Also, somebody made a point about level playing field between humans and the AI, but, realistically, it's only the human manager who actually does any thinking in this game, so inherently he/she certainly does have the upper hand. There are ways to re-balance this. It should be just as hard, if not harder, to manage big clubs as it is to manage smaller clubs. Big club vs small club should definitely not need to define the level of difficulty.
  5. Aren't there even bigger issues here regarding how players are awarded medals? For example, I seem to remember that medals are handed out on the day that the title is won, based on the number of games played at that point. So (assuming the required number is 5), if a player has played only 4 by the day the title is decided (say, with two games to go), they still won't get a medal even if they play the next game. Or has this issue been fixed?
  6. A single wish: Make it harder to consistently over-achieve. This should apply at the top as well as at the bottom clubs. It is not "easier", in reality, to manage a top club than a bottom club--the expectations are vastly different. Two seasons of not winning the league could be considered failure at the top club, while avoiding relegation could be considered success at a bottom club. At smaller clubs, this could be achieved by making it harder to hold on to the best players following a better-than-expected season, while, at bigger clubs, it could be done by making other big clubs more ambitious and compete better in the transfer market. Make other clubs actually try to keep up and overtake the last league winner, and make them tempt players away from the over-achieving smaller clubs. This should make it more interesting and potentially satisfying to manage both smaller and larger clubs, in particular the larger ones. As it is today, once you manage to win the league, you'll likely continue to win the league every year. Other clubs just don't compete in the manner that they would in reality. I've been playing this game since Championship Manager (1), and always tend to manage Man Utd. In all these years, I don't think I've ever been sacked! I'd just really like the game to be an actual challenge, beyond the first couple of seasons.
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