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  1. Wasn't Liverpools proposed new stadium going to cost 4-500million?
  2. Ive got an Acer W500 (i5), I did have an Acer W500 but that was just far too unresponsive with any thing CPU heavy (especially with FM13 that I tried, other than the touch limitations), but an excellent no frills tablet with Windows 8 (full not RT). The W700t does play FM really well, though I am only running England down to league 9 or 10 though. I did have to turn the throttling off when its on the battery as it was laggy as hell (for everything). Been playing on the tablet for a few days now and with the touchpad side bar its very easy to play and not overly awkward.
  3. Huh this doesn't make sense to me, I thought id be able to play as my local club using one of the pyramid league updates in classic mode (which is similar to how it was in early CM), but this wont work?
  4. Touch Friendly Skin

    I just found that after downloading FM14 and running it. Should be helpful, but still would be handy if there was a more touch friendly skin.
  5. Just gave FM a shot on my new tablet, tried last year but it was unplayable without the right click. Anyway, not sure if its down to 8.1 but if you hold your finger down until the square appears then slide right the right click menu appears. Also there's an programme called TouchMousePointer that adds a touchpad (with buttons) to the tablet, so if you play FM in windowed mode you can play without limitations. I've not played for an extended amount of time though, so not sure how useable it is.
  6. Touch Friendly Skin

    I'm using windows 8.1 on my tablet to play FM14, I know there's no true touch screen support (I'm using programme that adds a touchpad on screen). But is there a touch friendly skin, that makes things a little more manageable. Maybe a hard of sight one where everything is bigger than usual.
  7. How many unlockables is there?
  8. Ive got the same problem as chelseaboy, filefront doesnt give the option to download from their public servers. Could you email it to mitze92@yahoo.co.uk Cheers
  9. Are there any unlockables for doing badly, say not winning in a season etc