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  1. Right handy, that - I was wondering where that command had wandered off to between operating system updates... Well, it's not giving me an error message, which is an improvement; but it's not doing anything else, either. I get the "Do you want to allow this app to make changes etc." window; click "OK", and then nothing. So I guess that's one step further along? Tried it a few more times, and now it's giving me the "Unable to initialize sound" box again. Hm.
  2. Ah, so I have to type it in? Thanks, I'll give that a shot! Er... what's a "run-box"? I really do only know how to point and click stuff, I'm afraid. I can follow directions pretty well, though. 8)
  3. I don't know how to do that (the -nosound option); the only modifications I know how to do are the options given when you rightclick on the EHM.exe file, and that isn't among the choices. Is there another means of getting to it? Likewise, the only graphic change I can select is 680x460. I've included a screenshot of the properties box with the compatibility options that I've tried in it, as well as the error message when I try running it. Hope those help you find a solution for me - I hear such great things about this game that I'd love to be able to play it!
  4. Same problem here, unfortunately. I'm running Windows 10, and have never been able to get the game to load. I've owned it since April, and would love to try it out! So far I've tried: changing compatibility to everything from Windows XP (Service Pack 3) through 7 and 8; running as an administrator; updating my drivers and any updates for the game; uninstalling and reinstalling Steam; and installing DirectX from an older version (I don't know why that might help, but someone mentioned having "uninstalled libs" whatever that means). It was even mentioned that deleting everything in the games' temp file would help, but the only thing there was the keyboard configuration so I didn't bother. So far the only result has been getting the "Unable to initialize sound" box. Any more suggestions? Edit: Sorry, I should mention that I've also disabled scaling, reduced the colours, and changed the resolution - although with that the only option I was given was 640x480, which wasn't mentioned as a successful solution to this problem. Basically, I've done every option that right clicking on EHM.exe would let me try, including running their compatibility troubleshooter. At a bit of a loss, I'm afraid.
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