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  1. Hello, how and why my player develop a new trait by mentoring, when I have no mentoring groups? I had this issue in other saves too. Is this bug?
  2. Nice player, I bought him to my Brentford and he perform really well in Premier League for me
  3. Hi, Pablo Sarabia Paris Saint-Germain player still has his old release/buyout clause from Sevilla. In france these clauses are illegal
  4. What about Goal-Kicks? They revealed that "Goal kicks have been added to the set piece tactics creator" but Set Pieces looks the same as usual
  5. Now I have One Star, and "Game Status" still shows INTEL GPU
  6. I don't have "FAST" option there, only "ON" or "OFF". I tried with "vertical sync" - ON, + "Power managment mode" - Prefer maximum performance, but sadly didn't help, FM still working on INTEL. and of course I also Deleted Cache + Deleted Preferences -------------------------- Edit: In NVIDIA control panel I selected option "display GPU activity icon in notification area", and did some test.. so what does it mean? I made another test to be sure, and started FM on INTEL card. This time NVIDIA's GPU activity screen did not show FM
  7. No problem, I did it again
  8. Yes, I did everything what You recommended, step by step, and FM still working on Intel
  9. Done...and still the same ;/ "- If you are having issues with this card and the game doesn’t launch or have issues, as a test it’d be worth choosing the "Integrated graphics" as main graphic processor to see if the same issues occur" This also didn't help
  10. Hello, I have two graphics cards, NVIDIA GeForce (better one) and INTEL (integrated, worst one). NVIDIA (Better one) is set as the default graphics card for FM18 (and every video game).... ...but "game status" shows me FM18 works on the INTEL GPU (worst one)... ....So is it possible to change this somehow? or it's only some bug(?)?
  11. Hello to all You Southampton managers We all know this club have great academy, so can You show me Your finest newgens straight from academy?
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