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  1. Yeah Jorrit was made captain before I hit continue. Depay and Lopes out is mad harsh but I'll do it. This is a really great read and it's breathing new life into my FM20 saves. Hope this lasts.
  2. Trying to follow your lead with Lyon. The two issues I need to resolve are H.Aouar is now a highly influential player after a round of departures and I need a model citizen above him to improve his personality. I've made Hendrix my Captain but don't know if or when he'd get promoted to team leader and be able to mentor Aouar. Second issue is Memphis Depay. He's the best player at the club by some distance. Would you sell him straight away?
  3. Following this with great interest. Two questions about mentoring though. Can one model citizen highly influential player improve the personality of another highly influential player with an inferior personality. Or would they cancel each other out? Is three the sweet spot for the size of mentoring groups?
  4. Yep you sorted it. Thanks for the help.
  5. Just got my youth intake announced and by the looks of it my DOF was responsible for bringing the players to the club instead of my HOYD. I have Bernhard Peters as my HOYD and he's set to be responsible for youth recruitment so I'm not sure why this has happened. Have I not ticked a box somewhere or is this right?
  6. So Im playing an extended database as FC Bari and Id like to replace their kits with ones Ive created. Ive got the three png files and I know you've to adjust a config file for the game to pick up the changes. Not sure though if I can add this into the kits folder or weather Id have to make a Serie D folder and put it in there. Could I drop Bari into a Serie A kit folder and the game will pick it up as the club id is all that matters? Ive cleared the cache and reloaded the skin but no luck. Any help appreciated.
  7. Just to add to this topic. I'm 45 and have played football games since Match of The Day on the Spectrum, very sad I know. Recently got a Surface Pro 3 with a tidly 64gb hard drive, dual core i3 and only 4gb of ram and its running FM 19 surprisingly well. I've put the game and related files on an external 128gb SD card and play with a large database and the 3d graphics on medium settings and its running really well. Because of how its made, its a tablet that runs Windows but can be used with a mouse and/or keyboard depending on whether you are at a table, in your car or in bed. When Im in the living room I use it as a tablet on my knee with the kickstand and a mouse, and when Im in bed I use it as a tablet with the stylus. I'll never go back to the high spec gaming laptop Ive always used due to the way the Surface adapts to where Im skiving. This is my, likely useless, input on the subject.
  8. In my first season as Wolves boss and Im doing well except when I face Liverpool. No matter what formation or tactic I use Im getting thrashed. Can anyone recommend a formation and tactic that stops Van Dijk and Henderson rattling in 40 yard screamers.
  9. So, got a Surface Pro 3 for work and decided to give FM 19 a go and was surprised to find that it runs pretty well. Only issue is the hard drive is tiny and I'm running the game off an sd card which is all good, except for the fact that face packs etc want to be in the documents folder in the C drive. Is there a way of moving these to the SD as well?
  10. @Tipps No option in the board room as far as I can see. @KUBI Not sure I'd have the patience to constantly arrange friendlies but I guess loaning them out is easy enough. Will there ever be an option to have a reserve team?
  11. So I applied for, and got the job at Leverkusen after managing Ajax and I've noticed I've no reserve team. Got an under 19's and a first squad with 37 players. Question is, what do most of you do with the surplus of first team players? I can stick the younger ones in the under 19's but do I just loan out or sell the rest? No amount of rotation is going to keep that many players happy.
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