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  1. I was offered a job in the conference with recently relegated Northampton, we are expected to be challenging for a playoff spot. I decided to take the hoofball approach, get it up to the big man & have other around him to pick up the pieces. We made an ok start, a couple of draws & then 2 wins, then drew another 2 & now the losses have come, 3 in a row. Aside from a 3-1 home defeat the others have been a not completely disastrous 2-1 away. My tactic is this: As I said the idea was to get it up to the big man, with 2 SS to pick up the pieces along with an AM(s), 2 CM(D)s to provide some help at the back & wing backs to add some width. The main thins I'm unsure of are mentality, I went with attacking to get the ball forward quickly, is this too aggressive though in this shape & with WB's? I did drop the defensive line to try & remedy this concern. Which kind of leads to my other big concern, is my defensive thinking a bit muddled? I've got an aggressive formation & mentality but lower line of defense & engagement? Should I be committing more to a pressing style? I have tweaked the wing backs to full backs in the recent away defeats so that didn't seem to help. I'm also unsure about playing for set pieces, it's something the board want me to do & we have some decent free kick takers, it's not lead to much thus far though, again it's something I've tweaked on & off. Results so far:
  2. I've certaintly been guilty of shoehorning a formation on a squad before, but I don't think that's what I've done this time. I inherited a hugey imbalanced quad with 13 potential CB's, 4 right backs all capable as wing backs but more comfortable at full back, none happy further up & the same on the left with 1 happy in midfield. In the centre of midfield I've got 4 decent options, a couple can also play as a DM & 4 decent AM's a couple who I could drop back into the middle. Finally up front I have 5 options 2 of which are ok, 1 decent prospect & a couple of others who really aren't good enough. So I honestly felt the formations I went with were a natural fit for the squad I had picked up, it wouldn't have been a tactic i'd pick to shoe horn on this bunch, staying with my preferred 4-4-2 would have felt like forcing it on the squad. As I said it's a hugely imbalanced squad but if we could have got through the season then that cold have been easiy addressed in the summer with a number of expiring contracts. Yeah I think I probably should have stuck my original plan out a bit longer, but I tried to go for something more along the lines of what I knew. the tweaks you suggest make sense, although my best striker is a natural target man with ok pace so could be used as a poacher or pressing forward, his passing is pretty poor so he's not a great fit as a DLF, i'd rather use that role than a TM but it didn't seem a great fit
  3. Hi, Yeah the main reason was having drawn 2 & lost 5 of my opening league games in charge then things weren't working & as we were well into the season rather than continue to work at that I thought i'd switch up for a couple of reasons. We are in the relegation zone, teams are quite likely to come onto us & there shoud be counter attacking opportunities I'd had a little joy playing 5 at the back in a Leicester save in FM18, in that we were set up to be defensively sound & use Vardy on the break, can't remember exactly but I think I was mostly playing a 5-1-2-2 DM, in our second season we were top of the league at halfway before falling away badly. My squad is below average technically, certainly in passing, vision & team work. We are strong in terms of tackling, marking & heading though, so I thought we should be defensively able to cope, we are poor though on acceleration, pace & crossing. My best striker is a target man, so I thought we could use him as an outlet with 2 AMC's behind or later a poacher alongside & an AMC behind. That however is probably a bit top heavy for the defensive side of what we need to do. In the job before York, with my local non-league side we had been performing quite well using a counter attacking 4-4-2 after transitioning from a 4-4-1-1 which you helped me with in this thread, so whilst the shape was obviously different i felt confident with the required styleso that was my thinking ad whilst we were losing it was only by the 1 goal usually so I thought with a bit of tweaking I could turn it round, I was wrong!
  4. So 3.5 seasons into my non league save & having got my lower mid table side performing more consistently & into the playoff positions I was offered the chance to jump up 2 divisions & get York out of the relegation zone, being just 4 points from safety with a hefty budget for the division & the best average attendance I thought this offered a great long term chance to prosper. I inherited an incredibly bloated squad clearly geared up for playing 5 at the back, we have more CB's than you could ever need & at least 6 wing back options. We then have a lack of central midfielders & decent striking options but 4 viable AMC's. No problem I thought, survive the season & a bit of a clear out with loads of expiring contracts. I haven't played much with 5 at the back before & the one save I attempted was mixed at best (started well, collapsed horribly). This attempt has been even worse, relegation & the sack are now almost inevitable. I did want to try & save the situation myself so avoided posting earlier, so this isn't a plea to save my season, it's too late for that, more trying to build an understanding of where I've got it so wrong. With the squad I had my initial thoughts a 5-2-2-1, trying to control possession, having players in that shape just sort of struck me as a possession tactic. I think I started with the wingbacks in the defensive strata but slowly tweaked to this. We defended wider because we were conceding to crosses, I had initially tried to focus play through the middle & look for the overlap. Just 1 draw & 4 defeats led me here and a decent cup win made me think I could be onto something, but subsequent league results suggested otherwise. So being a not very good conference side I decided trying to control the game might not be the smartest thinking and tried to come up with something more counter attacking, I dropped one of the AMC's & brought in a DM, so we were now playing a diamond in the middle & some joy, an actual league win! (I don't have a screenshot of the full set up but it's very similar to the roles & TI's i'll come onto in my third version). Having won this match we then drew our next league game 1-1 having lead & then beat opposition 2 tiers below in a replay having suffered a goalless draw at home. We then got hammered 3-0 away at promotion chasing Yeovil & then lost 1-0 at home to the team immediately above us in the league. So I concluded that we simply weren't scoring the required number of goals & 3-0 beating aside seemed to be not terrible at the back. So that lead me to version 3, remove the DM & stick another striker up top So in both this & the diamond version above we are trying to be a more a direct counter attacking side, The TI's had served me well in a 4-4-2 at my previous club & I thought they might translate style wise, we were using a lower line of engagement too but I felt in this shape we were inviting too much pressure so I've dropped that. The results? A 1-0 away defeat to mid tale side & a cup draw at home. My results since taking over make grim reading, and we are now a whopping 14 points from safety Defensively we've actually been ok, especially since dropping my idea of controlling possession, a 3-0 hammering aside we've conceded only 1 in almost every other game. Clearly the attack isn't functioning as I rarely score more than 1 either if we score at all. So as I said to start, not a plea to save my season, it's gone. I'd just like to understand more how I've got it so wrong, I think I've tweaked my way further down the rabbit hole in attempts to get something functioning that it's become hard to analyse. 3 or 5 at the back does interest me, i've not had any joy with it though!
  5. Sorry I explained that really badly! I meant i can see the IWB I'm currently using being very effective in a possession style, it's a new role to me so I'm getting used to it. Your ideas make perfect sence in an counter attacking style 👍
  6. Thanks, some nice ideas on how to make small adjustments defensively. I do like the idea of a an IW with a full back behind him, something I've used in previous saves. The CM (A) is working well for me but i could try him to a support duty with the PI get further forward. I've never used the IWB before this save, i do like the role & it seems to compliment the CM(A) quite well, however i could see it being more of a possession tactic rather than counter attacking. I'm not going to change it up much yet as i don't have the personnel, recruitment is tough in non league! Something to aspire too as we progress though
  7. Thanks & I'm not complaining, just striving to improve. As I said there lurching between blocks of doing well & struggling makes me think I could do better, playing so far down the pyramid there isn't much between the sides so getting the tactics could make all the difference Thanks both for your input @pheelf & @Experienced Defender. I did t one stage have the BWM on a defend duty, in my many tweaks I changed t & probably went on a decent run, but it does make sense to have a defend duty in midfield, especially with the other CM on attack duty. I also started the season playing more direct & after an initial good run we went in to poor form & I changed this as I felt we were losing the ball to cheaply & getting caught on the break, no doubt goes together with having no defend duties in midfield! Amazing how much clearer it becomes when you write it down! I take the point though that the tactic isn't best suited for possession so shorter passing may not be wise. Takin on board what you've both said I've made a few changes: I've put the BWM back on a defend duty, quite tempted to change the role to a CM(D) to get a bit more discipline. The passing range is up to mixed, I think that will do for now but will keep direct in mind, but I have gone for a higher tempo & low crosses to negate our lack of height in the box. The AM is now on a support duty, he's actually the best passer on my team with 13, high for the 7th tier, so I've given him licence to play more risky passes to create more in the final third. I've also dropped the more urgent pressing intensity & instead gone with get stuck in more, feel we need to do something as when I watch games our tackling seems poor & conceding goals from long shots seems a common issue at this level (we score plenty that way too). Back on a decent run at the moment, just 2 points outside the playoffs, hopefully it lasts!
  8. I'm trying a non-league save & whilst doing ok, I'm plagued by inconsistency. Equally as likely to win or lose a few on the bounce, see our recent form: We were predicted to finish 17th so 7th is pretty decent but just feel we could be better, after a 4 game winning run we lost at home to the team in 21st & away to 15th. I'm playing a 4-4-1-1 The idea is to be solid at the back & break on the counter, my striker has decent pace & finishing but we aren't great in the air, hence the shorter passing. With the counter in mind I've lowered the line of engagement to draw teams onto us, also as we don't have a DM I wanted to compress the gap between defence & midfield. My CM(A) has 10 goals, & my striker 9 so that's what's functioning well, the BWM has also chipped in with 5. I'm not getting much change out of the AM though. We've scored 40 from 21 league games but shipped 30, so fair to say we aren't as solid at the back as I'd hoped. I do play the IWB on support quite often, it depends what shape we are facing, we seem to struggle more against the 4-1-2-3 or 4-1-2-2-1 if you prefer. Grateful for any suggestions
  9. Thanks for the reply however I'd quite like to manage the friendly myself to see how the tactic works. Basically i just want to make sure i have the u23's available? Is there an easy way to do this? Or do i just need to be a bit more switched on & watch for fixture clashes & cancel the u23 friendly?
  10. Hi, Only just started on FM19 today having given it a break for a while. Something i really should know by now as i have the issue before but never to this extent, how do i prioritise player availability for the first team without moving a youth player up to the senior squad? Example being i started a liverpool career & was whizzing through a bit quick keen to get stuck in. 1st pre-season game comes up & a number of the squad are still on holiday after the world cup, i can just about muster 11 outfield players together but no GK. I hadn't noticed that both the u23's & u18's both have a game that day too & I'm unable to call on any of them. I got given a couple of regen keepers & outfield players to put on the bench but not enough for a full squad & so I'm left in the situation of being forced to keep people on for 90 in the 1st pre season game which would be a bit daft. Anyway I'm sure that's probably avoidable but can you tell me how? Thanks
  11. Not sure it's defensive but I'm playing a low block counter formation with Leicester & in our 2nd season it's going really well. I initially started in the 3-6-1 thread but halfway through the 1st season I was awful away from home. I watched the @Rashidi video in this thread & we improved, after a summer recruiting for the right roles I now have something that seems to work as we are top of the league at the halfway stage This is my starting formation for the majority of matches, 5 at the back with a low block, a DLF & wing backs to provide outlets, CB's who are all good in the air & a quality poacher (usually Vardy). I do have a slightly more attacking variant that doesn't sit as deep at home against weaker sides, again we start on counter but switch to control if needed. Opening game at Man City is the best example of how we can soak up pressure & be devastating on the counter: Our results against the big boys have been good: City away W 3-1 Liverpool away D 2-2 Spurs home W 3-0 Arsenal home W 1-0 United away L 3-1 (this & bizarrely Norwich away in the league cup are the only games I've been well beaten in) Chelsea home W 1-0 The Chelsea game was particularly sweet, we were under pressure the entire game & I had to put both WB's to defend. Late on the AI switched formation leaving the flanks more exposed so I put the WB's back to support, sure enough we find one in space work it into the box & bang 93rd minute winner! I'm sure we will drop off or United or someone else will kick on, but then I thought that in real life in 15/16 too
  12. OK after some thought & watching the @Rashidi block it like Burnley video I had a bit of a rethink & saw some improved results such as winning at Everton & Spurs & home wins over City & Arsenal. These improved performances saw us climb the table to sit comfortably 7th with 8 games to go & with an outside chance of finishing higher, we'd also put together a good FA cup run & reached the semi finals. The wheels rather fell off at that point in the league. We went an awful run losing 7 & drawing 1, ended up 10th which was disappointing as I had hoped for a Europa place . We did get to the FA cup final though & faced Arsenal though hoping to repeat the league win, no such luck & our rubbish form continued comprehensively beaten 3-0. I did think some of the roles weren't really right for how we wanted to play. I was keen to recruit an AP for one of the midfield roles as suggested by @OJ403 & DLF up front to replace the Treq. The good news is you have a healthy budget at Leicester (£50m) & plenty of players you can sell, we had a busy summer: We now have 2 ways of lining up, a complete low block & a slightly less defensive shape for playing weaker sides at home but still counter attacking (I do switch to control later if a goal is needed). It's early days so far in season 2 but very encouraging so far given the opposition we've faced I've probably rather gone off the point of the 3-6-1 the thread is supposed to be about so I don't want to derail it, but thanks for the help & I'll update you on how season 2 goes.
  13. Sorry that screenshot is misleading, I'm not completely mad! I had used attacking wing backs at home against opposition we could beat but not away, support possibly defend.
  14. The attack seems to be functioning quite well though, Vardy has 9 league goals & Mahrez 3, Iheanacho has 3 also. I did originally go with a poacher up front but found the DF to be more effective which I admit was a surprise but hey it works. It's the fact I'm shipping so many away from home that worries me, we don't have that issue at home. Or am I missing something? Are you suggesting that we are losing possession too much because of this roles & it's putting pressure on the defence, especially away.
  15. So following on from my previous post our next game was a trip to Man City & a 4-0 thrashing, they scored 3 from there first 4 shots on target. After that game I noticed we were conceding more from crosses coming down our left flank, so I set the BWM to a defend duty to provide more protection down that side. 3 home matches followed & 3 wins all with clean sheets, maybe we have cracked it, but with trips to Liverpool & Arsenal to come we would soon find out otherwise. I lost those games 4-2 & 3-2, pleased with our counter attacking & we had good chances in both to make it 3-3. We conceded penalties in both matches & Arsenal scored from a corner (after 50 seconds), an indirect free kick & from the spot. So thoughts were to remove the 'get stuck in' TI as we already have a fairly physical side & both CM's with the PI to close down more. A return to home next & another win & a clean sheet, next up Huddersfield & a chance to break our poor away form as they were 17th coming into the fixture. We lined up like this: The result? Another 4-0 thrashing & we hardly created anything either unlike against the bigger sides, also gave away another penalty! The 3 away defeats to Liverpool, Arsenal & Huddersfield all playing a 4-2-3-1 & conceding 11 goals, not the defensively sound football I envisaged. We are badly struggling away from home in stark contrast to our good home form. At home we've played 6, won 5, losing 1-0 to Spurs, scoring 9 & conceding just 2 Away however we have played 7, drawn 2, lost 5, scoring 8 & conceding a woeful 20. Some mitigation in that we have played City, Liverpool & Arsenal away, but that Huddersfield thrashing has stumped me. Not sure what my next move is but clearly my tactic isn't working away & I seem to be getting worse
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