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  1. Pre-tournament Bonuses: Which player will score the first goal? Somolov How many goals will be scored in the Group stages in total? 110 How many goals will be scored in the tournament? 182 Who will be the top scorer for the Group stages? Neymar Who will be top scorer for the whole tournament? Neymar How many hat-tricks will be scored in the tournament? 3 How many own goals will be scored in the tournament? 2 Who will score England's first goal? Harry Kane How many goals will England score in the Group stages? 5 How many yellow cards will there
  2. @Readingfanman - you have missed out the answer to the second bonus.
  3. So, let's see what everyone thinks and how good you are at predicting the outcomes of the Group stages. Rules Predict any time up to kick off the score of each game by filling in the following template: (You may change your predictions at any point up to the kick off time by either editing or reposting). Any changes made after the kick off time will be disregarded. Predict each score. 1 point if you get the win/lose/draw right and 3 points if you get the exact scoreline right. There will be extra bonuses as we move through the competition. The pre-tournament bonuses must be
  4. Woah tiger. World Cup in 1966, Rugby World Cup in 2003 - isn't it time you gave someone else a chance?
  5. Two big "looking forward to" moments for past World Cups. The first was the World Cup in Spain in 1982, when I went with two friends to see the Scotland games - utterly, utterly fantastic - I know a number of people here have been to World Cups and there is nothing like being there - you cannot describe to anyone what it is like unless they have been there. The second one was before the 1998 World Cup in France. I met this businessman at a party about three weeks before it started and we spent pretty much the whole evening talking about the World Cup. It turned out that he had a box
  6. I think this is what you mean. Shearer being an absolute moron...as usual
  7. I love the inter-continental matches - Europe teams against South American teams and against African teams etc., seeing them against each other in competitive matches. I also like to see who does extraordinarily well against all expectations, either countries or individual players - players who are then lauded to the heights, move to the EPL for silly money, only to come a cropper in Stoke/Bolton/Huddersfield on a cold, wet night in February.
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