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  1. Brilliant. Have thoroughly enjoyed reading this thread and will definitely be following Matthew Harte on FM18.
  2. I've found that employing a DLP with the Defend instruction works better as long as you can get the right person in the role. They seem to break up the play just as effectively and get nowhere near as many cards. Of course you do need the right sort of player in the role.
  3. They are just comments from social media users. As in real life, take them with a pinch of salt. The PA200 comment does not mean they have a PA of 200.
  4. How often do you check whether the option to upgrade the youth recruitment level is present? Where the AI may have an advantage is that as soon as the option is made available by the board, the AI manager may invoke the upgrade. You as a human manager may only check once a month or so and there may be times where the upgrade is available for a short period of time but not invoked. There could be specific conditions that cause it to appear and then disappear. Of course, this theory does also imply that the AI manager has a distinct advantage in that they can request upgrades as soon as they are available whereas a human manager would have to be very thorough to identify the upgrade time.
  5. I tend to get my transfers in early but it is always worth leaving a little wage budget left as the loan windows don't usually open until later (July in EPL).
  6. As the TV money has increased massively this season the likelihood of the same teams being present in the EPL has increased as it is going to be even harder for teams that come up from the EFL to stay up.
  7. I genuinely love this as I remember being this overwhelmed when I started :-)
  8. This is just the media making assumptions. They've seen the Arsenal scouts at the game and assume they are buying this player. Maybe some leaked information as well. I doubt it actually makes them in "pole position". He could just as likely sign for another top European club. It is just media talk.
  9. When clubs are bidding for your players are these players transfer listed or not playing. If a club knows the player is not useful to you they are going to offer less money. It makes perfect sense like IRL. Again, when you are bidding for players I imagine you are after good quality players who are playing for there clubs and the owner doesn't want to sell them. This means they are going to make the price high as they don't want to sell. This again happens IRL. IRL as soon as a player has a good few games his potential value sky rockets. That is the current market.
  10. Great thread. Being from Swindon keen to hear how you get on with Supermarine.
  11. Good to see lots of people getting Leeds in to the prem on 1st or 2nd season. 1st season I lost out in the play-off semis and 2nd season lost out in the play-off final. 3rd season I am looking more of a force and am challenging for automatic promotion. Kevin Lasagna being a big part of that. Also recommend Angelino (Man City) as a replacement for CT. Got him in 3rd season after using Stephen Hendrie as a 2nd season stop gap.
  12. I've found that nothing beats 1st team football to improve a youngster. Any highly talented youngster gets brought in to the 1st team and any I am not sure about I send out on loan. This is mainly because I am playing as Leeds with a limited wage budget and so getting people of the wage bill is a must.
  13. What happened to playing and enjoying the game! All these multiple reloads and deep analysis of the underlying elements of the game seems extremely draining
  14. I played Championship Manager and Football Manager up until 2012 and then didn't play again until this year. FM17 is definitely harder than any earlier versions I have played but that is definitely for the better. I enjoy the little intricacies that are required to improve a team and the new scouting approach seems a lot more realistic to me. Admittedly I have started with whatever the default coaching badges and playing level is set at so am probably not making it too hard on myself. Started as Leeds and got to play-offs 1st season but lost on penalties. Second season and got to the play off final and lost 1-0 to a late goal. 3rd season rebuilding the team again. Big congratulations to SI for making a game that has got me hooked again.
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