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  1. tomtjh90

    Fi Fylde Fo Fum: A Coasters Story

    Is James Hardy still amazing? Last year he had a flexible PA Of 140 at times!!!
  2. tomtjh90

    which one of the cm3 series harder/tricky?

    CM01/02 Is a classic, Downloaded it for free and now play it on my Mobile after downloading an app to do so...
  3. tomtjh90

    Who to Start with

    I always feel with a top level club for the first couple of saves eases your way in to the game the know hows etc, but yeah If I had time (I work full time, have a small kid) I cant commit to a big save trying to get a Conference team to the Prem atm...
  4. tomtjh90

    Who to Start with

    Just got the new FM, have played it since CM98 so am a keen player... I usually enjoy rising up the leagues. Plan to do a Forest Green save in the future but looking to start a bit further up. Options are- Watford, West Ham, Leicester- Looking at these 3 Leicester's team is actually really good, if you sold a few players also you'd be rolling in cash to spend and should have a slightly higher rep for bring in good young players, West Ham lacking a bit in areas but again room to improve, I like the look of Watford, If you could raise some cash the have a good nucleas their and lesser ambitions first season so less pressure. Wolves, Fulham, Leeds, Forrest- Like it in The Championship and all of these teams have decent squads and also room for improvement going forward.
  5. tomtjh90

    FM18 Wenger Out

    Good luck, Funny though that Van Dijk is better at dribbling than marking apparently hahaha
  6. tomtjh90

    An old favourite...

    Cafu was only 5'7 and he wasn't bad.....
  7. tomtjh90

    An old favourite...

    Looking at his stats he could be a perfect back up RB...
  8. As far as i know you cant do this unless you do the 2 obvious things.... 1- Release your player in question then 'Move to my club' for free (Will be like a new signing but wont receive any more bids for him in that window e.g like when you sign a new player from another club, you could increase his moral etc etc then.. 2- Add manager as the bidding club then retire straight away, that bid will be removed but still may get other teams bidding for the player
  9. tomtjh90

    Lazio or AC Milan

    Yeah Gustavo Gomez looks awesome, Realistically though the rest you wouldn't keep long term but you do have Donna (No doubt he will get unhappy after a year though and Romagnoli, Locatelli & Calabria have potential long term
  10. tomtjh90

    Lazio or AC Milan

    Hey guys lost a bit of passion for FM of late an fancied starting a new career in Italy, Had a look at various squads, Parma seemed to long a slog for me, Inter's team looked to strong and have always been an AC Milan fan since the 90's but there team is obviously pretty poor apart from the obvious youngsters but lacks balance in the squad, the other team I liked the look of was Lazio, They had a really good squad with some good potential players as well as players with a good CA but room for improvement and actually not as much as Milan. Wondered if anyone has played as these teams? what they were like, recommendations etc. ( I usually start with 1st window budgets suspended also. ) Lazio are predicted to finish 7th or 8th and Milan 5th but am confident of at least a top 4 finish 1st season with each either way
  11. Hey guys am managing Villa, won promotion & now in 2nd Season and 1st in the Premier League.... Signed Sam Johnstone for 2.5mil after he played well last year but need another first team GK..... Torn between the only realistic choices which are- M PERRIN(Genoa)- 8 MIL- Is already quality and will no doubt improve massively P RAJKOVIC(Maccabi)- 5 MIL- Not at Perrin's level currently but potentially better long term J PICKFORD(Sunderland)- 6 MIL- Listed at Sunderland after their relegation, I know he's not at the other 2's level or PA but has something about him. These 3 are the priorities realistically after looking at others but feel free to suggest other options etc?
  12. tomtjh90

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    220k for 97 seats!! What are they made from Gold?? Whoever the club are buying the seating from they're laughing
  13. Just started a fForest save in the 17.3.1 update last night, mthey've a good side after the update, they lost their best CM in Lansbury but added McCormack who is decent and versatile and Zac Clough's a good youngster, Joao Texeira & Tsibola add good Midfield Depth, think you could squeeze into the play offs with a bit of luck with this team now... They already have Hobbs (Injured), Cohen, Osborn, Manicenne, Britt...
  14. tomtjh90

    In-game editor question

    As far as I know its in the rules like you said can select it at the start when loading leagues etc, I may be wrong but dont think you cant then add it
  15. tomtjh90

    January transfers in summer

    I understand where you're coming from mate its kind of a tough luck situation, I for one have always said when SI release the 3.0 Update including January Transfers there should be a database which has these included from the start as it currently does or what i would prefer is if these were scheduled as future transfers etc though I realise this is tricky for loans etc but would save the player having to download iffy databases