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  1. As far as i know you cant do this unless you do the 2 obvious things.... 1- Release your player in question then 'Move to my club' for free (Will be like a new signing but wont receive any more bids for him in that window e.g like when you sign a new player from another club, you could increase his moral etc etc then.. 2- Add manager as the bidding club then retire straight away, that bid will be removed but still may get other teams bidding for the player
  2. Lazio or AC Milan

    Yeah Gustavo Gomez looks awesome, Realistically though the rest you wouldn't keep long term but you do have Donna (No doubt he will get unhappy after a year though and Romagnoli, Locatelli & Calabria have potential long term
  3. Lazio or AC Milan

    Hey guys lost a bit of passion for FM of late an fancied starting a new career in Italy, Had a look at various squads, Parma seemed to long a slog for me, Inter's team looked to strong and have always been an AC Milan fan since the 90's but there team is obviously pretty poor apart from the obvious youngsters but lacks balance in the squad, the other team I liked the look of was Lazio, They had a really good squad with some good potential players as well as players with a good CA but room for improvement and actually not as much as Milan. Wondered if anyone has played as these teams? what they were like, recommendations etc. ( I usually start with 1st window budgets suspended also. ) Lazio are predicted to finish 7th or 8th and Milan 5th but am confident of at least a top 4 finish 1st season with each either way
  4. Hey guys am managing Villa, won promotion & now in 2nd Season and 1st in the Premier League.... Signed Sam Johnstone for 2.5mil after he played well last year but need another first team GK..... Torn between the only realistic choices which are- M PERRIN(Genoa)- 8 MIL- Is already quality and will no doubt improve massively P RAJKOVIC(Maccabi)- 5 MIL- Not at Perrin's level currently but potentially better long term J PICKFORD(Sunderland)- 6 MIL- Listed at Sunderland after their relegation, I know he's not at the other 2's level or PA but has something about him. These 3 are the priorities realistically after looking at others but feel free to suggest other options etc?
  5. Funny Screenshots Thread

    220k for 97 seats!! What are they made from Gold?? Whoever the club are buying the seating from they're laughing
  6. Just started a fForest save in the 17.3.1 update last night, mthey've a good side after the update, they lost their best CM in Lansbury but added McCormack who is decent and versatile and Zac Clough's a good youngster, Joao Texeira & Tsibola add good Midfield Depth, think you could squeeze into the play offs with a bit of luck with this team now... They already have Hobbs (Injured), Cohen, Osborn, Manicenne, Britt...
  7. In-game editor question

    As far as I know its in the rules like you said can select it at the start when loading leagues etc, I may be wrong but dont think you cant then add it
  8. January transfers in summer

    I understand where you're coming from mate its kind of a tough luck situation, I for one have always said when SI release the 3.0 Update including January Transfers there should be a database which has these included from the start as it currently does or what i would prefer is if these were scheduled as future transfers etc though I realise this is tricky for loans etc but would save the player having to download iffy databases
  9. If he is on the 17.3 database Oxford will already be on loan at Reading.....
  10. Fm Scout has plenty of Custom DB's you can download, I loked at one with all the Janaury transfers(They are set as future transfers at the start) but in the download there is also a file where you can start at a certain date (March e.g) also witht he correct upto date league tables... (Chelseas top, Leicster bottom half etc)
  11. Hey guys I imagine this is the right thread, anyone out there know which players etc have had a CA & PA boost or change?


    JANUARY & FEBRUARY FIXTURES FA Cup 3rd Round CheckaTrade Trophy 3rd Round JANUARY RESULTS FEBRUARY CheckaTrade Trophy

    SEASON UPDATE- 2 FEB 2017 13/16 Points clear of MK dons at the top of the league, Bauer has been standout performer int he league, Early season promotion favourites Bolton are surprisingly 24th in the league! Hope they go down and I will poach Josh Vela & Zack Clough on the cheap, though its tight down there so they will probably stay up. How the Squad is Performing THE KEY MEN-

    RED BULL CHARLTON JANUARY TRANSFER ACTIVITY TRANSFERS OUT 3 players released as they were not playing and wouldn't in the future. KEVIN FOLEY- Had Solly & Cissako at RB, looking for more cover going forward also. ROGER JOHNSON- Only played 1 game I think, Konsa & Lennon were better options. ADAM CHICKSEN- Loaned out but was poor and wont play going forward so released. These 3 deals were good money I couldn't turn down, all with no real future apart from Fox. AHMED KASHI-900K- Was injured until December and was offered 900k, It will help the budget. JORGE TEIXEIRA-500K- Injured too often, could of been handy player but worth selling before he loses value. MORGAN FOX- 2MIL- Wasn't looking to sell as he played okay but too good to turn down. LOANS OUT- D PHILLIPS-Colchester- Gk needed 1st team football. IB SY-Shrewsbury- Did well at Colchester, will now play in League 1. HARLEY BLACK-Notts County- Only played a couple of games so needs 1st team football. VALMIR BERISHA-Portsmouth- Has good stats but again needs games & goals. ZAKARIA FDAOUCH-Bolton- Played well in League 2 and Bolton are struggling at the bottom of League 1. YAROUBA CISSAKO-St.Johnstone- Again needed games after being bit part, looking to bring in more RB cover also. CORNELIUS BENCSIK-Hamilton- Only played here & there, looking to bring players in so he needs game time. TRANSFERS IN After raising a bit of cash I wasn't looking to blow it all but strengthen where I could but save as much for next years budget, I needed a couple of players but mainly just brought in cheap players with potential. OVIE EJARIA-350K- Good potential & give Midfield options, will retrain as a winger also, a bargain fee also. TONY GALLACHER-120K- LB with potential and a good fee, loaned back to Falkirk as part of the deal. JACK STEPHENS-LOAN- Needed CB/RB cover and could fit in nicely, scouts say he's available for 900k so may look at him on a permanent in the summer if he performs well, can cover Bauer and Solly. JACK ROBINSON-600K- Was listed at QPR and after selling Fox I needed a replacement, Robinson if kept fit has Premier League potential and an upgrade on fox for a fraction of the cost. MITCHELL BEANEY-180K- The young GK was available for cheap and will play here & there until the EOS, also needed cover with 2 GK's going out on loan. TYRIAS BROWNING-450K- Stephens was flourishing at RB but transfer listed Browning was too good to turn down, has versatility like Stephens as well as good potential. DEADLINE DAY- CHARLTON REJECT BAUER BID I rejected the awful offer from Derby 2.3 Mil is an awful bid considering Bauer's form, He was uppset it was rejected and too be fair I had cover at CB with Pearce, Lennon, Stephens, Konsa & Browning but after a chat I said the offer wasn't good enough and how key tot he team he was, I dont know if he will like any bids rejected in the summer, I will offer him a new contract but will take 4 mil in the summer and rebuild with those funds.