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  1. Working for me but i added the skin in a fresh .zip file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1u3K49AMv2gXAUKvGcPpy7U2XYY9Ojm_O Hopefully that will work for you.
  2. Like almost every year started with Ajax to get to know the game. Won the Eredivisie the first two years and now just started my third season. Mateo Cassierra has been a real surprise for me. Really challenging Dolberg and now in my third season he's my CF while Dolberg is the IF on the left. In terms of youngsters only Victor Jensen had really gained a rotation spot and starting more games now. Some other players like Ekkelenkamp, Nunnely and Eiting have had a chance but are just not good enough in my system (4-2-3-1 with two DM's). For the defenders i bought some South American players since i this the talents are just not good enough.
  3. True, but if and injured player isn't on the pitch, does that mean that he is subbed or is he (juts by the rules) still in the line-up? Do the football rules say that a injured player who leave the pitch isn't in the line-up anymore? Or could an injured player in theory return to the pitch any time after he left the pitch injured, but isn't subbed (because you already made all subs available at that time)?
  4. Been trying to get this system to work (2026/27 season, 2nd Bundesliga 1FC Nurnberg) and it seems to work to a certain degree. In most matches i get most possession, most shots and most on target and most clear cut chances. Still not winning enough tho. After 19 games i'm only 5W-6D-8L. Most of my problems come from the fact that i don't really get the chance to press high up. When we lose the ball in their 3rd they just punt it forward and you get those 50/50 balls. When the team then settles i do see them press hard, but not in the way i want. It seems like most of the time i get two of my midfielders pressing the same opposite player and thus always leaving one man open. What i would like to see is one men pressing and two stepping into the passing lanes. Quite like you describe how the tactic should work. There isn't really a PI for this so does that all come down to poor OTB? I Have my midfielders set up als CM-s - AP-AT - CM-S with only the AP Close Down More. Should i perhaps make a TI with Close Down Less so that only players with the Close Down PI do the closing down?
  5. I'm still learning how to create tactics but from what i've read i think it's like this. When on attacking mentality you're not really telling your players to play more attacking, you're telling them to take more risk. So with a slightly deeper defensive line you give your defenders more space and because they take more risk on attacking you're telling your players that it's ok to, as soon as you have the ball, just play it long and your attacking players will try more forward runs. I've been reading the "The Torino Diaries" topic and trying to adapt that high pressing vision i have created a tactic on defensive mentality that will generally create more chances, shot's on target and possession then the opponent. I suggest you give that topic a read because it completely changed how my view on mentalities and how they work in FM.
  6. Probably the best way to play. Might start doing this because i'm getting frustrated of not knowing where things go wrong or ways to fix them. Downloading a tactic and hoping it works isn't really playing this game the right way.
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