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  1. Ever tought on using one of the fantasy logos available around the internet or make one??? I'm having the same issue with Shiny WM logos i'm making and considering using fake logos for those teams.
  2. Top pack man, always knew you are way better and have more
  3. Is there a template for the new 2D default kits of Fm2018???
  4. So i think i got something, i've setup all that i can on the basic editor then it's convert to advanced rules and try to see what i can do.
  5. Not everyone can use or understands the advanced editor.
  6. Several countries have bugs on the editor that don't allow them to be expanded. Some of the one i tried and aren't working at least on the basic editing mode are: Israel, Portugal and Finland, Switzerland these are the ones i've identified but i believe they might be more.
  7. The por.xml files for FM14 and FM15 are different but all work except for the relegation places for CNS in FM15 the Value is 2 as you can see in red and bold and in FM14 is 20. FM 15 por.xml <record> <integer id="competition" value="55065454"/> <string id="use_game_rules" value="active_comp"/> <integer id="minimum_number_teams" value="80"/> <integer id="maximum_number_teams" value="80"/> <string id="type" value="league"/> <integer id="number_rounds" value="2"/> <string id="subs_rules" value="three_from_seven"/>
  8. I'm expanding the Portuguese leagues, since i'm not that good with the advanced editor. So i'm using a simpler option of using the lower leagues as a group competition and promote teams from there, since the game needs 154 team there, but as it stand the national championship in the editor is saying it only relegates 2 teams. Ingame there are 16 teams relegated teams at the end of the relegation stage and plus 4 more on the playoffs. If i play the game without expanding it those 20 teams are relegated but in the editor it only lets me promote 2 teams from the lower leagues, so can't validate
  9. What can i do so the Competitions Id numbers are show like the clubs id numbers?? Has a logomaker i tend to use the beta so i can see the new id's but this year only the club id's are shown, not the competition id's.
  10. Go to preferences and tick the box that says show id's in titlebar.
  11. Why the hell don't you just start a game with the use real players option off. Then all players and staff is created.
  12. And i see you still haven't corrected the portuguese promotion/relegations rules for the premier league and second league.
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