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  1. Like the old clube overview better
  2. It gives me an error... No worries, managed to get my own basic db working.... FM is getting trickeir and buggier by the version
  3. What db version you used to create the DB???
  4. So.... quite a few bugs on the pre game editor. First it doesn't save the preferences, i choose fullscreen and 85% logo size, it resets everytime i exit the editor. Secondly the currency used despite changing to Euros still show British pound, i tried and switched back to pounds and back again to Euros.. no luck. Third, Says rules are all OK when i know they aren't, have to create a new file merge the changes and add the rules all over again until it fails again.
  5. I screwed~, my xml editor couldn't handle all of the logos i had on the folder... new xml editor no problems
  6. Having a similar problem with the icon logos on the competitions, the normal logos work fine, but the icon(small) dont work. They work fine on clubs, and other stuff.
  7. something fishy here, portuguese cup and sporting decides to play with the reserves and only as 11 players??? Is the coach on drugs??
  8. IT's the blank thingie, I've cleaned the cache and no luck, gonna cheat and use the fmrte to turn the stadium to a crappy one and maybe i'll get a new one.
  9. Nope fmrte doesn't work, from one seasson to another the name of the stadium just vanished.
  10. His there any chance of changing my stadium name?? Somehow it disapeared.
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