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  1. Anything other than rock bottom is an achievement with those players, to be honest. Shame you did go down in the end, but saving it until the last day is still pretty impressive with the constraints you're working with. Priority now is probably keeping hold of Leonildo and Bruno, they look far better than the rest of your squad at the moment.
  2. Incredible intake! Milne's 15 Tackling/Heading/Positioning have got to be some of the best I've ever seen right out of the intake, and am I correct in saying Wardrope's the first player of yours in this save to be described as "promising"? edit: said milne had 15 marking when he actually has 15 heading
  3. On the same token as @Tullem's request, could I see Mads Holm Møller's profile (mostly interested about his current injury if you haven't progressed the save from this summary yet, though I appreciate a general attributes summary too) and a little info on how Denmark are doing on the international stage? I'm interested because Mads Holm's got the best goal/game ratio at international level thus far from the looks of things even though he's lagging behind a bit in terms of total international goals and a lot in terms of overall goals, though I guess the latter's symptomatic of being at Real Madrid and having to compete with the incredible talent they have there. And yeah, thanks for keeping this going!
  4. Really like the look of Berardi (80b) too, he's got some very nice physicals for his age and his Team Work and Work Rate are pretty superb. Obviously got work to do (3 Composure and 5 Decisions seems a bit suspect) but I can definitely see him being a mainstay in the team for a long time if he develops decently, especially since you're pretty lacking at CB otherwise Nice that he's coming in only a year later after Della Valle (79a) too, hopefully the two of them will have a lot of time to form a good partnership at the back Bit weird that Morone (80a)'s supposedly built to be a target man (and to be fair 13 Heading is quite solid) but he has 5 Bravery... Definitely has some very nice attributes on there though, like the 14 Acceleration and 12 Off the Ball (14 determination ain't bad out of the box, either), but you're right in that it depends on how much potential he'll end up having since it seems like you're only playing one striker at the moment and you already have a few decent ones?
  5. Nice to see that James Omar has been able to join a club as good as Sporting; it's even better to see that from the look of things he's already played five times for them, which although I believe he'd stagnate less at Sporting than at a Somalian club regardless of how much he played is still very reassuring to see at this stage of his career. I was wondering why the top four Somalian players were excluded from the upcoming tournament, but upon looking up that tournament it looks as if it's only allowed to players playing in the domestic leagues of each respective nation, so nothing's out of the ordinary here
  6. I might take you up on that eventually but I think I'll want to ride this one out for awhile, just to see what happens as you've said Who's Bishaaro Omar wanted by, by the way? If it's a club outside Somalia he could be important to the nation's future, even if his potential isn't as high as you thought it was
  7. Bishaaro Omar has 172 PA according to the national team squad list- did you bump it up using the editor or was 198 just a typo? But yeah I definitely agree, this is really frustrating because Somalia has had several high-potential players come through so far but none of them (except perhaps Fuadi Amin Ali, though from the look of him he's still a ways off from his potential since wasn't it like 180 originally? For some reason he seems to be being excluded from a lot of the international squads, it feels odd to say this but hopefully that was just the result of injury and not trickery on behalf of the Somalia manager) have even come close to reaching their potential because they're stuck in Somalia therefore they don't develop very quickly. This is probably because judging from the fact that half the Somalian national team players don't have a value most Somalian clubs look like they're amateur, so I definitely could have made a better choice of nation to start with. Ah well, this has been a good case test study at least
  8. Unfortunately the Somalian players don't seem to be growing very much despite the recent success in the East African Cup, judging from the fact that only a few of them have values it's probably because most of the clubs in Somalia are amateur Could I get a screenshot of Laurent David? He seems to have been a major contributor to the recent success, as shown by the fact that he scored six times in four games in the East African Cup victory
  9. Nice to see Somalia finally winning some games, having two 180+ PAs at this stage is very nice as well though it's a bit of a shame that one's a goalkeeper considering we already got a good keeper before Fuadi Amin Ali especially looks to be important for the nation's future prospects, he looks great for a 17-year-old especially paired with that nice Resolute personality
  10. If it's not too late I'll take Noam Clarisse, I have no idea if he's good enough but I need another goalkeeper anyway
  11. I'll take Steeve Yago, normally I'd go for Traoré but I've gotten a lot of forwards in recently and someone to compete with Zainadine Júnior might be useful
  12. I'm still following this but I haven't been too active as far as the betting rounds or whatever you call them go, if you can't find anyone else to cut you can cut me Somalia team seems to be building from the back by the look of Thomas Feruz and Yusuf Ali Roble, hopefully they can add a bit of defensive solidity to the team for years to come so we can finally start rising up the ranks
  13. Really nice to see Egypt finish on top of the group especially since they were drawn with Brazil, respectable performance against Italy too by only losing 1-0 in extra time Not too familiar with any of the Japanese players but I'll take Takuma Asano, given that the Egypt manager seems to be playing a three-striker formation it can't hurt to get in more young-ish forwards from big clubs