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  1. i think there is something when you are trying to set other favourite teams, as it allows you to choose but you cannot "save" your choise, when you are setting up your profile.
  2. it was last year that we have live feed from miles twitter, here hahaha.. till he said that we have a very important meeting.. and after that...
  3. thanks ross for making it happen.. now do your majic for the real life, as we have real issues there eheheh
  4. it starts as tycoon but continues as consortuium..
  5. pff.. i got the fist message that a tycoon eyes Panathinaikos, but after that, the next message i get is a consurtium plans the take over
  6. May i ask for PANATHINAKOS FC greek supwrleague team; i would prefer a real life also tooo hehehe
  7. it is happend now. i am on 18.0.3 now i have finished the game i gave the after match pep, and click continue to go to the main menu.. it comes up this. with a continue it is ok.
  8. this was up to yesterday. i have not experienced it yet. ( i thing it was an update today also right? to 18.0.3) if i see that again i will take a screen shoot as the previous one it was not saved.
  9. several times, since the 2nd i thing update, when a game finishes and you continue ( you do the pep talk and you press continue to go to the lets say everyday routine) it comes up the pep talk option before the kick off, ( it shows again the screen to talk to your players before the kick off). you clikc continue and then goes to lests say your inbox page.
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