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  1. Thanks for clarifying this. But I'm still a bit confused what the youth recruitment, junior coaching and youth facilities actually do. Impact the quality of Newgens yes, but how, and what is the difference between them?
  2. So are the numerous online guides such as this http://www.guidetofootballmanager.com/squad/player-development wrong as they claim that youth facilities affect "how quickly current ability improves for players in the youth squad"? Are the descriptions for youth recruitment and junior coaching also erroneous? @herne79
  3. So basically, with which squad should the hypothetical young 16-year-old rising star be training - with the U18s or senior squad (my team does not have a reserve squad)? If i had, say, poor youth facilities but average training facilities and better coaches with the senior squad, is it worthwhile to send the talent to train with the seniors even though he is still far away from being actually able to successfully break into the senior squad? (Naturally the talent would be made available for the U18 fixtures.) In other words, is there any difference between training in youth and senior squads - would the player be developing similarly in both squads if the facilities and coaches were at the same level/stars/workload in the U18s and senior squad?
  4. Conceding three goals now and then is not outrageous by any standards whatsoever. Out of curiosity: how do your possession stats look when you lose? I also play a 4-4-2 counter which works as intended when the opposition has more possession than I. But if the opposition lets my team keep the ball, my 4-4-2 becomes totally useless. My backup plan is a possession oriented 3-4-1-2 (control flexible) that usually gets the job done against those nihilistic ultra defensive teams.
  5. Or even deeper D-line and even less aggression? High line and counter mentality seem a bit contradictory.
  6. The am-su could hassle more, yes. But not necessarily. He could as well just man-mark the opponent's holding midfielder and thus limit their passing options. And if he is closing the opponent, he leaves "his post" as a link between the single striker and the rest of your team which naturally makes your counter attacks less dangerous.
  7. Too much closing caused by default settings. I assume you are playing standard fluid. That means your players are closing by default more than in counter, and a lot more than in defend. Instruct both of your CM's to close down much less and see what happens. The AM is not so crucial.
  8. I'd say your midfielders are closing way too much. In my opinion the two central midfielders are the absolute key players of a 4-4-2 formation, no matter what your mentality or shape is. They are the players who should keep their positions when defending - in your clip they just aren't doing so. If you want someone to close down, MR and ML are "safer" options.
  9. Get a better fullback & goalie? But then again, no players can play a 100% solid game. They do make mistakes, or at least get beaten by opponents every now and then. I probably wouldn't change my gameplans because of this sort of a goal, unless it was a repeating occurrence.
  10. Is this a pattern that repeats itself game after game? And more precisely to stop what? Fullback(?) from being beaten in 1vs1? Goalkeeper from not saving? If your problem is the 3 midfielders being outplayed by passing, you could instruct them to close down less or much less so they wouldn't all be running after the ball.
  11. A few thoughts on 4-4-2 defensively: -CMd - CMs pair could be quite aggressive when defending even with lower mentalities. Often they both start running towards the ball which in turn leaves space open in front of the central defenders. So instructing both the CMd and the CMs to close down much less MIGHT help. -Having only 3 defend duties makes you vulnerable to counters and even more so if your holding midfielder is the one who loses the ball. Having one fullback on defend helps a bit. And besides a FBd in a way still supports your attacks by placing himself in a more advanced position than CDd:s - he just wont make any off the ball runs forward like the FBs would sometimes do (and by doing so, taking a risk). So, do you absolutely need both your fullbacks to participate in attack? -I have conceded a lot of goals basically because my 173cm fullback just can't win headers against 195cm strikers. While my short and fast fullback has his merits when attacking, I often choose to play a less technical but bigger and more defensively capable guy instead, sort of a CD converted into a FB.
  12. I have been using I've been using the following 4-4-2 in my LLM save with Stockport. My idea is to play a bit like Pulis-style long ball football: defend deep, get the ball quickly to forwards and avoid any unnecessary finessess such as possession. Counter, flexible. TI:s drop deeper, more direct passing, play narrower (sometimes also pass into space) TMs Pa WMa CMd CMs Wa FBs CDd DCBd FBd GKd WMa cuts inside (Wa works also if he is right footed and especially if he has the PPM cuts inside). Sometimes I edit the Wa on the right to WMa to restrict dribbling if the winger keeps losing the ball too often. Goalkeeper distributes to target man. Depending on the opposition setup I usually try to place the TMs on the same side as the opposition's non-holding central midfielder to give the target man more space to operate. If the TMs struggles badly and loses too many hoofballs, I switch him into a DLFs. OI:s I set to close down all wide players except Fullbacks (if the fullbacks are their only wide players, then I close them down), mark the lone forward or if the opposition uses two central forwards i mark the more advanced one. If they use three central forwards I mark none of them. That's it. At least works for me extremely well.
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