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  1. All my regens in the game have changed their skin colour and hair/beards. My avatar looks like he is a Tamil and not a Serb now...why does this happen? Will it correct itself. It happened right after the latest update.
  2. Thanks sidslayer. I never considered the captains determination. It's 11, and they all seem to have dropped to 11.
  3. Does anyone know why my players determination keeps decreasing, sharply - red down arrow. It happens to most of my players about twice a season. Could it be averaging out through out the squad or am I too talking to them too nicely or what?
  4. Mine is also crashing after the latest update, after every match. Well, after the same match I keep having to replay. I started a new save, all over again and it crashes after my first warm-up game against the u-19 team.
  5. Or better yet, play as an existing manager in the game. It would add to the "realism aspect" if your avatar isn't a guy who just dropped out of the sky.
  6. Through small thought out adjustments. Revolutionising FM, I dunno man, I wouldn't mind a bit of retro.
  7. Tweaks, tweaks and more tweaks. That's how progress works. Compare 19 with 10 and you will find that it has improved. What I'm not liking is an overload of options when negotiating contracts, "fringe player", "impact sub" - how the hell can anyone confidently keep those promises?
  8. I agree with you all on this, it just takes ages from game to game, and when there is an international break, it takes me an hour to get through the 9-10 days.
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