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  1. I got my download from fmscout but you have answered one querie I had was the lower case thing so I have tried it again hopefully this helps just need to wait on it copying files again lol I will let you know how I get on with this if that’s ok and hopefully I have found what I am doing wrong thanks for taking the time to help me
  2. It last with every club you manage👍 It lasts for every club you manage👍
  3. Just finished my first full season in the MLS on the touch version even tho I did enjoy it can’t see passed the fact that it’s not the realistic format like the full version hopefully this gets changed next year because like said before I can’t see anymore than a few seasons and get bored I hope I am wrong tho
  4. I thought so wouldn’t have thought it would be that hard to put it into the touch version of the game
  5. The Scottish lower leagues to be included the playoff for the bottom club is played why not have the next league of the pyramid available too just like England
  6. I have just started my mls save on touch and I was wondering the same as I would like to have seen the way the drafts worked made me interested to start the save sounds disappointing if it’s not available
  7. Yes it does work although it doesn’t seem to actually let u put the tactic you choose into the proper file unless I am doing something wrong I done it by deleting the tactic file that was in there and created my own 🤷‍♂️
  8. Was easier on normal tablets to do that sort of thing but since I started iPad I am not to sure about it but I am learning lol
  9. iPad last time I tried to get tactics on it they wouldn’t show in game lol
  10. Hi guys does anyone have screenshots of the Argus 352? Been looking for it online to see how much difference it is from the 3322 version thanks to anyone who has it👍
  11. 2nd season using the Argus tactic first season back in the premier league after winning the championship if not for the bad start to the season think I would have got a European place but I did play the bigger teams at the beginning then it seem to hit the ground running lol
  12. After being relegated from the premier league I used the Argus tactic to see if I could get promoted first attempt and I was impressed with the results with no instant results 👍hopefully does as good a job in the PL again
  13. Hi looking from a decent consistent tactic for my Salford save 3 seasons in the premier league and 15th is the best I have managed any help would be greatly appreciated
  14. Thanks mate with a little messing around I finally got there seems to have worked thanks again👌
  15. This didn’t solve the issue sorry am guessing reinstall is the next option?will I lose my save?
  16. Also having trouble with this every time I try save it goes nowhere or can’t load it either I thought I lt was something I was doing wrong because I have only started using fm on iPad
  17. I did have a feeling it was going to be the case no matter now that season is done lol be interesting to see how they will set it up in real life no doubt they will have to start the season earlier to make sure the don’t mess with European competition or run into the summer
  18. I did notice that 😂I looks at other fixtures like Celtics and they played 5 europa leagues Wednesday Saturday before the World Cup in a row that’s why I thought maybe something wasn’t right surely my that it’s self is a little off?
  19. Yeah thanks mate realised that not long after I put the post on lol this is what happens when you play fm into the early hours I thought I was going insane then realised it was time to go for a sleep🤣🤣your right though probably works out better and helped my list of injuries as well👍
  20. Scottish premiership Rangers November 2022.just finished my 5th champions league game 2nd of November 2022 and going by the fixture list I won’t have another game till 3rd of December when I have to play 5 friendly games and 2 league games before the final champions league fixture on the 3rd of January am I missing something or surely that can’t be right?
  21. I am actually guessing it has to do with an international managers bug that I see others having with it not letting you quick pick the squad I makes me wonder if I should stay away for national jobs until it’s been fix thanks for the reply
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