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  1. If you are starting new save then Alex vidal will be transfer listed. He is superb RB.
  2. Anyone played Ibrahimovic regularly instead of Lukaku? I play with 4-3-3 (3 strikers, something I always did from FM 2010 or 11), I used him as AF and in the center, he is scoring so many goals. He came back from injury during Christmas fixtures and I'm April end and he has scored 25 goals. Scored twice against Barca away in semi finals second leg. His physical attributes are going down which is expected. When I started the save his acceleration and pace was 8, now it's down to 7 and going down. That didn't stop him scoring but I haven't offered him contract as next season it might
  3. His key stats are comparable to the best RBs and he is just 18. Better dribbling and crossing than Carvajal, as good passer and overall better average technical stats than Carvajal. Same decision making too and just 1 point less in positioning. Better dribbling and crossing than Kimmich, just one point less in passing which is laughable as Kimmich is very good passer of the ball, as good tackler and overall better average technical stats. Better concentration and same positioning as Kimmich. Better average technical stats than Trippier and as good crosser of the ball. Better
  4. He isn't the best in the game but he is one of the best RB without a doubt. For example comparing him with some of the best RB for wingback role.
  5. That's why I'm saying there should be option for quick report with few information missing.
  6. Not sure if this is already posted but waiting 4 days to get scout report is a very bad move. I wanted to scout few players very close to deadline and I didn't get scout report at all, ended up signing players based on gut feeling rather than scout report. If Scout report takes 4 days then at least there should be option for some quick scout report when we are close to deadline day.
  7. I like that partnership thing that's been introduced in the tactics when players play together for some time. Wingers and Fullbacks Midfield pair CB pair Attacking mid with Striker.
  8. What I meant is if I want to scout some 10 players randomly, previously I used to get 10 mails in the inbox. Now we can't get that isn't it? If I do as you said then I will get only 1 mail per day?
  9. Is there a way to get scout reports to inbox like previous versions rather than navigating to scouting tab and selecting players scouted?
  10. Is there a better RB than TAA in the game? Looks like someone is taking the ****.
  11. Structure of the payments is not considered for the FFP. It's just between the clubs. Cost of the player is considered for FFP.
  12. Clubs don't use instalments to comply with FFP. They use loan with obligation to buy to comply with FFP. Also for FFP, when the payment made doesn't matter as the total fee is amortised over the length of the contract. For example, it doesn't matter Manutd paid 40 Million for Matic in one go or 3 instalments, For FFP the calculation is (total fee+wages)/contract length as annual cost of the player.
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