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  1. It's so frustrating that practically every other match the AI is starting out with a 4-3-3 Narrow, and this is EFL Championship level (including 2030 Messi-led Norwich). If not that there's also a propensity for a literal 3-4-3 with 3 outright strikers and ML/R, as opposed to wingbacks. Please make it bloody stop.
  2. I don't know. The straight up 4-3-3 does seem to be picked far too often in FM19.
  3. In my new save I won the National League South playoffs and AI squad selection completely normal, so I think this has been fixed.
  4. I FM'd FM. The other day my team came back from 1-4 down in the 79th minute to win 5-4. This was even sweeter since it was the FA Cup and enabled our run, where (as a League 2 club) we subsequently beat League 1 Rochdale and 6th place Premier League Bristol City, only losing to Wolves 2-1 in the 5th round. LOADSA MONEY
  5. No, not sarcasm. In 540 hours of FM19 I've had absolutely no crashes and don't feel it ever will, whereas in previous iterations I would have had about 10 in the same time. Give those coders a raise and keep up the good work!
  6. Ouch. I was wondering if this is something that could happen. Chairman transfer interventions honestly are one of the worst things about FM though. In principle it's a feature that makes sense, but the AI is running on Pentium MMX technology and will accept absolutely shocking bids. Earlier today I had to savescum a little to engineer a £2.5M+ sale after a forced £500K acceptance. As a newly promoted League 2 club that goes from pocket money, to paying off our debts twice over. The whole thing needs a rework.
  7. I came back to this post as I noticed this same behaviour happening the past two seasons. This year I was in the Playoff 1st round, and the AI selection was normal in that match. Uploaded a save before the match, PlayOff-Semis.fm
  8. I'm looking through the non-league clubs in my 2025 FM19 save and very, very few have even their U18s in a league. They have the squads, but only compete in friendlies and the FA Youth Cup. Is this intentional? If so it's pretty far removed from reality.
  9. I'm at the next National League deadline so I saved when I saw the news item that it was a week away, found it applies to loan signings too (and I assume transfer bids) not just free agents . Clubs accepted offers for Matty Blair and Dan Wishart on the 20th and 21st respectively, but were not finalised in a timely manner. TransferDeadline.fm
  10. Training > Mentoring The one-to-one tutoring of previous iterations was replaced by the new mentoring system.
  11. I don't, but you should be able to reproduce it by offering a contract to any other player in that save.
  12. A small issue but I've noticed that players don't at all take into account the free transfer deadline in English National Leagues. As one example I just offered a contract to a player on 20/03, yet he decides to agree on the 26/03, one day after the deadline. Now he won't be able to play for the rest of the season, but will stay on trial; doesn't make much sense. I've uploaded a save for this as FreeTransferDeadline.fm
  13. How was this not classed as a "Mistake leading to goal"? Meanwhile my other DC plays pretty well, but the one header he misses unfortunately leads to a goal and immediately pegs him down to 6.2.
  14. I would appreciate if anyone with the IGE could let me know if it allows simply cancelling/altering bids from clubs, or forcing a state where the board go with whatever you say so I can successfully protest; anything that solves this. The bid I'm dealing with now is so bad and illogical that I'm going to have to stop playing completely if I can't stop it.
  15. Yes I do, uploaded. ManagerWage_2.fm EDIT: I played some more and the board initiated talks this time. Saved at this point and uploaded ManagerWage_3.fm
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