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  1. Training > Mentoring The one-to-one tutoring of previous iterations was replaced by the new mentoring system.
  2. I don't, but you should be able to reproduce it by offering a contract to any other player in that save.
  3. A small issue but I've noticed that players don't at all take into account the free transfer deadline in English National Leagues. As one example I just offered a contract to a player on 20/03, yet he decides to agree on the 26/03, one day after the deadline. Now he won't be able to play for the rest of the season, but will stay on trial; doesn't make much sense. I've uploaded a save for this as FreeTransferDeadline.fm
  4. How was this not classed as a "Mistake leading to goal"? Meanwhile my other DC plays pretty well, but the one header he misses unfortunately leads to a goal and immediately pegs him down to 6.2.
  5. I would appreciate if anyone with the IGE could let me know if it allows simply cancelling/altering bids from clubs, or forcing a state where the board go with whatever you say so I can successfully protest; anything that solves this. The bid I'm dealing with now is so bad and illogical that I'm going to have to stop playing completely if I can't stop it.
  6. Yes I do, uploaded. ManagerWage_2.fm EDIT: I played some more and the board initiated talks this time. Saved at this point and uploaded ManagerWage_3.fm
  7. Currently on 950 p/w, doing well and getting job interview offers from other higher tier clubs. Finances are better than they were when this current contract was offered to me, but now they come in with 400 p/w (and obviously would completely shut down talks if I tried to negotiate anywhere near my current wage). I had another save with the same club and the exact same thing happened then, it doesn't matter which side initiates talks about a new contract. Save uploaded: ManagerWage.fm
  8. In previous iterations they were too rare, now they're too common even in non-league (makes signing Jordan Parkes feel like cheating). Hope SI can strike a balance.
  9. Why does positional familiarity affect the displayed role suitability so much? For example someone natural at MR (Winger) is fully green, but it goes half-full yellow or lower for accomplished AMR (Winger). A minor complaint but I think it should be going in the other direction, i.e. giving a more accurate representation for players who are not even competent for the given position.
  10. Why are Chairmen still so braindead? As if forcibly accepting terrible offers for financial reasons (even though you could get 50 times more £££ if you could negotiate yourself) wasn't bad enough, they will accept bids that are SUBSTANTIALLY WORSE THAN OFFERS ALREADY ACCEPTED...how can a game so driven by numbers be this way? There needs to be an option to assert that we can get a better deal when protesting transfers, and simply better AI.
  11. For some reason the 5th sub didn't show here, but in the actual match they did have one and he was from their U18s. If you look through the mammoth list, it's clear the AI specifically only wanted to pick players in the red for match sharpness. All their fully fit top performers are completely left out. This is a play-off semi-final for the National League South, so I can only assume there's some kind of bug that made the AI see it as a friendly match? Ended up totally smashing them 7-1. Uploaded a save file "Playoff_AI_bug.fm". The match in question is against Dagenham & Redbridge.
  12. I've just noticed that Tactical/Technical are no longer highlighted attributes for GK coaching. Does anyone know if they're still relevant at all?
  13. At some point FM changed scouting assignments to not uncover unattached players, and made offering trials a necessity as directly scouting them won't uncover attributes if they're not playing matches. So now with FM19, all I seem to be able to do is look at a sea of names that come in ("free agent offers") and dish out trials left and right. Is there anything else I can do?
  14. Just for the most direct comparison, my played league, NLS, vs. NLN. However the numbers are quite consistent in all other English leagues as well, with mine being the sole outlier. This is something I've noticed from many years of playing FM. What's the deal with this?
  15. Wow...disabling first window now completely stops you doing anything, even offering trials, as opposed to eliminating the budget. This makes no sense from a realism standpoint as some leagues (like National League) doesn't even have a transfer window, and clubs can and do sign anyone up to January IRL. Seems like a pointless change.
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