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  1. Honestly the Bermuda defenders and GK when the game starts are something else!! None of them would get anywhere near a conference north team! My starting GK was 46!
  2. Hi I recently took over the Bermuda national team, and went to play a game, however the team I played against had no players! This is the second time it's happened, see previous post in general discussion for screenshots of game 1 (different opposition)
  3. Hi I recently took over the Bermuda national team, and went to play a game, however the team I played against had no players! I did however manage to fluke a 3-2 win! See screenshots Thanks
  4. Hi I have a active game playing as NZ national team manager, I recently took the Wellington Phoenix job in order to develop young players to feed my nation. However......all youth products or reserve players who you can offer full time contracts too are Australian! I haven't had a single NZ player through!?! Please can this be rectified for future games, as you would presume Wellington would produce the vast majority of NZ eligible players Thanks
  5. Ah sorry no I don't, I tend to just overwrite the save I just have The active game
  6. All the players in my squad appear as 'wanted' by other clubs, but when I click on them none of them are! Is this a bug? It's not happened in previous seasons, just seemed to occur when the new season rolled over Will try and add screenshot
  7. Hi I'm currently playing in the Chinese League. When I goto 'Search' and select only Interested Players, around 9 in 10 do not actually want to make the move to China, this is fair enough, but why are they appearing in my 'interested' list?
  8. Hi I'm in season 2031 and have called up a 16yr old (academy graduate) to my first team squad. My issue is his career history and average rating is all over the place! He has a current average rating of -7.5 (he has made a couple of sub appearance in league) and his career history states he has played 40odd games for me, despite only being a professional player for about 2 months! See attached screenshots Thanks, John
  9. Thanks James, and the other clubs I have listed also?
  10. Hi I'm currently managing athletic Bilbao, and have noticed that all the Basque players I can buy are from Africa and Asia (I'm not saying that's not possible) and don't come through youth development in Spain/France. I regularly search through all the Basque clubs but they only ever develop Spanish (or French in France) players and not ones with joint nationality with Basque country It would seem reasonable that the Basque teams should develop a reasonable amount of players with joint Basque nationality The teams I search are: Real Sociedad (produce an odd one) and B team, Alaves (none), eibar (odd one), osasuna (none) and their B, Amorebieta; Arenas Club; Barakaldo; Gernika; Leioa;; Real Unión; Vitoria (all none!) Thanks
  11. Hi I'm playing in the Spanish lower leagues, in my first season with Gernika (I started unemployed...don't know if that matters) I didn't get entered into the Spanish cup nor the federation cup...so effectively I only played league games In my second season I got entered into the Spanish cup, but not into the federation cup (I was still in the B league, so should of been) Screenshots attached
  12. Thanks for the reply, as you can see on the screenshots I won the Spanish second division B league, and then the promotion playoffs (there is no automatic promotion from the B leagues), but for some reason never got entered into the Federation Cup (which I have to raise a issue about actually), which only leaves the Spanish cup.....and that's incredibly difficult to win when you have a stadium capacity of 2500, a transfer budget of 50k and a wage structure of 10k weekly! Seems to make it incredibly difficult to get any real reputation if it depends on trophies!
  13. Agreed, seems incredibly harsh that I'm still virtually unknown when I have only lost one game in every 6, with a team of free transfers and kids! I have applied for jobs back in the Spanish lower leagues, considering I'm mid table La Liga, but never get offered any, presuming due to my rubbish reputation! So it's left me kinda stuck!
  14. Hi Im playing a Spanish game and started as an 'unknown' manager. Im now in season 4 having started unemployed (no idea if that makes a difference) and taken Gernika from League 2B into a mid table La Liga team, however my manager rating is still stuck on 'obscure' Not sure how to go about raising this (I'm making profit from transfer, developing youth, underspending on wages etc etc) or whether it's a glitch within the system Attached a screenshot
  15. I keep getting this also, some of my reserves every 3-4 weeks appear in my first team squad, I demote them back and a few weeks later they reappear!
  16. Hi I'm currently playing within Spanish league. Players who are coming through the youth system at Athletic Bilbao are not Basque eligible (as this is a full fundamental criteria for this club) and therefore if they got sold/released and then Athletic Bilbao wish to buy back, they would be unable too due to lack of residency/nationality I have attached X2 screenshots. The player should have 'basque' in other nationalities Please can this be rectified Thanks
  17. Hi im currently managing Ghana and have won the last 3 AF Con's. These appear on my management records (see pic) but do not appear on player records (as in members of the starting 11/subs). I have enclosed a screenshot of Jordan ayew who played in each of these so should have 3 trophies on his 'record'
  18. Hi i have previously raised a topic around reserve players from Wrexham (ie the amateur players 'greyed out' that you can offer the one year professional contracts too) always being English. This was fixed in the last update, however there appears to be a problem in that the appear as welsh, but once you offer a contract they revert to being English (talk about jumping ship early!). I have attached a couple of screenshots
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