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  1. Hi I'm currently playing within Spanish league. Players who are coming through the youth system at Athletic Bilbao are not Basque eligible (as this is a full fundamental criteria for this club) and therefore if they got sold/released and then Athletic Bilbao wish to buy back, they would be unable too due to lack of residency/nationality I have attached X2 screenshots. The player should have 'basque' in other nationalities Please can this be rectified Thanks
  2. Hi im currently managing Ghana and have won the last 3 AF Con's. These appear on my management records (see pic) but do not appear on player records (as in members of the starting 11/subs). I have enclosed a screenshot of Jordan ayew who played in each of these so should have 3 trophies on his 'record'
  3. Hi jack, was there an outcome on this?
  4. Thanks, let me know how you get on
  5. Hi i have previously raised a topic around reserve players from Wrexham (ie the amateur players 'greyed out' that you can offer the one year professional contracts too) always being English. This was fixed in the last update, however there appears to be a problem in that the appear as welsh, but once you offer a contract they revert to being English (talk about jumping ship early!). I have attached a couple of screenshots
  6. Hi i have a ongoing issue playing as athletic Bilbao. Basically the issue being that the vast majority of players I call up from my youth academy at the end of every season are not actually Basque players. Although it let's me play these players initially, if I was then to sell them on for development purposes I'm unable to buy them back at a later date due to them not being basque!
  7. Hi im in my 5th or so season and this has happened in my game too. Barrow top of conference South and Torquay flying high in conference north!
  8. Sorry I don't mean graduates from the youth squad who come through at the end of the season (they as u say r mixed English and welsh), I mean those in the reserve squads who I choose to offer a contract too, they r always English, and as I tend to use these players a lot for development tends to lead me with a very heavily English squad when I'm looking to develop more welsh kids really hope that helps
  9. Hi im currently managing Wrexham and have been surprised to find that when I call up young players from the reserves (ie offer prof contracts) they are always English. Surely this club should be calling up primarily welsh players (as per Cardiff, Swansea) or a mix of English and welsh (as per being a bit of a border town) is this possible to change or adapt? thanks