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  1. @Daniel Wells ah yes thanks, I can get them to appear if I change the size of text and images to smaller! It's not ideal though, the text is a little small on that setting... but maybe my laptop screen dimensions are unusual? Thanks for the help.
  2. Hi @Daniel Wells, sure - below are windowed and non-windowed screenshots. I also tried moving the cursor to below the screen cut-off where the clickable player profiles should be, and there's nothing below the headings. As you can see, in windowed mode, the headings do not appear at all.
  3. Hi @Daniel Wells, I have uploaded them - 'Dan Hall - Oxford' is the beta save, and 'Dan Hall - Red Star FC' is the post-beta save. Thanks!
  4. I had this issue in the beta and it has continued in my (post-Beta) save - nothing appears for any club's legends, icons, or favoured personnel in the overview>general page.
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