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    We Are Turanian Group Army of Boztorgai Khan and We Work With Boztorgai Khan a.k.a Tatar & Cuman Kipchaks Group & TMT Group & UAP Group & B.A.


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    Turanian Group Army of Boztorgai Khan


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    History, Football

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    Besiktas, Feyenoord

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    FM Mods (Ural-Altaic Peoples) Tatar Project

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  1. I know it and i understand you.. But i see SI very busy with new released FM games, very look like countries look like Mongolia is updated with new clubs etc.. So that was the reason that i opened this thread and asked SI workers of they can too updated Mongolian teams and other asian countries too.. If they do it that will make easy for us with New release make a new Patch. Regards.
  2. I see in Football Manager games most clubs look like besiktas wien, besiktas chisnau etc.. have si the license for them ???
  3. Add New True Clubs in FM (Mongolians Premier League) Here have i links for FM Team... http://the-mff.mn/clubs Besiktas Mongolia: http://the-mff.mn/team/QwBQuDLWwiTzXiX36 2017 Mongolian Premier League: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_Mongolian_Premier_League Mongolia 1st League: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mongolia_1st_League And other Besiktas sub clubs links: http://www.bjk.com.tr/tr/cms/spor_okullari/7/137?category=futbol&location=yurtdisi Regards.
  4. Hi, Did you added Besiktas Mongolia too in Mongolia 1st League ? Here have i links for you ?? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mongolia_1st_League http://www.rsssf.com/tablesm/mong2016.html http://the-mff.mn/clubs Besiktas Mongolia Squad (Players names with jersey) http://the-mff.mn/team/QwBQuDLWwiTzXiX36 Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/besiktasmongolia/ Regards & Cheers
  5. I did it with some names but is there a limit ??? how more must i added. 100 or 200 so that all names can change??
  6. I was busy with new nation Tatarstan, I added for GOS but the names culture is from GOS century. Can i that change in a modern Russia and Turkic nations names culture in ?? regards.
  7. Can anyone help me with here ? is there no a fmf file ?
  8. We Replaced Tatarstan nation (for GOS) with Leagues We Tested now the Mod of everything good is.. Cheers...
  9. How can I Add a Nationality in FM 17 ? is there a fmf file a Nationality list so that i can added new replaced nations in ?? I Replaced Tatarstan nation (for GOS) with Leagues I updated flag too in graphics.fmf Cheers...
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