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  1. I find this situation personally unrealistic and it's the situation where a manager goes on holiday for the next match which is probably in like 14 days time only to see at the end of the holiday when reading through the messages that a player came with a certain problem but since the manager is on holiday, the player wasn't attended to and this caused him to be unhappy thereby, affecting the whole team's happiness and to make it worse, you can't even conversate with the said player to sort his problem as it would be termed he was ignored. Secondly, when a manager's contract is running out, and goes on holiday, one could come to realize that he's been offered a new contract, agreed to and signed. C'mon, who does that in real life? How would a board give contract to a manager who is on holiday, who did they meet to sign the said contract, on the player's part, how can a player approach a manager who is not around. It still bugs my mind to see such things in FM 16 and what's worse is that you can't undo or sort it out. Would've been better if those instances had waited for the manager to be back from his holiday or probably halt the holiday period so that the manager would be aware of the important issue on ground. Kind of wondering what it would have been if other clubs placed bids for my players while I went on holiday only to come back and notice the bids were accepted, the players transferred and I'm having just 2 players left; I'd just knock off my laptop. Please, this needs to be sorted out in the future; don't know if it had been fixed in FM 17.
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