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  1. Hi, Whenever I try to update my game to the newest version, its gets only as far as 3.8mb/111mb and stops. I have absolutely no idea why? I have removed all my graphic packs and data packs from their folders to see if this helps and even tried all the steps I could find on Google such as changing download regions, clearing cache, firewalls etc. I'm confident it is not my own internet issues as I have no problems when downloading other files. I am desperate for help as I can not play the game otherwise. Grateful for any help that may be given Sean
  2. Hi all, Today I purchased the new FM game, following my enjoyment of last year's game. On last year's game, i received 5* computer performance and 5* game speed when load 5-6 active nations. After installing the game I noticed my game speeds were not up to their standards of last years with me only receiving 1* speed when only having one league loaded. It was suggested I re-install the game, I deleted the game and now I can not re-install it, it constantly gets stuck at 96.0MB constantly after several attempts. I have browsed the web far and wide for answers but can not find any. I would appreciate any replies. Thanks, Sean
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