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  1. It happens quite often even at lower levels. Alan Sheehan for Luton will quite often bring the ball into the opponents half and join in the attacking play, with Rea as the DM dropping to cover. IMO it's what the ball playing CB role should do.
  2. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Have done all of those things..the reason I'm not confident is I didn't notice I'd spilt anything for a little while..basically I'd picked up a few cups to carry out to the kitchen and must have carried one at a funny angle and it was spilling. I stayed in the kitchen/outside for a bit then came in and noticed.
  3. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Spilt a hot toddy on my laptop, so it's now near a radiator drying. I'm not hopeful so I may be joining this thread soon
  4. Good thread and some interesting bits I hadn't considered. I'm using this formation as Coruna in FM17 with b2b midfields instead of carillos, and a few different roles for the strikers and the other 2 midfielders. Andone for me is scoring loads as a poacher alongside a bigger dlf to occupy defenders. I am going to give using a dlp and ap-a in midfield a go based on this and see what happens. Also, why do you recommend making the right back the less attacking?
  5. Comeback Kings

    Not crazy really, but I was winning 2-0 at half time away to Atletico Madrid. Told the players not to get complacent at ht team talk and stopped my full backs getting forward as much and pulled them a bit closer to the cbs to see how it went. They scored straight from their kick off..worked straight through the centre like my midfield hadn't bothered to come back out for the second half. Then we took kick off, gave it straight away and they scored from a cross, so 2-2 and we'd had about 1 touch of the ball. Made a few changes and we ended up drawing 3-3.
  6. I know it's about your approach. I have the same approach as it is the most successful in game. I just wondered if it was something that could be tweaked to be more realistic, ala scouting. I understand that the game is not real life as I'm the manager - but isn't the point of the simulation to be as realistic as possible while having the player as manager? I know you've had input in the game so I thought maybe you'd have a more constructive opinion on it than 'ooh it's not realistic because you're not really the manager'. Could it be made more realistic by turning down the morale boosts for easy 10-0 wins and maybe rewarding team cohesion more than during the season if the player uses the right training? As an aside, I read a piece on YD by you (I think) and it was really helpful - so, thanks :).
  7. Really? Are you in a bad mood today or something? Is the idea not to have a realistic management simulator?
  8. Is playing much weaker teams just to batter them 10-0 really that realistic? Most teams play a few weaker local sides, granted, but there's almost always a game or two against stronger or equal opposition. I also set up friendlies against ***** teams because I know the benefits of good morale in game but it's not how it works irl. Here's Luton's pre season fixtures Wednesday 5th July – Hitchin Town (A) 7.45pmkick-off Saturday 8th July – Bedford Town (A) – 3pmkick-off Tuesday 18th July – St Albans City (A) – 7.45pm kick-off Saturday 22nd July – Boreham Wood (A) – 3pmkick-off Wednesday 26th July – Leicester City (H) – 7.45pm kick-off Saturday 29th July – Scunthorpe United (H) – 3pm kick-off 4 local teams we should beat (although the St Alban's one got called off and we played someone equally local)0, and two teams above us in the league. One of them we think we should be competing with next year so makes a good test and Leicester put out a pretty strong side as well (compared to Luton putting out a b team) so was a proper test. The last two games were used a test to measure how we were as a side against a team we want to be competing against (Scunny) and a bit of a profile raiser against Leicester and a good experience for the other players. Bigger sides use it as a marketing ploy in some corner of the globe so although I'm sure real life sides do want a bit of momentum and good morale from pre season, I think they're more concerned with the team playing to and learning the tactics and getting fit more than spanking some team of nobodies 10 for a laugh.
  9. Didn't realise you could do that in FM. Fair enough then.
  10. The worst part about that is the phrase locker room.
  11. I know he said it from his personal opinion, and I never said that he said it was SI's point of view, as I'm sure it's not. I was just exaggerating what he DID say (and adding a few bits) in order to make the point that what he said was ridiculous.
  12. fee after international appearences

    Always used to be a good way of signing Germans early on. Could offer then a decent international cap bonus to make them sign the contract as well.
  13. Basically I think he's saying that the football simulation game can look like a game of cricket as long as the scores look like football scores. No point SI bothering to improve the ME from this point then as the scores are realistic, just keep adding cosmetic features into the game and job done.
  14. Players failing to react to the ball

    Laws. Part of the laws.
  15. To be fair, @KUBI, if that is a bug there is no way it should be in the finished game. Plus the lino is looking the wrong way, and one of only 2 defenders is still managing to play a few people onside, so it's not even the worlds most extreme offside trap.