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  1. HemHat

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    Was meant to be flying to Portugal at 17:30. Couldn't move the flight despite my best efforts. Was hoping to land in time to watch at least extra time but the flights been delayed until after 6
  2. I've disliked Vida ever since he signed for my Grasshoppers side on FM(possibly 12 or 13), had 5 good games then decided he wanted to leave and threw a strop and was ***** until I could get rid of him
  3. HemHat

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    The band are the worst part about going to England games. Worse even than the Mexican waves. If I ever had the misfortune to sit within even 10 blocks of them I would leave.
  4. HemHat

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    I've done that as well, just in normal text
  5. Doesn't matter how they go in
  6. The speed it was going, I don't think he gets enough on it to divert it away
  7. so many foul throws
  8. The game needs massive improvement in how you can set up set pieces. I know they've given us 50 more clicks this year, but I still can't make all my players start outside the box and run in for a corner
  9. HemHat

    Mesut Özil racially abused at World Cup

    I take it you don't think this is funny then?
  10. HemHat

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    There was a form of football in early China. As @ginnybob says, the formation of what we know as football started in England with regards to the rules/structure. Therefore England can rightly claim to have invented football.
  11. I've never forgiven/liked Shearer since he got my table moved at a restaurant in Portugal. We'd booked way in advance for the mrs's birthday, a nice table on the outside deck. Was a nice evening as was looking forward to it. Shearer and his entourage turned up and said he wanted an outside table so we got moved indoors while the waiters ****** him off under the table.
  12. Fair point about gender v race, although I think it's a bit different because we're used to hearing male commentators only and a lot of people think a female voice is too high to have for the whole game. I think though you can choose to listen to what you like, so if you prefer to listen to a mans voice commentate, or sing a song, or read you an audio book then that is your choice. Some people might think it misogynistic but ultimately different people have different views and as long as there's no active discrimination with her getting the job then people should be allowed to make their own choices about listening to her or not. I didn't hear her because I was at work so the TV's were on mute, but by and large commentators are largely useless anyway
  13. People are allowed to have preferences, surely? Nothing wrong with saying 'good luck to her but I prefer to listen to male commentators' is there? Some people might prefer a woman rather than a man. Nothing wrong with that either.
  14. Just need Costa to do something silly and get a card of any colour and I'm £50 up