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  1. I'm a team challenging for promotion and I'm in need of a decent bbm. Scouts haven't found anyone and I'm struggling to get what I want which is very good physicals and decent work rate. Happy to have slightly lower technicals as there are other players for that. Any suggestions gratefully received
  2. I've just started my first ever career with a DOF and he's responsible for all recruitment and contracts. Only had one window so far but all he's done is sign a right back, giving me 3, and all are bang average. Slight annoyance is a player asked to move to a bigger club, why don't I have the option to tell him to take it up with the DOF
  3. I thought he played for them the other day. Wiki still has him as there and I can't see any news that he's been sold. Didn't realise they'd won the old Division 3 tbf, still a ***** record though
  4. Watford 100+ years (not sure how many they're claiming it to be this month) and they've won **** all And then they signed a player called Success
  5. Many people have said to me once you press continue on the first day of your save the game stops mirroring real life. This could be many years in the future and to me £50m seems reasonable if that's what he's going to have to spend to replace the player. I had a star midfielder for my Luton team valued at £30m. I set the asking price at £75m as that's roughly what I was going to have to spend to get a similar replacement. Arsenal consistently bid £30, and I consistently said no. In the end the player got upset and I had to accept a bid, in the end from United for £45m. Luton's record transfer free received is nowhere near that, so obviously nothing is realistic, but then it is a game. The player had 4 years left on his contact with me. Signed for United, had 5 years left and his wagers went from £100k pw to £250k. His value went from £20m to £80m just off that transfer. United play in all the same competitions Luton do (in game, obvs) and only finished 2 points ahead of me last year. Does that really transfer really make him £50m more expensive?
  6. Go on holiday for a dayand let your assistant deal with it
  7. I agree with the take a break posters. It's the same every year for me. I manage Luton, get promoted to the Prem, have a youth player I like but isn't quite Prem standard and a couple of newgens in the team. Get mid table Prem but can't take the next step. Get bored. Spend a month or so floating around about 10 different saves. Leave it for a while, come back and continue the Luton save
  8. Not letting you opt out would be illegal and end up costing them much more.
  9. I'm not sure taking a corner should count. I know technically it is losing the ball but it's a pretty low % ball anyway. It's not like missing a 5 yard pass
  10. Was meant to be flying to Portugal at 17:30. Couldn't move the flight despite my best efforts. Was hoping to land in time to watch at least extra time but the flights been delayed until after 6
  11. I've disliked Vida ever since he signed for my Grasshoppers side on FM(possibly 12 or 13), had 5 good games then decided he wanted to leave and threw a strop and was ***** until I could get rid of him
  12. The band are the worst part about going to England games. Worse even than the Mexican waves. If I ever had the misfortune to sit within even 10 blocks of them I would leave.
  13. I've done that as well, just in normal text
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