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  1. Currently none do - they might have in the past or might do in the future
  2. Why do some teams line up in a 4-3-3- then? No team defends like that. I wouldn't expect them to mark a midfielder necessarily, but if there were 2 on the pitch at least 1 would drop to make a compact, deep, 4-4-2/4-5-1/5-4-1 shape when defending. Especially if the other team are attacking for any period of time.
  3. Didn't FIFA's first foray into team chemistry about 10 years ago mean that Accrington could outplay Real Madrid based on the fact they the Accrington team had good chemistry? I seem to remember it did but may be wrong.
  4. I have been saying this since last year. In my opinion it was only put in as a cynical marketing stunt to cover a lack of new features.
  5. Forget everything you know about real life football and learn what wins in FM, basically.
  6. Not sure why they wouldn't use the best possible to show off the game as much as possible?
  7. All these features look promising, but if it still takes until the January patch to be worth playing, what's the point in pre-ordering?
  8. I'm not convinced the position ratings are that well done, anyway. Especially at the top levels where players have more intelligence, it's more about what you're asking the player to do than where he starts on the pitch. Plus, we're showing their defensive position on the tactics screen, with the favoured positions their attacking ones so it's counter intuitive.
  9. To be honest that's what I do..stick them in the under 23's and then put them back in once they've scored a few. All my strikers have been streaky on this years version
  10. How does their form improve if they're not playing?
  11. Dave Smith is Out of his League

    There is indeed. Looking forward to seeing how is does, like.
  12. Half-Back

    New staff members with no key attributes, roles introduced that don't work properly, pretty much pointless added filler like the social media bit...but you can get a discount on FM18. Which might not work properly until it's been fully patched in Jan. Superb.