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  1. "I beg your pardon, i never promised you an animal garden"? Dolly Patton´s song slightly changed
  2. Maybe you should mention wich years release of FM you´re playing as well Brennen?
  3. Just so you know, my favorite teams name actually means "animal garden" in english, "They call us animals, indeed we are" <3
  4. Yes absolutely. It´s 95% management to do in between matches and i would guess, at the top, 5% spending time in the actual matches. FM is that kind of game and i like it personally, it might not be everyones cup of tea. There´s so much who puts you to the test and requires you as a manager to make the right decisions. What could have been toned down though is the interviews with the press, the papers. I can´t see what difference what i say to those reporters influence the game or my players very much.
  5. Yes you´re all right and wise. My fast exit out of the team i wanted to take into the champions league is forgotten now anyway. I got picked up by one of the best teams in Sweden, and if i came from that city, Gothenburg, i would have loved it. Well, then i guess i would have chosen this team from the start. It´s got better rep, more money, better players. I won my first 2 games but the opposition wasnt the best. I just miss all the super signings i picked up on free transfer. My previous team now wants around 1.8 million pounds for especially one promising young attacker. With my new team i j
  6. Well, they expected a top position in the league, top 3. To play in the CL or EL or whatever it´s called. I had a good run for a few matches and got up to position nine in the table, then it was downhill again hehe. Yeah, i know, it´s a tough business and when a delegation is close when the board expects a top position then at least that´s understandable. But i still say that a lot of things arent weighed in when a teams overall performance is calculated. Sure, i did let go of a lot of players and brought in a lot of new. But we never lacked in the tactics knowledgement or match condition/read
  7. Phew! I am glad i skipped on buying the latest release of FM Thanks for the input jujigatame
  8. Yeah, wow. This you can say is an update on my earlier thread "FM17 is a joke! (and so am i) ". WHATEVER i did tactically it didnt make any difference what so ever, i am totally stunned, disapointed and actually suprised now. The final verdict for me was that i had been a "bad" manager and failed. Really? I won the swedish cup last year, took the team 2 divisions, leagues up, signed, i must say, awesome players on free transfers and always made sure to play the best players available for league games, tried to adapt my formation after what had previously been the most successful, tried to list
  9. And an update as well on my game. They´ve snatched my best fullbacks now and the team is on the verge of revolution. Deals i had no saying in since the board thought it was a "great" deal to sell my top defenceman for around 900K pounds. In a year he would have been worth the double and im down on the defence and about to meet the "Baal" of the swedish premier league, the number 1 team Hammarby. Lets see how it goes.
  10. Wattzy give me a break. Ok, so people think im slandering the series now and that i am bragging and that im a doosh. Whatever. Stop putting words in my mouth, i am NOT judging the games realism depending on my own success with my club. I think that´s unfair to suggest.
  11. XaW, i havent said that SI releases a lot of fixes, i havent mentioned the amount of patches they make at all huh? I can remember some, but not for FM 17 though. But i guess i am off topic here, i just wanted to explain myself now.
  12. An update on my horrible start of 2027´s season. I must say that i was unlucky that i met the best teams at the start of the season so i believe that was as well a contributing part of the first heavy losses. Now it´s much better really, i´ve left the 14´th place of the table and i am up on ninth and the team is on a roll and as the season progresses i get a much better view of wich players that qualifies for the starting lineup and who doesnt. But the board as well expects the team to be in the top three places i believe and that can be tough really to achieve. I just hope i wont get sacked a
  13. Well sir, i havent seen so many patches released for the latest releases of FM. I have my doubts that the SI team cares about stomping out the bugs for the customers. That´s my view of it. I hope it improves because i love the series.
  14. Fair enough. But i would like to report some other issues that i have with FM17 wich i think otherwise is the best release so far. It´s the promises you make to players upon contract negotiations with them. Most of those promises are buggy, the game cant calculate them correctly and misintreprets what´s going on. Players still are waiting for me to reinforce the defence though i´ve taken in up to 4 new defenders in the team. And it´s etc. etc. with that, mostly i dont give almost any promises at all to any new players i want to sign, the risk that they´ll go sour and think that you´re a deal b
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