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  1. XaW, i havent said that SI releases a lot of fixes, i havent mentioned the amount of patches they make at all huh? I can remember some, but not for FM 17 though. But i guess i am off topic here, i just wanted to explain myself now.
  2. Well sir, i havent seen so many patches released for the latest releases of FM. I have my doubts that the SI team cares about stomping out the bugs for the customers. That´s my view of it. I hope it improves because i love the series.
  3. Fair enough. But i would like to report some other issues that i have with FM17 wich i think otherwise is the best release so far. It´s the promises you make to players upon contract negotiations with them. Most of those promises are buggy, the game cant calculate them correctly and misintreprets what´s going on. Players still are waiting for me to reinforce the defence though i´ve taken in up to 4 new defenders in the team. And it´s etc. etc. with that, mostly i dont give almost any promises at all to any new players i want to sign, the risk that they´ll go sour and think that you´re a deal b
  4. Heck, they invent new bugs for every new version haha! So continued bugs i cant say right off the bat or whatever you say. Bu hey! I am not only complaining about the series, there´s a bunch of great coding in there as well, if not to say nothing short of brilliance. But that would make my eyes go "whooaa!" if i knew that old flaws are being worked on. No fancy bells and whistles. It´s all good and nice, but a working product with annoying little problems stomped out that would sell the next release of FM for me. Set pieces takers being removed for one, but usually the best takers do them so
  5. I have a Q. Why not erase the previous bugs in any new release instead of trying to sell more copies of it with new "brilliant" features just created to sell the game? Yeah, you will attract some new players, but the hardcore players will soon had enough of this series and will stop buying it, i am one of them
  6. Update on the goalkeeper who wanted a country man to join the team. I brought in an englishman as the goalkeeper is one as well and he´s now happy to stay at the club. So no bug there to report when it comes to promises to players.
  7. Alanschu14 this i think is very simple, if he explicitly expressed a wish for being a playmaker you play him as such and not just a regular midfielder or anything else. Easy to comply with, on the other hand, there´s the penalty, freekick and corner taker promise. That you can have them set on doing but either they, at least for me, take them but ignore the fact that they did, or the game ignores your set pieces choices and uses other players for them and they go sour. I do setup before matches who to take what set pieces but those settings tend to vanish. Still, the game usually uses the best
  8. The season stats for a player is always available and should give you some hint to the players capability if it´s not stats before 2017 i think. But also the recent form, 5 last matches should give you some clue what to expect of a player, that you´ll have to scout for. I don´t know about players on trial really, if you arrange friendlies with higher ranked teams it will probably give away if he´s useful for your first team. Scouts do tend to give very different info on how good players are, especially if you look at the ranking to your mid right on the screen when looking at a players scout r
  9. What im looking for is of course scoring, assists and consistency. That is what wins games. Sure, a high passing and tackling rate is good for the team to. I do see players with good stats come and perform even better for my team. I got one good striker who played exceptionally over a 10 to 12 games i think. Then he was ilogically desatisfied with not getting to take penalties though he did get to take the one and only we had and missed it, that i remember well. He was totally rubbish after that and played friendlies and U21 games for the rest of his contract. Just want to say how an otherwis
  10. That depends though. The players ambition and the club rep. + what european games are coming up. Some players do insist on their first demands.
  11. Well the bar is blue as always I think you mean the little circle wich is to the right of the text telling the players thoughts. It´s actually green now for my promising attacker and it says he´s pleased to see that "im trying" to strengthen the defence. I take it that he is happy now and that i´ve done well on my promise, yaaaaay! Now, one fixed and one to be fixed. Edit: Still some time left, 42 days, until it tells the final verdict though.
  12. Well the attacker i promised to strengthen the defence have scored 3 goals in only 3 appearances and 1 game as a substitute. So i really dont want to see him go bananas over me not fullfilling the promise, but as i said since i´ve signed 3 central backs allready that have joined the team after him i cant see him change if i bring in any more defenders. In the bar you speak of it still says that he´s still looking forward to me holding my promise opposed to when they say that they´re glad to see the promise being fullfilled. So he´s still waiting for it. And to the goalkeeper who want´s a buddy
  13. To be honest i havent reflected so much over if it´s been quickly simulated or fully simulated. But it´s a good point you have there.
  14. I look at their stats history first and foremost when deciding to get a player, attributes comes second. It´s how they perform over the years that matters i think.
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