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  1. This variant got me a 2-1 win on the opening day home to Liverpool. PIs: D (CL) & D (CR): Stay Wider D (C): Mark position (STC) MR: Run wide with ball, sit narrower, get further forward ST: Mark position (DM, this didn't come into play since Liverpool didn't play a DM) The MR instructions I've selected try to somewhat simulate a mezzala's movement. xG was very similar 1.30 vs their 1.29.
  2. I like the starting setup you have, although there are a couple of points I think are worth adding: The wide CBs are ball playing - Fuchs through long range passing and Fofana through dribbling. BPD will help start counter-attacks without needing to use the counter instruction Tielemans' real life performance might better be reflected by RPM? When we do get forward he's often in and around the box Positive mentality pushes the defensive line and line of engagement up a bit, we sit quit deep so perhaps both of these could go down a notch Against teams with 1 DM (e.g. Man
  3. Southampton's biggest defeat is marked as 0-8 vs Tottenham in 1936. I think it should be: 0-9 vs Leicester, English Premier Division, 25th October 2019. Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50092694
  4. In game the 2020/21 Europa League group stage has VAR. In real life, VAR won't be used until the knockout stages in the 2020/21 season. From 2021/22, VAR will be used in the group stage. Source: https://www.uefa.com/uefaeuropaleague/news/025e-0fac7d3c463c-cd4fe1542272-1000--2020-21-europa-league/
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