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  1. Denmark was not the same after SI updated the game. Now the new 3. division (4 tier) is an amateur league. 1 month into the game half my team was signed by other clubs. I will try it out in England with Kingstonian.
  2. Lost my save in Denmark, so restarting now in Denmark again with B1908 (hopefully)
  3. Season 3 - 2022/23 The league Third season is a charm. We startet of terrible with a lot of unstable results. Mid season it turned around after pushing one striker down to the AMC position as a shadow striker and pushed a central midfielder down in the DM strata. After the change we didn't lose for 10 games. When the preliminary phase was over, we were sitting at top of the table. Unfortunately we couldn't hold on to the top spot, but we manage come in second and we got promoted to the 2. division (3. tier). We used a lot of different players this year and got to intoduced
  4. Season 2 - 2022/23 Second season was as surprising (maybe even more) as the first season. We introduced a couple of youngsters to the starting 11 and they delievered some promising performances. Actually we beat our total points from last seaso in the league with 1 point at fouth place again. The first half of the season we even challenged for promotion, but a poor run midseason ruined it. The danish cup ended at the quarter finals to Fc Nordsjælland, who later won the trophy. Unfortunately the match didn't attract many spectators. Again the youth intake was interresting with p
  5. Season 1 - 2021/2022 First season is completed and I was really impressed with how the season went. But first here is my manager profil from the beginning of the challenge. We impressed everybody with our offensive 4-4-2 wing play, but unfortunatelty it wasn't enough to push for promotion. We ended up at 4 place and was seeded to end up at 10th. Nothing really to report about in the danish cup. The youth intake preview was promising and the intake was okay (I guess). We signed the lot with Søren Jensen leading the intake. We need to develop som youngsters, so we wi
  6. I will get startet as well :-) My attempt will be in Denmark with B1908. The danish league structure is changing with a added 3. division, so if you want to play there you have to check the new league for the 2 promoted teams. Will report back after the first season,
  7. It didn't go as expected, so I'm back in Denmark with my childhood club B1908 (Boldklubben 1908). Already halfway through the first season, so it looks promising.
  8. I will try this again after a long break from the challenge. Last time I was in Denmark now it will be England. I haven't chosen a club in advance - but would really like a club from London. I'll report back after first season. EDIT: The club will be Kingstonian
  9. I'll try again this year. Determined to complete the challenge in my home country Denmark. Hoping to get my childhood club Boldklubben 1908 (B1908).
  10. So I'm going to try again with my own "youth club". Game is loaded and ready for me after work :-)
  11. I've been searching for a DB file that works with the latest update. @Hatton90 can you help me with a link ? :-)
  12. I'm going to try again - this time in Italy and Lupa Roma (if they get promoted at some point)
  13. B1908 - Denmark season 1 Manager Profile - League table - Facilities - Transfers Danish Cup Not much to report about because it was an early exit to Næstved from the division above us. Danish 2. division We started of like a dream with 5 wins with a 4-2-3-1 wide tactic. Then some bad matches witch almost broke the morale on team. Luckily we manage to turn things around with a combination of a 4-4-2 tactic at home and a 5-2-1-2 away. Very surprisingly our oppositions couldn't read our game, so we could call ourselves champions of the 2. division. The
  14. It's time for me to join this challenge again I've chosen to do this in Denmark with Boldklubben 1908 (B1908). It is actually the club were I kicked my first football back in the early 90's. Manager Profile Facilities The club is seeded to end up at 9th place, so hopefully we can stay out of the relegation battle.
  15. After reading the latest progress from you guys, I have decided to give it a go once again I will try my own country (Denmark) and the club I have chosen is Boldklubben 1908 (B1908). Manager Profile - Finance - Facilities - Transfer
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