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  1. I'll try again this year. Determined to complete the challenge in my home country Denmark. Hoping to get my childhood club Boldklubben 1908 (B1908).
  2. Part time clubs (Kolding & Hvidovre) in the danish 1. division - can't sign players or renew contracts on part time only amateur contracts. Both clubs have available transfer and wage budget.
  3. So I'm going to try again with my own "youth club". Game is loaded and ready for me after work :-)
  4. I've been searching for a DB file that works with the latest update. @Hatton90 can you help me with a link ? :-)
  5. I'm going to try again - this time in Italy and Lupa Roma (if they get promoted at some point)
  6. B1908 - Denmark season 1 Manager Profile - League table - Facilities - Transfers Danish Cup Not much to report about because it was an early exit to Næstved from the division above us. Danish 2. division We started of like a dream with 5 wins with a 4-2-3-1 wide tactic. Then some bad matches witch almost broke the morale on team. Luckily we manage to turn things around with a combination of a 4-4-2 tactic at home and a 5-2-1-2 away. Very surprisingly our oppositions couldn't read our game, so we could call ourselves champions of the 2. division. The team was carried by Simon Sinkjær who scored some crucial goals and then there is this guy - Mikkel Knudstrup. He was an absolut monster on the left side, no matter the position. Youth intake We had a decent youth intake with a couple exiting talents. One guy was even ready for first team football right away. Peter Nielsen Hartmann We signed all youth candidates - hopefully there are some hidden potential in some of them. Next season Promotion came to early in my opinion, so it will be a long hard season to avoid relegation. Hopefully we can earn some cash in the 1. division. Pray for a decent winger in next YI.
  7. It's time for me to join this challenge again I've chosen to do this in Denmark with Boldklubben 1908 (B1908). It is actually the club were I kicked my first football back in the early 90's. Manager Profile Facilities The club is seeded to end up at 9th place, so hopefully we can stay out of the relegation battle.
  8. After reading the latest progress from you guys, I have decided to give it a go once again I will try my own country (Denmark) and the club I have chosen is Boldklubben 1908 (B1908). Manager Profile - Finance - Facilities - Transfer
  9. It didn't work out in Scotland, because there are no youth or reserve team in the club :-( Don't know if it's a bug or a mistake in the simulation from my side. Instead I will try out with Merthyr Town in England. Profile - Facilities - Finances - Transfers
  10. I knew that I eventually would end up here again :-) Again I will try to complete the challenge with East Stirlingshire in Scotland. Profile - Squad - Facilities - Finances - Transfers
  11. East Stirlingshire 5. season League table - Finances - Player stats - Awards - Facilities - Transfers - Manager profile The League What an amazing season. We started of really slow but a tactic change to 4-4-2 build some momentum and we managed to win the league after missing promotion in playoffs a couple of times. The main problem at the moment is that we are losing our best players to very low fees. Hopefully league 1 will help a little bit. There's nothing really to tell about in the cups, because I chose to play with the reserves, to stay competitive in the league. The youth This years intake was really nice again. Nicky Low looks like the biggest talent of the lot, so I will only highlight him for now. Others will be introduced when/if they make the first team. Callum Marsh - He doesn't want to sign a new contract but hasn't left the club despite expiry. Hopefully I can convince him to stay but he seems like a lost cause. Gordon Ferguson - Continues to be our main GK. His development has slowed down but still going forward. John McLeod - Same story as the other seasons - slow but steady Greg McGrandles - Really good season from the talented player. Unfortunately his contact is expiring in the coming season and he's refusing to resign at the moment. Expectations Survival and try to keep our good young players or at least get some decent money for them.
  12. Nice! Looking forward to read about it in your next update :-)
  13. Just lost Stuart Mckenzie (LB) to a low fee agian Luckily there is a 50% of potential next transfer clause
  14. East Stirlingshire 4. season League table - Finances - Player stats - Awards - Facilities - Transfers - Manager profile The League The goal was making the playoffs and we that's what we did. A very satisfying 4th place was secured in the last match against our rivals Stenhousemuir. Unfortunately we lost again in the first round of the promotion playoffs. We had quite nice cup run until the fourth round in the scottish cup where Dundee FC from the premiership used 2 matches to beat us. The youth Once again we had a nice intake with a lot of talent. I've chosen these 4 to highlight: Alan Aitken, Stevie Ross, Frank McKay and James Mullin. Here are some of the previous highlighted players + a few whos has emerged as first team players: Gordon Ferguson - He continues to impress as our main GK. Stuart McKenzie - Our new left back from 2nd year intake Greg McGrandles - He went under the my radar when he came through in the third season. Suddenly he had developed into one of our best players and are popular guy for premiership outfits Hibernians. Brian Walker - We lost Lewis Murray for almost nothing and this guy really stepped up to be the main striker Callum Marsh - He has really step up a notch and is now the owner of the assist record in League 2 John McLeod - Continues to develop quite nice Expectations Playoffs again everything less will be a huge disappointment.
  15. East Stirlingshire 3. season League table - Finances - Player stats - Facilities - Transfers - Manager profile The League We came in at a disappointing 7th place again - but with lesser points than the previous season. On the positive note were a lot of youngsters in the 1st team, so hopefully it will help in the long run. The youth This years intake were amazing with a lot of talented players for the level we are at. The one stands out the most were Lewis Murray who scored his first goal for the club in his debut. Unfortunately we lost James Donaldson, who had played very well, for a ridiculously board approved 20 K fee to Hearts. John McLeod from the first year intake are developing slow but in the right direction. He has been in and around the first team for most of the time. Callum Marsh from 1st year are developing quite well and are really starting to attract higher division clubs. Gordon Ferguson has taken over GK job and are turning in to a really nice last man. Until now there no interest from bigger clubs and hopefully he will stay for years to come. Expectations Hopefully we can move forward in the coming season. Personally I want the team ending up in playoffs og very near. The board has settled with a mid table finish again.
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