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  1. I assume you’ll only get these two if Africa is loaded but there both worth it at RC Abidjan Jean N’Guessan- 16yo mc Brahima Ouattara- 20yo amc
  2. Found it in the end and other people are having the same problems.
  3. I also am having this problem two players tied in November but can’t send them on holiday, nor is there a physio recommendation.
  4. Just to add to sporadicsmiles giving lower wages but bigger signing on fees, they always go for it iv changed my squad completely doing this.
  5. Has the holiday option on the physio screen been removed so we can only rest tied players instead of sending them on holiday for a week or does this sound like a bug? If it is a bug could someone tell which part of the bugs forum it should go, thanks.
  6. If anything I think it’s faster and smoother the fm19 and I only have 0.5 of a star due to my data base size.
  7. Fm2020 Something I thought I’d never need to ask but how do you adjust a players squad status e.g. wanting to make a current first team player a back up player. I have looked everywhere I can think of but can’t find it any help would be great.
  8. I am worried about this at smaller clubs. I only ever looked at the upcoming year as a small club. Like you say the turn around time for players you never know what’s going to happen. I also hope it’s not a case of you didn’t achieve you set goal, you end up getting the sack, sometimes you get on a good cup run, or at bigger clubs dropping into the europa league may give you a better chance of winning something in Europe. I like the new features I just hope there implemented properly.
  9. Hi, I always use Max players and most leagues, countries I know I won’t manage in I just on view only. Its the only way to play in my opinion there’s just so many options you can find players no one knows about new wonder kids and finding staff is a lot easier. It’s because I hardly manage in the top leagues anymore done it so often it doesn’t appeal to me. So going a team in Slovenia and buying in a no mark from chile for 34k who scores 52 goal in one season winning you the league and sending you into the champ league for the first time is great. The Problem for people is the time it takes. I’m lucky enough to have a top end machine (a desktop I won’t use a lap top not powerful enough) and it’s quick until you get to 14-15 seasons in, but it doesn’t slow down enough to put me off. A lot of people want a quick game at a big club buying the big players that’s great but iv played this game since 1992 when it stated as CM and I don’t do that anymore, so if you want to change a club from top to bottom you need to be able to find all the players and staff to help you. Unless you want to move all over the world managing. Iv done that before once ended up as the u19 guinea manager that was hard, but interesting. The cons is just the time thing it can take me about 12 hours to do a season after about 10 seasons so it’s still not slow. There’s a big list of pros but give it a go and I think fm2020 you’ll be doing the same max league almost half a million players and staff ect it’s great.
  10. Every year for the past 8 or 9 years iv started with Levski Sofia so probably start with them again but definitely revisit Hadjuk Split and Kilmarnock, by far my most interesting and exciting saves on fm19. Metallimuse, Eamon Brophy on fm19 up front by himself was top goal scorer for three seasons in a row so if you do go Killi keep hold of him.
  11. Hi, does anyone know how part time scouts become full time or where I can request this. I’m a professional club but my reserve coach’s and scouts are all on part time contracts and I have no idea we’re to or how to change this. thanks in advance.
  12. Got to be Belgium for me, no foreign rule at all I love getting no marks in from all over, sell them on for a profit and it’s always a challenge to get into Europe as there’s five or six teams better then myself. Hardest part is finding the home grown players to field.
  13. I’m in Kilmarnock in my 4th season and most clubs have youth and reserve staff St. Mirren only have 4 youth staff but most other clubs have 6 or seven.
  14. Hi iv played this game before it was FM back to when it started so I know we’re your coming from sometimes it does get repetitive. You say you’ve been to the minnow leagues of Eastern Europe but how low is that. What about Slovenia or Slovakia second division, that’s quite hard no matter we’re you finish there’s never any money. Trying to get into Europe is tough the qualifiers are hard. What about closer to home wales is a good save there are some teams that aren’t even professional, try and get them into Europe iv done it once and have tried it on several occasions it was hard enough getting made professional. Also you could try a similar go in Ireland. I have recently tried what Piperita said and enjoyed it also took over the Indian national team while I was waiting for jobs to become available, I spent a year and a half that was good qualified for the WC. Taking over as Piperita says everything’s a mess and if you get into a job after January you only got a short time and no transfer window to sort it out. At one point I was Southport manger/Indian manager.
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