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  1. Currently in Belgium and not checked other leagues but away games take two days to travel back from, it’s playing havoc with my training schedules, not seen anything else like this anywhere think it’s a bug.
  2. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knew of any good set piece takers (I.e. corners&free kicks (I have penalty takers)). The other thing is it needs to be cheap am talking less then £3m, any suggestions would be great.
  3. I got him at Kilmarnock and like rockpie said played him lone advanced forward was my top goal scorer 36 first season. I used inside forwards on the wings and at one point had to play him out on the right wing which he played 8 games and got 5 goals.
  4. Hi, if you go to tactics and to ‘out of possession’ there’s a box on the left hand side to select which changes your teams tactics to ease off tackles as for individual players I’m not aware of one. Hope this helps.
  5. Am doing the same thing mate but at Kilmarnock. Some players you might not know about who are cheap or free. Jordan Mutch, Darren Flechter, Miles Jedinak all free the later two are in the 30’s but will last a season. Mutch is very good. Jack Byrne at shamrock is free in December and Lawrence Shankland (think that’s right) at Dundee Utd free end of the first season. As for your scouting the above is best go for trials, the three players on the above list (free players) ask for less money if you get them on trial first. As I said I’m having the same problem my staff are part time and I have
  6. Does anyone know how you can get the board to change from part time scouts to full time. I Had no idea on fm19 and I still have no idea. Thanks in advance.
  7. HNK Rijeka are a good side very good youth set up. Like a lot of Eastern European nations to start you’ll need to look within your league. Rijeka aren’t a top team but have a little bit of cash. One massive benefit is Croatia don’t have a work permit system, you have a foreign limit 7 I think, but they can come from anywhere. My advice apart from looking within your league is get Alex Varas a scout he knows all the lesser nations in South America. You’ll find bargains. If you have a high spec machine also load the MLS league as a playable league. You can get lots of free players who are good e
  8. I’d advise Croatia, if you like building up a team this is the place to go. You need a wide range of players though. You won’t have the likes of Pogba and such moving to Croatia. Dinamo obviously the strongest side with cash, facilities but I have noticed half the team get bought first season so thats good. Hadjuk come second (I had a fantastic 12 year go on the last FM) good side very good youth set up. Then there the rest....there all decent with good youth prospects. It’s very hard to get to the champions league and europa cup is a big ask if your neither of the big two but one or two seaso
  9. I had a player blocked at the beginning of my 2nd season but it explained that the price for said player was to much.
  10. How long did you scout the player for, what we’re the scouts attributes it may be he was just wrong or he didn’t have enough time to scout him to come to the right conclusion.
  11. I was the same for me Holland Belgium France ect ect ect. I got to the point we’re i thought time to leave the game alone for a while. Then a few years ago I stumbled across some stories about Eastern Europe you get the champions league but with new leagues. Basically I don’t bother with anywhere else apart from the occasional lower league or welsh league game. There great new rules massively new players very unlikely a big name player will go to Belarus. It’s hard you need to improve the whole league not just your club. If you find yourself with no good ideas just go to Eastern Europe have a
  12. Usually do two saves possibly three if I achieve everything I want. FM19 I got 1300hrs all on two saves and done 16 seasons in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 and 22 seasons in Croatia 🇭🇷. As you can tell I do like a challenge.
  13. I assume you’ll only get these two if Africa is loaded but there both worth it at RC Abidjan Jean N’Guessan- 16yo mc Brahima Ouattara- 20yo amc
  14. Found it in the end and other people are having the same problems.
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