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  1. Hi was wondering if anyone knew how reputation works in game. Obviously you get league rep, and club rep, but the league rep has slightly improved and my club rep should have improved as iv recently won my league and got to the last sixteen in the champions league. The reason I ask is I still can’t attract any better calibre of players. It’s always no marks from south/Central America. So I would like to know how to improve the club more and how to improve the league, any ideas. The club is Hadjuk Split.
  2. I think I’ll go for what you said. I played as u19 manager of Croatia a few years ago and enjoyed it so thought I’d give it another go but haven’t been hired. How do you appoint yourself as the u23 coach. Also is there competions you can actually enter at this level or do I have to look at the younger sides u19, u20’s. Thanks.
  3. Does anyone know if it’s possible to manage u23 and u19 in fm19. I was able to apply for 4 jobs but nothing has happened there still available they still say iv applied but it’s been 7 months surly the selection process should have ended by know, I mean how many people want the Costa Rican u19 side. Thanks in advance for any information.
  4. Very good transfer window I know that bastian very well he retired and is currently on my staff a Hadjuk Split. He was my stalwart in midfield. I know most of the names as well on your list. Vallejo from real becomes available after a few season check him he’s fantastic. Let me know how it all goes good luck.
  5. That’s going to be a short season in the prem for you. You might be able to get your key loans back, possibly sign one of two of the other loans as your actual players, and raid the frees see if you can put something together. There’s a striker in Serbia called Dejan Joveljic I got him to Tranmere kept me in the prem single handed. Wasn’t that expensive either. Sometimes doesn’t get a work permit though.
  6. Another fantastic article which definitely gave me food for thought. After one of you previous articles I turned my Hadjuk Split into europa league champions (funnily enough beating Frankfurt but at this point Rebic and Jovic had left, Haller was injured). But now anything after the group stages of the champions league are to far. Also the list you stated non of these players would be willing to join me but if I can find someone with similar stats young enough to train. I maybe able to make in rounds in the competition. So keep up the good work because iv been playing this game and CM before it since it started but your advice is invaluable.
  7. On the fm19 version was just last night 4-0 down to shelbourne in the Rep Ireland league to win 5-4 at 90 mins. My first three goals came in eight minutes.
  8. Dejan Joveljic Serbia u21 international get him start of the first season for his asking price.
  9. Hi as it states above iv started in Ireland and was wondering if anyone else has been here and if there are any players I should be looking out for. Obviously using the winter update so it’s harder again to find players. Anyone any idea’s got the max database so everyone will be on there. Thanks.
  10. Hi, like FranzT said either watch the extended highlights or you can see the match info at the end of the game. See shots on/off target, weather you had enough possession it’s all there, you could decide who’s fault it is from there.
  11. Iv got a top end machine mate and I just can’t see a season an hour.
  12. Plenty of poor clubs in Belgium Cercle Brugge and royal mouscron, are two spring to mind. I had a good few seasons with Cercle Brugge large stadium helps. Remember though the new update out soon so just hold on that’s what am waiting on.
  13. Lewis I have played this game since 1992 before it was FM. Never had a problem till fm19 I not been able to get a formation working at all, until I read a thread on the tactics forum. Go on there on the first page there’s a thread called Flipping the Bus Upside Down: How to win as an underdog. i am now in my fifth season and iv won a few cups still trying for the league. But read what the crusadertsar says it’s help me so much. And inverted wingbacks 👍🏻. You’ll understand when you read his post.
  14. Thanks to all you guys and especially crusadertsar for a fantastic post. I have been trying to get a long term save for two months now and can’t seem to get a win. I only use lower level sides Eastern Europe especially Croatia 🇭🇷 is a favourite of mine. This time though am going to Scotland Hamilton in fact. I’m predicted to go down and if these tactics work I’m hoping for a mid table finish. Looking forward to trying inverted wing backs for the first time.
  15. 8-1 to Sevilla in Uefa Cup. Had to play my reserves though wanted the Croatian league more.
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