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  1. One of the things that’s annoyed me for a while on fm. Just take the cash while it’s there we need this expansion. I also don’t like it when a project gets cancelled and you have to redo it all again, so 11 months down the line building new training facilities and it’s gets cancelled so we’re does the buildings training pitches disappear to?? It’s would be more realistic and that’s what SI are after if instead of being shelved being postponed until further funds were found.
  2. Hi shizzo I found that players will take a wage cut and move you just have to give them a slightly larger signing on fee and be in a half decent league. Am currently in Belgian and you can get good players there have to give them the increased signing on fee though. Was in Croatia for a while no one wanted to go there really struggled but you can get them just give them more money.
  3. Hi, Hovis Dexter pretty much said everything I could think of but a tip, you could warn him about his improvement, but it not a long term option. I also read something on one of the forums and players up to the age of 20 come on leaps and bounds after that they still improve but not at the same rate which is what you’ve explained.
  4. You didn’t say you wanted to edit your assignments, but yes you have to create a new one from scratch. Quick question how did you get 25 scouts just keep asking or are you ac Milan they have a lot of scouts. The most iv had is 11.
  5. You don’t have to if you click on edit assignment and go to start assignment it’ll restart it.
  6. SpikeHughes

    More calendar capabilities

    I like that idea, also more detail on the calendar, what day are bounty’s given out, when day do we decide the captains and vice captains ect. Pain in the arse if you go on holiday and miss these dates.
  7. With you guys pull it out I don’t use it one bit I land on my news screen and don’t pay any attention to it. I find it pointless doesn’t improve the game.
  8. SpikeHughes

    World Cup Save

    I think the easiest way it start Russia or the Swedish league and you can choose jan 2018 to start in and then like Carninho said go on holiday to your desired point then take over who ever.
  9. SpikeHughes

    Role Ratings

    That looks useful glad I stubled onto this page.
  10. Just wondering would it be a nice option to be able to send yourself on a foreign language course to either pick up the language in another contry quicker or do it before you try and move to another country, also would benefit some of your players who arrive who are foreign. I know over time you do learn it in game but as the manager you can send the players on language courses just not yourself.
  11. SpikeHughes

    Small Suggestions

    Hi Andy I agree with the “in sure you’ll be wanting me for something else soon” does p**s me off especially when it’s done by some jumped up 17 year old. If there no particularly good I try and terminate there contract haha. Your third point how ever I’m sure you can do it if you go on to the filter page on staff go to include and you can decide what staff you want to search for u19, u21 ect.
  12. SpikeHughes

    Contracts and interaction

    Are you stuck as a amature club or is it though choice you don’t want to go semi pro or professional.
  13. SpikeHughes

    Contracts and interaction

    I think the international interaction is a fantastic idea I would love to see that in fm. I also like we’re your going with the part time to full time contracts.
  14. More needs to be done with the international teams, Iv just took Brazil from qualifying to WC final but there’s so many things that you should be able to yet can’t. Praising a player after good game can’t do that why? Stopping players training (due to tiredness at tournaments), or adjusting training of any sort can’t do it (so you go on international duty and don’t train?). Staff reports can’t get them says you need an assistant manager, I have two pick one. Picking players is awkward as well the way it’s intergrated to your clubs search players is stupid. Makes it so awkward and gets to a point we’re its hardly worth doing because finding players is so difficult. Not so much with nations like Brazil as I have coach’s and scouts in Brazil, but being the Gambian U21 manager finding players is hard no coach or scout that knows anything about Gambia.
  15. SpikeHughes

    (Suggestion) Finances

    Indeed complete control rule my club with an iron fist.