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  1. Outrageous Schedule

    Surly it’s a bug
  2. Deisler when do you think your next instalment of your career will be?
  3. Some really good prospects there. I’m in League2 so have no chance of feeder clubs abroad. Just trying to improve my facilities but money is tight.
  4. Any chance of a screen shot then?
  5. Lost the dressing room?

    That’s what I have active promises to get promoted and on course to do that. At the end of the season McNulty’s contract expires and I was thinking about extending it but oh well he can just <snip>
  6. Lost the dressing room?

    That might be it but it’s taken half a season for him to kick off. I always start with no licences and Sunday league history. I just feel anything else is just cheating. May have to change my view on that.
  7. Lost the dressing room?

    No nothing that’s what I find odd.
  8. Hi guys, Im halfway though the season with Tranmere Rovers and am sitting 2nd two points off top and my captain Steve McNulty says iv lost the dressing room. I don’t know how I haven’t done anything he just decided that I have. Anyway I was wondering if anyone has had this and more importantly how do I fix it??
  9. Good start to the new season good to see Groenveld still scoring. Also well done with the lötters deal. Look forward to hearing about the rest of the season.
  10. Worst moment in FM career

    Missed automatic promotion three seasons on the trot and also beaten in the playoffs another season in the national league ☹️
  11. Money in Spain

    Not that great as far as I remember, but there’s always someone you can sell. If you want any ideas have a look at Malaga I had a fantastic save with them on the last fm.
  12. Stadium Expansion Unavailable

    Remember if you recently asked the board about expanding it takes a few weeks before it becomes available again. I had a similar problem on the last FM so I assume no change, after a year and year and a half of asking the board caved and started on a new stadium, took me into £80m of debt. So be carful what you ask for.
  13. Pick that out, what a goal to clinch the title.
  14. [FM18] Just a career

    Just read up from your start interesting, follow this career, good look with Newport.
  15. Some return that this season. Might have a fight to keep him out the Eredivisie.