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  1. Now it is working fine. Thank you so much
  2. Good evening, I downloaded and installed FM17 via Steam. When I try to start it the game freezes with a black screen and the loading cursor item. In another window a notification appears that says "Application Error: A serious error was encountered and the application will close. An error file has been generated in ..." My operating system is Windows 10, I updated all programs to the latest version. I also tried removing cache and preferences. I also couldn't find any of the possibly interfering programs that were mentioned in the steam workshop. I already downloaded the special DirectX installer from the microsoft side that was mentioned in other threads. I will attach the latest created error file. FM 2017 v17.1.2.903032 (2016.11.24 17.58.28).dmp
  3. Good afternoon, I am currently also facing the problem that I can't launch FM17. I purchased the key for it online and validated it via steam where the game is stored in my library. I already tried deleting the cache and the preferences. I also have Directx installed. I also tried verifying the local data after deleting cache and preferences. All other programs are updated to the latest version I could find. All system components are better than the minimum requirements. I also looked up the list of possible interfering programms in steam workshop and couldn't find any of them installed on my pc. The location of my steam account and also the IP where I am located is Germany. I am not operating any VPN channels. When I try to launch the game it freezes with a black screen while loading and in the background the following error notification is displayed:"Application Error:A serious error was encountered and the application will close. An error file was generated in XYZ. Please accept the inconvenience..." I will attach the latest error file that was created. Thanks in Advance, kofroehl FM 2017 v17.1.2.903032 (2016.11.23 14.48.29).dmp
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