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  1. They can't. Because people will expect the teams to be correct in terms of player and staff names and right ability ratings for each of their backyard superstars. In a fan-made db this doesn't matter. At least you get to play your team, even if it's not with the right players, but if it's in the game it "has" to be "correct". So they'd have to scout all players in each league, rate them and then figure out ways to make sure the whole thing is balanced. This is pretty much impossible. As much as I like LLM - especially this one down to lvl 22. There's a point where the leagues are pretty much the same in terms of ability, that's why it's so easy to gain back to back to back promotions in the lowest tears. The stats for the players at lvl 15 are the same as the ones for lvl 22. I found that even the league reputation gets out of whack, where their rankings are not in order.
  2. it does, and the longer you play the bigger the number will get. Can't do much about it, except to remove the lower leagues you've already cleared on your way up to keep it as clean as you can.
  3. The new Tactics screen is nice and all. However, I'm having an issue with my match day view. Every time I get to match day (or I want to do anything in tactics) the columns get resized. So I always have to right click -> auto-size all columns. I'd really love to see a way to Lock views down, so they stop adjusting no matter what. It would also be a great feature, so you don't accidentally remove a column in you squad view or something and screw up your views. Thanks!
  4. Hey I wanted to look into some of my replays, but I found it to be quite the pain in the butt to move around. I couldn't find any hotkeys either in the settings. Are there really no hotkeys to rewind/forward and skip to previous / next highlights?! Or at least have the option to always show the buttons and not hide them whenever you press pause...
  5. 2017 / 2018 Preview Squad Main Squad: Under 21s: Under 19s: Transfers n/a Media Prediction
  6. Back to Glory I: Der Glubb I won't bore you with the whole history of "the club". But you should know that they held the record of most German championships won for over 60 years up until 1987! Their success goes a long way back. They won 8 of their 9 championships before the Bundesliga was the top flight in Germany. They only won the Bundesliga once. That was in 1968. But they also hold other records as well... They're the only team that ever got relegated as reigning champions! That was back in 1969. But don't worry, they managed to get relegated in 2008 as reigning German cup winners too! Since 2014/15 they're stuck in the 2. Bundesliga. I think it's time to change that! It's time to get them back to their former glory as one of (if not THE) leading club in Germany. It's going to be a long and bumpy road... My Goals Get promoted to the Bundesliga Fight off Relegation! Win the Bundesliga Don't get relegated as reigning champions! Get into Europe Eventually, win the Champions League And do it all with the clubs own youth intake! Let's see how we'll do...
  7. Oh, alright then... I guess I'll have to give it another go this year... lvl 22 it will be once again
  8. Hey guys! I'd like to reinstate a club that is listed as extinct in the database. The club is Gloria Bistriţa in Romania and the ID is: 1507 There is also the team Gloria II (7545680), which I suspect is supposed to be their 2nd Team, but is not listed under reserve teams. Do I need to manually edit everything individually, or is there a way to copy things over from another club and go from there?
  9. outch! Some things never change... Btw: England is the only nation loaded in my save...
  10. I was wondering if there's any advantage in signing a coach as a fitness coach instead of a regular coach?
  11. Season Recap 2025 / 2026 Head Coach’s season recap Can't hold us down. Another near perfect season. The team worked well together and we have a great system and good morale. The other teams can't compete with our efficiency and our great defense. Results & Tables Youth Intake Transfers out This year we lost a few players, but nothing we couldn't cope with. We're still in good shape and our main squad is as strong as ever, if not even stronger. Full Squad Senior Squad U23s/Reserves English & International Football Season Recap Final Words 1/3 done and still 14 promotions to go. We'll keep on keeping on. Currently, we still don't have competitive youth matches and my players don't develop much. I did rotate the players a bit more in the past couple seasons, but it didn't help much, if at all. With that in mind, I will only play my first 11 again and worry about developing my young talents once we've got a second team with competitive matches. Hopefully it won't be too long.
  12. Yes, 90% of my first team consists of youth intake players. The other two are players that were there when I started the save 9 seasons ago. My ratio should be 100% IMHO. I posted it as a bug, since this doesn't seem to be working the way it should.
  13. Anybody know what this is based upon? My average age of the first team is 20.70. 10/22 players are below 20. Is this based on playing guys that are in my u23 & u18 squads?
  14. This depends on your team, really. If you're playing to stay in the league your average ratings will be worse than if your team is one of the top 3 or even the single dominant team of the league (think PSG, Bayern). However, I handle my ratings the following: - In games: Whenever a player is less than 6.3 he gets benched. Unless I've already subbed two players and/or know I need/want to sub someone else later. But usually it's like that. If a player hits 6.0 or even below I sub him, even if it's the 50th minute and I've got only 1 sub left. He'll generally do more damage than a potentially injured player. - After each game I praise all players that had a rating over 7.5. It bumps up morale and generally makes them happy. I also warn/criticize players that had a rating below 6.5 unless it was a game we were destined to lose, eg. Champions League or Cup against higher ranked teams or top team if we're destined to be relegated. - My main squad has 22 players, 2 for each position (some players can play multiple positions, but I've got a specific first team and a specific second team for each position, just to have 22 players in my first team). On match day I check their last 5 game rating. If the first team player has a bad rating the second stringer will take his place. Generally, every second stringer with a rating of 7+ will start, unless the first team player has an even better / similar rating. Generally speaking for me it's: Last 5 game rating + morale >>> Attributes. No. However, the attributes of the other team's players are generally lower. As in real life, a bad premier league striker could be the best goal-getter in the championship.
  15. Season Recap 2024 / 2025 Head Coach’s season recap Up, up, up and away! We did struggle a bit mid-season but managed to get back on track and win our third title and promotion in a row. We'll profit from our great run and keep it going as long as possible. For now, we're on the right track to success. Oh, what did you hear? We threw the last game just to make sure AFC Hurst will be relegated? Come on now. I mean, their trainer was kind of a dick, but still. We would never do such a thing... Would we? Results & Tables Youth Intake Transfers out Another year with little movement. Our squad is growing ever since. As long as we don't need to pay for the players we'll keep them in the club. Once we can actually sell them or have to pay for them we will start to trim the tribe... Full Squad English & International Football Season Recap Final Words Took a little bit longer for this season to end with the festive days and all. Next season will likely also take a while. We'll be getting some visitors over new year's so no time for FM :-/ Wasn't as excited to play the save during the festive period, but I'll keep sticking with it for now. Can't wait to finally get to the higher tiers and become a semi-pro team.
  16. Yeah, but how? I've got one guy that's Determined with 18 Det. (21 years) A Then I've got one Model Professional that only has 9 Det. (24 years) B And let's just pick a random guy that's balanced and 8 Det. (17 years) C If B tutors A won't A's determination drop to 9? Same thing if A tutors C and then B tutors C. I've had it happen with some of my guys where they had more Det and lost their Det but gained personality. Won't it be the same thing if I first tutor their personalities to high and then increase their Det?
  17. My Chariman would never do such a thing to me. He likes me ... at least for now...
  18. I agree with @phnompenhandy. The hardest part for me is that staff and players can and will move freely. It's not THAT big of a deal if you can just go and get another player in the transfer market. But if you only rely on your youth system this can potentially end in misery. However, it also seems that my guys are very loyal to the club now, since hardly any players left my club in the past seasons. When I played with a free transfer market they weren't as loyal and moved more freely, but it's a lot easier if you can just go and "buy" a new player if you need one for a specific position (for free) than to having to rely on your youth intake. But it's fun! For whatever reason, I keep getting grants of 10k each month. I don't know why, but I think it's due to the clubs takeover a few seasons back. Guess I was just lucky. Thanks! Will try my best
  19. It will be updated if beaten. However, they may require a certain amount of conditions to be met. This might include the amount of days allowed to go on vacation and the database used. I would contact Guiness World records first to give you the requirements for this record. I think you can do this on their website under the current record. It will be a loooong way to go. It's over 150 seasons. And you might consider backing up your save after each season, just to make sure you don't lose your save because of corruption or whatever other reason. Good luck!
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