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  1. They can't. Because people will expect the teams to be correct in terms of player and staff names and right ability ratings for each of their backyard superstars. In a fan-made db this doesn't matter. At least you get to play your team, even if it's not with the right players, but if it's in the game it "has" to be "correct". So they'd have to scout all players in each league, rate them and then figure out ways to make sure the whole thing is balanced. This is pretty much impossible. As much as I like LLM - especially this one down to lvl 22. There's a point where the leagues ar
  2. it does, and the longer you play the bigger the number will get. Can't do much about it, except to remove the lower leagues you've already cleared on your way up to keep it as clean as you can.
  3. Oh, alright then... I guess I'll have to give it another go this year... lvl 22 it will be once again
  4. Hey guys! I'd like to reinstate a club that is listed as extinct in the database. The club is Gloria Bistriţa in Romania and the ID is: 1507 There is also the team Gloria II (7545680), which I suspect is supposed to be their 2nd Team, but is not listed under reserve teams. Do I need to manually edit everything individually, or is there a way to copy things over from another club and go from there?
  5. I was wondering if there's any advantage in signing a coach as a fitness coach instead of a regular coach?
  6. Yes, 90% of my first team consists of youth intake players. The other two are players that were there when I started the save 9 seasons ago. My ratio should be 100% IMHO. I posted it as a bug, since this doesn't seem to be working the way it should.
  7. Anybody know what this is based upon? My average age of the first team is 20.70. 10/22 players are below 20. Is this based on playing guys that are in my u23 & u18 squads?
  8. This depends on your team, really. If you're playing to stay in the league your average ratings will be worse than if your team is one of the top 3 or even the single dominant team of the league (think PSG, Bayern). However, I handle my ratings the following: - In games: Whenever a player is less than 6.3 he gets benched. Unless I've already subbed two players and/or know I need/want to sub someone else later. But usually it's like that. If a player hits 6.0 or even below I sub him, even if it's the 50th minute and I've got only 1 sub left. He'll generally do more damage than a poten
  9. Yeah, but how? I've got one guy that's Determined with 18 Det. (21 years) A Then I've got one Model Professional that only has 9 Det. (24 years) B And let's just pick a random guy that's balanced and 8 Det. (17 years) C If B tutors A won't A's determination drop to 9? Same thing if A tutors C and then B tutors C. I've had it happen with some of my guys where they had more Det and lost their Det but gained personality. Won't it be the same thing if I first tutor their personalities to high and then increase their Det?
  10. Nice season finish! Looks like you're ready for the quarter finals next year. (Although I wouldn't be surprised if you went ahead and just won the whole damn thing next year. The way you're going everything seems possible )
  11. Need some clarification about Tutoring... I'd like to improve my squad in terms of Professionalism, Ambition, and Determination to get the best out of my youngsters. Now, I've got some players that are Fairly Professional and some Professionals. However, they don't have the best Determination, while I've got some players with high Determination but bad personalities. Is there any way to kind of merge them together? If I tutor a Professional Player with a Balanced or Sporting one he'll loose Professionalism and become a Sporting personality as well, right? Same goes with Determination
  12. He will improve over time if you train him in the new role and give him playing time there as well. Some of my players learn their new position & role quickly, while others are lost causes, but I still play them in that role nonetheless. They stack, so you will get a small boost from it. Check out this thread if you want to learn more about training and how to set it up effectively.
  13. 31... Yeah, he's ready to retire and become a Rockstar. I mean, if you get to pick between Milan and Sonic Death Penguin... Nobody would pick Milan. Ever.
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