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  1. Its the same sound used when they released their first 3D match engine back in 2009. Cant find any proof from earlier versions, but sure 2009 was not the first this god awful sound was added.
  2. Does it really matter when all they made after FM17 looks worse, they even forgot how to make the pitch look like a pitch.
  3. I play FM17 today because it looks great and i dont need the stuff they added later. Can anyone tell me why SI would ever make the perfect Football Manager, thats the problem in releasing this game every year you cant make it perfect if you want people wanting for better versions. Lets just admit it, Football manager have no real competition and have gone lazy on their product. Do i need to remind you the game use the sound they added in 2006, not a single improvement after that date.
  4. Can you please improve the overall sound quality in the game? A bit sad when the this is so poorly done you have to turn the sound off.
  5. LOL fake players, these are the players that makes your game unique. Whenever i start a new game, i always let the game run 15 years into the future because i dont care about todays players.
  6. After some forum reading i changed my mentality from positive to cautious and i looks better
  7. Why do i keep losing or draw games i totally own? Lost 1-0
  8. This and ocourse the sound should not be the same when you have 20 K people and 200 people.
  9. Also seen the VAR video and besides the fact the animations look poor, what is that sound you hear in the background. A vacuum cleaner?
  10. Agree about the graphics, but kind of makes me wonder when that crowd sound was introduced
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