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  1. I would suggest, if it buffers or lags, to tone down the graphics detail level. My PC is old and the game always pre-sets the graphics ability too high but if I change it to 'medium' the game in 3D flows better without the niggling lags/glitches.
  2. I play this way now, really lost my love of the game for a while and the best way I could get back into it was to go 'old school' when I loved the game. For me the benefits are: Avoids the 3d ME which is still very poor for a professional game and very unrealistic. Saves time. Allows imagination to be used. I have the speed on 'faster' and it goes quite quick but still gives me enough time to 'imagine' the passage of play.
  3. I can only go on my experience but probably since the last 2 versions of the game I now upload tactics and don't bother creating them myself. Mainly this is due to time constraints as before I always used my own tactics and didn't have to put an awful amount of time into them for them to work reasonably well but now it seems you need to be awfully dedicated and precise to win games. For me the balance between 'gameability' and 'realism' is getting a bit lost in the series as I want realism but not to the degree that I have to have a vast amount of tactical knowledge to play the game and get reasonable results. Everything in moderation would be the way I would go with making tactics important just not imperative.
  4. It's important people share their experiences and frustrations, to the OP I can understand some of what it feels you are trying to portray as effectively the game is the same. I think my frustrations are more that rather than building the game up and tweaking it to further improve it the changes they make year on year at times decrease the appeal of the game or they change aspects that are superfluous to the experience and overlook far bigger problems. I don't mind minor changes if they are improving a core function but the usual '200 changes this year' really is more a marketing ploy than anything else as sometimes if feels they change things just for changing sake. The 3D ME was always going to be a problem when introduced as it has and is nowhere near watching a real game of football representation wise. I would have hoped that the improvements would have been far more drastic than they have but maybe time is needed in that regard. I like the game, I just don't love it anymore.
  5. Just my opinion but this is another aspect of SI failing to understand that this is a game and there is only so much 'realism' you can put into it without affecting the 'gamers' experience. Why not simply let the user who brought the game decide whether they want to mass scout or not? As has previously been noted several times all the change has done is make it more time consuming to mass scout not stopped it. I partly understand why SI would want to 'discourage it' but if they took feedback on board before and changed it maybe they need to consider taking feedback on board again and changing it back! The balance between realism and gamers experience is getting more and more blurred with the series, if I play a sniper game I don't want to have to have had special forces training to be good at it. It is a simulation so obviously needs to be as close to reality as it can without making it onerous and unrealistic for the gamer and i do worry that the more this series goes on the more they are losing sight of that.
  6. My bug bear is Arsenal, in most of the saves I have done they completely dominate the Premier League and in real life they are bottlers.
  7. I certainly have lost love for the game and don't play it as religiously as I once did. For me some of the big issues are what I consider to be 'bloatware' that has just been added and added to advertise '200 new features' every year. 'Less is more' is maybe a thought it would be good for SI to have. The monopoly is an issue, good for SI in one way but bad in another. Stagnation does breed complacency and my question would be what exactly is SI's strategy as it isn't clear to me as a regular purchaser and player of the game. Me personally, and it is only my personal opinion, they need to focus on the core aspects of the game and perfect these as best they can before adding new features that in themselves are of no massive addition to the game and in actual fact at times create more problems than solutions. Focus on the ME, transfer system, AI, Training, Tactics, etc. Work out the core components of the game and really prioritise the focus on these. They have maybe tried to tackle the issue of the complexity of the game by almost creating two via the 'full fat' version and the 'skimmed' version but I really think that is the wrong strategy. A good, concise, focused, prioritised game can be used on all platforms (within reason) without having to take aspects of it out and 'dumbing it down'. There are various ways they can 'educate' their players of the game some of which are used now and maybe better use of new avenues for this would be a good consideration. Overall we all 'love' the game in some way and certainly I have an attachment to it. The love for me started to go when Sega came on board, maybe that was coincidence and to be fair it has also 'improved' in a variety of ways since then too. I think an issue they have struggled with and not yet won is how do they make this niche game into mainstream. The difficulty is loyal players for many years get their game 'pimped up' which isn't what we play it for and 'new comers' seem to find the game completely confusing and frustrating. Difficult medium to bridge but many interviews I have read on celebrities who play the game all seem to mention somewhere that 'it is far too complex now and I don't have time for it'. I hope SI take as many comments as they can constructively as the game does seem to have lost focus, it's like a laser beam, unfocused it is feeble but all the energy focused in the same area and all of a sudden it is powerful. My hope is that SI forget the 'baggage' they have added to the game for many years and 'laser' onto the core aspects that 'make' the game.
  8. The video was interesting and not an area I am that familiar with but he does seem to present common sense solutions and better ways to make the game better. Just slightly touching on how hard/easy the game is, you don't play a Formula 1 racing game and expect to do poorly unless you can drive like a F1 driver, you don't play a shoot em up game expecting to do poorly unless you were trained by the SAS, etc. I think this game is better understanding that it is aiming to replicate football management but always understanding and being aware that the gamer experience is vital and important.
  9. pw75


    I've never really used the 'go on holiday' feature of the game but as the years have gone by and my time has become more limited/the game has a lot of micro managing in it I decided recently that the parts I really enjoy of the game are the transfer windows and the beginning/end of season. Due to this I thought for nearly the first time I would use the holiday feature to get through the parts of the season that I don't enjoy as much. Due to using this feature I just wanted to recommend a new feature to be added that appears to not be there automatically 'come back from holiday if offered new contract'. I went on holiday and had a 1 year contract, came back and had 'signed' a new 2 year contract. Would have liked to have negotiated that myself really so if that feature could be incorporated would make the holiday feature for me at least much better. Thanks
  10. Yes the button already exists but my point is that it is unrealistic in having to implement it yourself. Although not impossible I fee it is improbable that managing a big club side would enable a big international team to also be managed. I guess my point overall rather than get bogged down in the minutiae of the post was that for a person trying international management for the first time it was a massive let down, very unrealistic, and did not enable me to immerse in the 'game world'. Obviously just my opinion and there are user workarounds to some of my concerns but it just feels like SI have made a bit of an effort to enable you to manage internationally then have just walked away from it. Just an opinion maybe for SI to consider and for others to mention their own experiences.
  11. Yes it's a game but surely its a simulation which has an objective of mirroring as much of real life management as possible? Just an opinion but that for it to be more 'real' the option of managing a big team and being international manager are rare so would be nice for the game to consider some alternatives. Maybe have an option in 'options' to turn this feature off if people don't like it just for me made international management a bit of a joke and not real life. Easy way around it was to resign which I did but still. I understand about the wage issue, I guess my point is why isn't something like this included? Just change the code I guess is the answer, unsure how that would affect other things but again it is really unrealistic to have a contract you haven't negotiated, a wage that is never officially confirmed, no bonuses, no term, no strategy , etc. Again for me personally made international management not worthwhile. Just my thoughts as never really played this part of the game and felt very let down.
  12. I was managing Celtic, applied and got the England managers position (after Allardyce and Ranieri had a go but didn't do that well over the years). Strangely the game allowed me to also manage Celtic at the same time (I very rarely manage internationally) and although I was aware of this it feels a bit weird and very unlikely to happen in 'real life' I wondered what people's opinions were and wondered if maybe a good addition would be the Board speaking to you and giving ultimatums, i.e. if you manage that international team you can't also manage us? I guess as a user having the opportunity to continue with your league game is good but it did affect the realism for me (I resigned from Celtic anyway). Also another issue that made managing internationally very odd was that I never got interviewed for the job (just given it), have never really been notified of my wage (other than a news item stating it is anticipated I am on £81,000 per week), I have never been given a term of my contract in regards to how many years I have been given, and my wages don't seem to be adding up to my 'career earnings'. Now obviously these aren't major issues but in a football manager simulation I kinda want to feel like a manager and these additions must be so simple to implement as they are in the game anyway just not internationally. Just felt a bit of a let down getting the job and the game not really working in the manner I expected almost like international management was an add-on that SI had forgot about! Would really like these small amendments to be made for future versions (at least the ones about the wages/contract/interview) otherwise it feels a bit of a let down and this should be the pinnacle of my 'fantasy' football management career! If I have misinterpreted how the game works or maybe missed things let me know but I wonder how other people feel when managing internationally? Thanks
  13. From what I can remember on the social feed tab you can decide to just have news items come up rather than all the 'tweets' but in the actual inbox tab I couldn't see anywhere about formatting your inbox, i.e. customising exactly what comes into the inbox. The weird thing is that when you are unemployed the job changes do come into the inbox so there must be a setting somewhere that can allow this when you are employed but maybe it isn't customisable for the user just something programed direct into the game. Kind of strange when so many other aspects of the game can be amended and changed when this can't as for me to get into a game I always set up the 'screen flow' to show the main trophy results and the main European leagues to keep myself in tune with the virtual world and another way of doing this is making sure I am aware of the manager comings and goings.
  14. Ok guys thanks for replying. Does seem a weird anomaly to not allow the inbox to receive these, nothing worse than seeing Arsenal for once winning the title a few seasons in a row and thinking that Wenger has finally got them clicking to then realise Guardiola is at the helm as Man City sacked him 5 months into his new job with them!
  15. On FM17 is there any way to change what comes into your inbox compared to what goes to the 'social feed' box? The main issue I am having is that for game immersion I like to know when managers are sacked and appointed, when I am unemployed these messages come into my inbox just like they did in FM16 but when I am employed they stop coming into my inbox and only show up via the 'social feed' box which I am not a fan of as it doesn't come up with all the info I like to read immediately and instead you have to click on it to read it which bores me. So the question I am asking is can I have the managerial changes come into my inbox all the time not just when I am unemployed as I have looked for a setting everywhere but can't find one. Thanks
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