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  1. Yeah trying to immerse yourself in the game when you are by and far the most successful manager around yet your current team offers you a contract no-where near acceptable with no negotiation flexibility (then when you leave they appoint someone with a far worse record on more than you were on) or a new club approach you and again offer you a wage that isn't to the standard you are at but give no negotiation flexibility and then again appoint someone with a far worse record but on more money than they ever offered you. I appreciate it isn't a gamebreaker for most but the immersion over a long career is lost and previous FM versions never had this problem. Just frustrating and quite a basic area you would expect a fix could easily be applied (especially as in my most recent save Mark Warburton became the England manager after Championship mediocrity so its not like manager appointments are exactly perfect)!
  2. No negotiation allowed for manager contracts. The above is small but a bug bear for me. I am one of the most successful managers in my game winning numerous trophies with numerous teams. Yet every time my existing team or a new club wants to negotiate a contract i find there is hardly any movement at all from what they originally offer. The wage is rarely if ever increased, trying to add extra clauses are never agreed, and shortening the length of the contract (to minimise the clubs financial risk) or adding a % increase per year reduces the wage they offer drastically.
  3. I'm finding Cerber v3 and Shield Wall v1 very effective at the moment. It might be that as time has gone and I have now been promoted to Man Utd manager it has got easier due to the better players I have but I do feel these two tactics with the current ME offer a really good return (currently with MUFC got a 77% win ratio and coming towards the end of the season). I would say that Fury v1 is very hit and miss for me though. I normally seem to increase the likelihood of conceding far higher than scoring so I use it rarely and only if desperate. Thanks for all the work TFF as this version of FM has been a bit of a struggle in finding the right tactics to offer very good regular returns.
  4. Got to say for me Raider v4 from the start, Phoenix v4 if behind, and time wasting tactic if ahead was just starting to give me good results. Think I'm gong to stay with the above as before that my results were pants! Be interesting to see the new tactics and how they fare though.
  5. Spurs are now 15th, onwards and upwards! Using Raider v4 and better results and feel of a game so far.
  6. TFF are you absolutely sure Punisher/Pyromancer are the best ranked? I've used your tactics for the last few years and although this FM version has been very up and down with consistency of tactics I've managed to overachieve with the teams I have managed. Destroyer v3 was a decent tactic and worked relatively well but as mentioned before Punisher v1 has been absolutely terrible for my Spurs team (W1, D7, L7). My team fits the tactics reasonably well and its not a bad squad but I find with Punisher v1 I might have 8 or 9 shots per game whereas with Destroyer v3 it was 15-25+. Maybe its just worked that way for me but it feels like these newer tactics are massively weaker. Not sure how others are finding them!
  7. I'm finding Punisher and all the new tactics pants for me. I'm Spurs and in the relegation zone!
  8. Personally I can't use Destroyer v1 as it just wasn't working at all for me so I've come off the beta and back with raptor v4 which has decent (ish) results for me. Definitely finding this version much more difficult to find any rhythm or consistency and I think from what i have seen it is more about 'over-achieving' rather than 'demolishing' teams/leagues you are in. Hope any new versions are able to show a bit more consistency especially if you aren't one of the big teams.
  9. Hi TFF I had very good results with Raptor with each version when released in general but did struggle a bit away from home and had patches where my form was a bit dodgy. Only played the last few games with Raptor v4, won 3 and lost 1 and got Derby promoted from the Championship in 2020/21 as runners up when predicted to finish 11th and finished 15th the season before. Early days with v4 but it did seem better to me so thanks again for all your work on the tactics and making it easier for people like me to enjoy the game.
  10. Just a quick update to say that Raptor for me is the closest I have come on FM20 to Gladiator that you had for FM19 TFF results wise. It has given me a bit more love for FM20 as the tactic is great and I am having some very good results overall (9 games into the Championship and 1st with Derby County after finishing 15th season before). Other thing I would say is that this tactic, unlike all others I tried, actually gets the strikers scoring! Thanks TFF.
  11. I think the tactics tables can be very misleading, I used the FM Base table and the top two tactics on there and both were very disappointing whereas (so far) using Raptor (and Zeus v5 before it) I have had far better results.
  12. Cheers mate played Zeus for a few games with decent results but now switched to Raptor for last game of season as Derby and we beat Birmingham City 4-0 away. Gonna keep with Raptor and hope it gives me some enjoyment and some decent success or at least over achievement!
  13. Hi TFF Just wanted to say that you made FM19 for me and I loved the Gladiator tactic as I had about a 70% win ratio with it with a variety of teams. I haven't found any tactic for FM20 that is anywhere near effective but I'm gonna give Zeus a try and hope it makes this game a bit more playable for me. In relation to the 'controversy' I can only make my own personal comments which are that you made a mistake, you acknowledged it, hopefully have learnt from it and we all move on. No-one died and this world should be about forgiveness and a measured response which from SI appears to have occurred so fair play to them. Keep up the good work.
  14. I would suggest, if it buffers or lags, to tone down the graphics detail level. My PC is old and the game always pre-sets the graphics ability too high but if I change it to 'medium' the game in 3D flows better without the niggling lags/glitches.
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