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  1. 2031/2032 review Manager profile | Squad | U18 squad | Matches 1/2 | Top scorer (Paesch 30A) | Hot prospect (Sambo 32A) | Youth intake | Table Another highly successful year for Kozakken Boys. Last year's debut season in the Eredivisie was followed by an impressive 6th place and play-off matches for European participation. AZ, however, knocked us out in the semifinals 4-3, but that does not spoil the impression of a club in rapid progress. In addition to the results on the field, it was also the year in which we sold two large profiles for record amounts in the January window. O
  2. 2030/2031 review Manager profile | Squad | U18 squad | Matches | Top scorer (Ampofo 27A) | Hot prospect (Paesch 30A) | Youth intake | Table Now it's starting to look like something serious. We have survived our first season in the Eredivisie, even with some memorable results; 2-1 against the later champions Ajax, 2-0 against AZ, 3-1 away against Utrecht and 2-2 against Feyenoord. However, the results were not always with us against the smaller teams, but a 14th place, along with a quarter-final in the cup, is certainly more than approved. I've tweaked the tactics a bit after rea
  3. 2029/2030 review Manager profile | Squad | U18 squad | Matches | Best avg. (Mulder 26A) | Hot prospect (Koenders 29A) | Youth intake | Table We did it! I had the feeling that a good outcome could be expected this year, as we now have talent in all positions and everyone continues to develop. The play-off seemed realistic, but instead we got a promotion on the penultimate matchday. Is it possible at all to stay up in the Eredivisie? I doubt it - and many of our players may want to leave if we move down again. On the other hand, there is a lot of income to be gained, both th
  4. 2028/2029 review Manager profile | Squad pt. 1 / pt. 2 | U18 squad | Matches pt. 1 / pt. 2 / pt. 3 | Youth intake | Table It will just be a brief update; The Kozakken Boys are moving forward to such an extent at the moment that we took a big step forward in relation to league rankings. Play-off was secured, where we were knocked out by FC Eindhoven on the rule of away goals. However, the progress has meant that I have had the opportunity to extend the contracts of several young profiles. Only Bederka and Pannekoek seem to leave us in the near future with contracts expir
  5. 2027/2028 review Manager profile | Squad pt. 1 / pt. 2 | U19 squad | Matches pt. 1 / pt. 2 / pt. 3 | Youth intake | Table There is not much new under the sun; we are still working on the structural changes that are about to take place. Only two players are left in the ideal starting lineup who does not come from the academy. Therefore, our squad is very young and inexperienced, but more talented than the one I took over back in 2024. We are moving in the right direction both in terms of the squad and staff. Intake continues to impress - on paper. The actual talents are often onl
  6. 2026/2027 review Manager profile | Squad pt. 1 / pt. 2 | U19 squad | Matches pt. 1 / pt. 2 / pt. 3 | Youth intake | Table We are quietly starting to stabilize in the second-best Dutch division, where we are no longer sucked into the relegation battle. It has taken some time to adapt the squad to the desired game plan, and several of our aging players are gradually been replaced by younger and faster types who have received more targeted training. We celebrate an intake that surpasses what one would normally see under these circumstances, which has given way to quite a few young force
  7. 2025/2026 review Manager profile | Squad pt. 1 / pt. 2 | U19 squad | Matches pt. 1 / pt. 2 / pt. 3 | Youth intake | Table We are still in a slow build-up phase, as the very fluctuating results clearly show. A large part of the squad must be replaced either due to age or poor adaptation positionally to the tactics. Therefore, five players aged 17 or younger have already been promoted to the first team squad. It will take some years to incorporate them, so we may have a long period in the lower half of the table. That said, there are some bright spots. We started the fall with lig
  8. 2024/2025 review Manager profile | Squad | U19 squad | Youth intake | Table Not a memorable season, but we survived in the 2nd division and got at fine intake, which will help us in the upcoming years. The squad is aging and poorly distributed in the positions, so some of the backup positions will be filled by the fine talents that emerged this year. We had a very difficult time in the autumn with a period of 13 games without a win (12 defeats), but then had a turning point with a narrow victory over Volendam and then a stime of eight games without defeat. Morale was reversed, m
  9. After achieving some success in this challenge with Babelsberg in FM20, where I got them qualified for the Europa League in 2034, I have now bought FM21. I've moved to a new country - Holland - and, after three years on holiday mode, my eyes fell in love with the beautiful club Kozakken Boys from Werkendam. The club (founded in 1932) competes in the 3rd tier of dutch football and plays at De Zwaaier with a capacity of 5000. I've got €20k/w for wages, potentially more if they'll let me move some of the €1,5m transfer funds to the wage budget. I will post an update when the 24/25 seaso
  10. Babelsberg - 27/28 There you have it: Babelsberg has all the way up in the Bundesliga! We have taken big leaps and enjoyed recent seasons where the talents have quietly been able to develop and reach an age where they are really starting to make their mark. We finished 3rd in the 2. Liga and had to make it trough two decisive play-off matches against the Bundesliga's No. 16, Freiburg. A team that we didn't beat in the season 25/26, where we bumped our heads together in 2. Liga. First match was in Freiburg; a close match with an excellent Assenmacher in the goal, where Zia Paikar
  11. Babelsberg - 26/27 Two seasons have passed since last update and the club is still in a stabilization phase, finishing 9th in 2027. It is a period without big changes, as we both have to part with old players and have to leave the seats to young, inexperienced players. However, the talent pool is good and it will be exciting to follow a bunch of the players in the future. Only ten players are left in the squad from the start of the game, three of them leaving us this summer. Paikar is still the biggest profile of his own talents, but also Sesay, Thomas, Feist and Beuckert are startin
  12. Babelsberg - 24/25 Things are going well in the outskirts of Berlin. We continue to settle ourselves in 2. Bundesliga, improving from last season's 13th place to 9th. All the much-needed prize money goes directly to improvements in our youth setup. Half of the squad is now products from the academy. Zia Paikar, regen from 2021, is our strongest player, just turned 20 and already with 16 caps and 5 goals for the afghan national team. 20 goals in 35 games, the future looks bright for him. Our U19's is still playing in the upper division. This years intake was okay, but we're short
  13. Babelsberg - 22/23 Sorry for spamming this thread while people might be more busy playing FM21. Babelsberg is going up - they won 3. Liga and will now get a decent boost in income from 2. Bundesliga, which should be invested in better youth facilities and staff. I hope to stay up though it will be difficult. Our squad is ageing, but most of our profiles is still in their youth. Paikar, who I expects a lot from in the future, had a fine run with a lot of playtime in the second half of the season. He's ready to replace our talisman Frahn up front. I managed to keep Wilton and Awassi at
  14. Babelsberg - 21/22 We're improving slowly, but steady. Babelsberg got 70 points, finished 4th just 5 points below the play-off position. The squad is almost identical with past season. Jake Wilton and Noah Awassi are turning into a solid partnership in central defence. Frahn is still our main threat up front, but he won't be around forever. Our U19-mannschaft begins to develop som talented players. Paikar, who is followed by Heidenheim and Ingolstadt, Yüksel and Beuckert could be promoted this summer after being allowed to play for the first team. The team won the 2. division an
  15. Babelsberg - 20/21 First season in Babelsberg; took off with some succes, leading the relegation favourite to a solid 7th place with 61 points, 13 points from play-off in 3. liga. Squad - with profilic journeyman Daniel Frahn scoring 23 goals in 35 appearances. Youth Intake - a lot of them can be helpful in 22/23, including Zia Paikar from Afghanistan. The wage budget is low, so I'm hoping for a decent income over the summer so I can keep profiles like Frahn, Kretzer and Kaya. Season Division Position Cup Notes 2020 3. Liga 7th
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