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  1. Good tactics..using a WB set to Def duty and a BWM on same side with run wide pi as I don't have another carrilero yet.
  2. This actually works with the one CB? How bad is it defensively?
  3. It's most likely you set them to mark players on the opposite side of the pitch from their position, don't forget your left should mark the opposition right AM etc.
  4. Major Bug!

    Not really, why should it matter? I want to make changes as this is the only time I can see my AM's advice this shouldn't end the highlight which could have been a goal either way?
  5. Major Bug!

    If I click tactics during a highlight or pitch 8/10 times it will end the highlight..
  6. Tactic Width Bug

    Same for me I play fairly narrow and it's all the way to the left..
  7. Idol as coach

    No it won't make any difference.
  8. Yeah that's how he has been for me lol.
  9. FM18 Rate My Newgen Thread

    Full back / wing back(he already has this position) be has great defensive stats already and decent acceleration just develop his crossing, passing and pace
  10. Looking at him on sortitoutsi he has a 70 percent injury stat which is very high think you have been pretty lucky lol
  11. Have you tried dropping your defense back a bit? Or playing offside trap to match your higher line? Also none of your front 3 are set to attack duty, who is your goalscorer here? Your midfield seems fine to me although I'd be tempted to play a flat 3 in midfield, DM hasn't been to great for me this year, flat 3 in the middle with fluid to bring defense closer to midfield has worked a lot better in my case and gives a little more width in the middle of the park.
  12. James Wilson..extremely injury prone how did you even develop this guy, gets injured for 3 months comes back for a couple of months and is out again with another big injury for me.
  13. Are you using a defender set to cover?
  14. 3 at the back

    They were answered you can see it works?