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  1. Just to add on if you wish to counter attack I'd recommend using 2-3 strikers with one target man or treq that is a good height with jumping and heading. That formation you are using is actually more for possession than counterattacking.
  2. Well a AF isn't the ideal partner for a shadowstriker as he will try to push the backline, a SS needs someone that is going to drop deep from an advanced position and pull defenders out of place to open channels for the SS to break into. CF/DLF/f9/treq/DF are best for this. Also dropping the mentality to standard would create more space for your attacking players. If you are wanting klopp style pressing then set it to much more and tell CB to close down less.
  3. Long shots ppm will override his PI
  4. Any combo of treq/cf/DLF/f9 seems to work great with a poacher/af/CF for me. I would recommend just switching a CB out for an extra striker and moving one of your midfielders to DM keep the WBs where they are.. seem to score a lot more with 3 strikers than 2 and the loss of the defender made no difference at all for me still seem to barely concede.
  5. 3-1-4-2 DM with wingers set to mark AML/AMR works very well for me in that league..also 2-1-4-3 DM Narrow with same wingers. I use attacking mentality with flexible for both..for home and away and close down I set high then much higher using PIs for all none CB+DM(DLP Def) players. Full changed from default settings are higher tempo, slightly deeper defensive line, prevent gk short distribution, close down more, play out of defense, work ball into the box, whipped crosses, look for the underlap and mark tighter. I set passing to short on CBs using PI to avoid hoofing, my DLP in DM position has more risky passes, all strikers have more risky passes, moves into channels and roam from position except poacher who has no PIs. Roles are CD or DCB x2 or x3 all on (d), DLP(d), widemidfielder or winger x2(s), BWM(s) + AP(a) or Mez (a), treq/f9/DLF/CF/DF (a) or (s) x1 or x2 + poacher. Got promoted from van north then to league 2 with Boston united using this on a Sunday league no qualifications unemployed start save one after the other still going well in league 2 with what isn't a great quality team for the league tbh. Make sure you have a lot of extra players to account for the high intensity strategy as it will cause your players to need rotating a lot at this level, I rotate almost every player every game due to low stamina on my players. You can pick up injuries due to the intensity also so try not to use injury prone players when possible.
  6. Khazard

    FM18: Everton FC - The People's Club

    Seems like the perfect team for a strikerless formation.
  7. If a player has no one to pass to with a decent success chance (this comes from their mental stats vision, decisions etc) and TI/PI settings and their bravery is not high enough for them to try and dribble past they will just shoot at goal rather than stand there be closed down and tackled.
  8. Khazard

    Man United win it all!!

    Chelsea won everything on mine so far, man utd finished 4th twice and 2nd last season.
  9. Hi, So Chris Wilders Sheffield United have been getting a lot of plaudits for the use of overlapping centre backs while using a 3 man backline. Cameron Carter-Vickers and Jack O'Connell fill these roles brilliantly, only one centre back will overlap leaving a 2 man backline that will shift to the centre to cover for the missing CB. Also sometimes the wingback on the side of the overlapping defender will roam back to the CB position and cover for him until he gets back. Overlapping Centre backs will make runs out wide or in the half spaces while overlapping the fullback/wingback, Jack O'Connell can often be seen moving up the pitch playing one-twos whilst the team is in possession positioning himself on the fly as a fullback, wide midfielder or even a winger putting crosses into the box. Would it be possible to implement this as a new role or tactical/personal instruction for 3 man defenses in the future or will this be to complicated? This makes 3 man defenses a lot more versatile on the attack but also creates the weakness that the player needs to sprint back to their position when possession is lost making the back line temporarily weaker to counter attacks.
  10. We know this isn't the case though...he said they all have single digit stats so 1-9 in all stats and he also said his defenders have much higher stats for the league. Also my average paced wingbacks on mark tighter hardly ever seem to get beaten tbh seems a weakness in the match engine, not enough over the top through balls out wide.
  11. Set PI's for your fullbacks to mark their wingers (left fullback to mark AMR position etc)..tighter marking will help if your players aren't good at tackling they can intercept the ball if they are tight to the opposition's players.
  12. Signed him in FM 17 turned into a beast in cm/am/CF. His best role is actually target man..he's so tall and strong with great jumping..probably the best target man in the game once trained.. Also great shadow striker or box to box..
  13. Khazard

    FM18: David Brooks

    Trained him as striker..he's now 4 and a half star as treq and f9 for me..can still go further what a gem this kid is 😁
  14. David brooks looks normal to me but Enda Stevens does have ridiculous afro -_- ended up selling him it was that annoying lol
  15. Khazard


    I've noticed in my first save I was having this problem also but I was rotating all positions except GK every game (2 teams but taking into account the match so might play first team twice on occasion) as I thought this might help me get my youngsters stats up quickly. They developed a little but all of my main squad had lost stats even the 24-25 year olds and this is with average balanced training, role training for their best role and a focus on average intensity with state of the art training facilities and all 4 and a half to 5 star coaches.