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  1. Don't say that, I will get fired. Because I want clean sheets and they were 'looking disinterested' with 30 mins to go. Finished 4-1. If only they had concentrated. Thanks SI. :P
  2. Winning 4 - 0 and I think of saying to the team; "Guys, we're doing really well, just need to stay focused now and we have this one!" So I click 'concentrate' and... OVERWHELMED BY INSTRUCTION I want to press this when we're winning and want us to not start mentally wandering but it almost always freaks out the team. So what am I mean't to actually say in this situation? Or why doesn't concentrate seem to work? Or when is it actually mean't to be used? Thanks p.s. generally I do think it's silly that peoples brains would be overwhelmed by a simple, shouted instruction. I can understand them not understanding it or thinking it's stupid but being overwhelmed seems weird.
  3. Just checked a few more teams and it seems to be a common thing where someone in the squad doesn't seem to be listed in the rest section of training but for no obvious reasons. Here Mateo Barac is in the senior squad, on full contract, no injury, not reserve listed or any other thing but you cant see or alter how he's to be trained by condition
  4. Only like 1/3rd of my team are showing up in the training >> rest screen. So I can only decide how some of them are rested and trained? Why is this? They're all on long term contracts. I cant understand what's going on here...
  5. I've had this a few times now where a player wants a new contract, I promise to discuss it with them and then they wont actually discuss it. Spirals into some major issues where the player gets mad and wants to leave
  6. Still exists after closing and restarting game. Clicking 'ask assistant to assign' fixes it.
  7. As shown in the picture there are training stars for defending even though no coach is assigned to this. The amount of stars only change if I assign a coach who contributes more than that amount
  8. I'm wondering why it seems like I cant filter for the attributes I want my players to have in the short list like I can when looking at the player or scouted list. If I have 10 players on my short list and I want to see just the ones with 10 pass, tackle and marking (just for example) then.. I cant? Am I missing something here? I swear this was possible in FM17 and earlier...
  9. So.. How does it actually work then? I mean.. If I cant tell Bob 28 from Senior squad to help Pete 16 in the Youth squad because they're in separate lists. How do I do it? I just cant until Pete hits 18-20 and is ready to be promoted to the senior squad? That seems... sad. I like the idea that in an amateur club that I can literally walk up to Bob and tell him that he needs to spend time with a kid as a part of his role for the good of the club.
  10. So in FM19 I don't understand the mentoring groups. Lets say I have a guy in my first team who I think could mentor 2 guys in my youth squad. Well I cant do that. It has mentor groups for the first team and mentor groups for the youth squad but I cant add people from one to another. So I will have youth players mentoring youth players? What? This.. what? I get that it's good to have older players in my first team mentor young players in the first team But surely the people who need that the most are the 16 year olds in the youth squad and why would I have like 17 year olds mentor the 16 year olds when I could have the 28 year old senior vet do that? This makes no sense to me why you cant mentor across squads.
  11. I should also state this isn't happening with every role, just some. One that seems completely unusable is Wide Midfielder (Support) - I cannot set this on any player at all.
  12. Can confirm this is also happening to me... I try to change someones training role and it wont go to what I select or will but it changes someone elses role too or changes someone elses and neither of them are set to what I want. Super broken. Also shows this issue in the units training screen as well.
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